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What is the best soundbar for gaming in 2020?

A big pet peeve of a lot of passionate gamers is muffled, low-quality sound from regular speakers. For some reason, victories aren’t as satisfying and battles aren’t as glorious without the booming sound to go with it.

To be honest, not a lot of standard factory TV or computer speakers allow for proper gaming sounds. These speakers don’t quite live up to the standard. Luckily, soundbars are a great solution to this problem.

If you’re looking for the best soundbars that will really take your games to the next level, you’ll find them here. Let’s take a look at what makes a great gaming sound bar.

Top 5 Soundbars for Gaming: Reviews & Buying Guide

1 – Razer Leviathan: Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound

For people in the gaming community, no soundbar offers better virtual surround sound and audio quality than the Razer Leviathan. The sound drivers are far more superior than its competitors with powerful subwoofer that provides thumping bass.

It’s really the best choice for in-game victories and even your favorite music.

With award winning aptX technology, this one also features Bluetooth that is just as good as any other wired connections such as HDMI inputs and optical digital. Your PC gaming will never be the same again. Best of all, this has an affordable price!

Aside from the subwoofer, the best soundbar for gaming also comes with two full-range drivers and tweeters that belt out great highs and lows. 


  • Top pc gaming soundbar with great sound drivers for excellent performance
  • Thumping bass
  • Virtual surround sound and also comes with a powerful subwoofer included
  • Using aptX technology and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Price is reasonable for one of such great sound quality
  • Simple setup system comes with powerful Dolby Digital.
  • Check connectivity options like 3.5mm, optical, Bluetooth, and NFC


  • Might not turn on after about a year of using
  • No HDMI

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2 – Sonos Playbar Soundbar Wireless Speaker

We realize the price tag on this best soundbar is much much higher than the Razer Leviathan. However, it isn’t without good reason.

It’s really a convenient soundbar that’s wall mountable and was tuned by award-winning sound engineers. That alone explains at least part of the high price point.

Get ready for your raging battles to be accentuated by crystal clear sound. The soundbar is easy to control through the compatible Sonos app and remote.

The soundbar is also compatible with Alexa and is capable of auto-tuning depending on the content to deliver great sound quality. With others like Sonos Beam, this soundbar would need an HDMI ARC to use voice control.

If you happen to be using other Sonos speakers or are thinking about buying several, check and you can easily connect them all through Wi-Fi.


  • Offers flexible placement as this bar is mountable as well.
  • Control this high quality soundbar with the compatible app or your remote!
  • The smart soundbar is also compatible with Alexa
  • All Sonos soundbars and speakers can be connected via Wi-Fi.
  • It’s one good soundbar that offers simple set up and sound clarity, albeit it does come with a higher price tag


  • The updates are less than desirable.

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3 – Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 with Wireless Subwoofer

Having a soundbar with a wireless audio subwoofer just adds a bigger punch to your games. You can hear the low rumbling of thunder even before you see it on screen!

What makes this 2.1 soundbar amazing is the sound quality. It features DTS Digital Sound, however it’s not DTS:X. It’s also got great bass (as many Bose soundbars).

To be a good soundbar for gaming, it should be using a game mode. Hear the thunderous roar of the crowd as you claim territories. 

The Bluetooth connectivity feature really saves you the hassle of wires and clutter. Stream your mobile games or music easily with this best soundbar for gaming.


  • Wireless sub provides thunderous bass. No need to keep your excitement in check when you win your next game.
  • This best soundbar has a simple setup and works with a wide range of Samsung TVs.
  • The smart Samsung 2.1 sound bar features game mode that enhances gaming audio effects.
  • Stream everything via Bluetooth and eliminate the clutter of wires.


  • The sound quality might not be as expected.
  • No HDMI

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4 – Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Surround Gaming and Entertainment Soundbar

Also another expertly tuned sound bar in the list, this gaming sound bar is using a 5 driver design.

The sleek design with Aurora reactive lighting gives this gaming soundbar a futuristic look. There are 16.8 million colors for you to check out for unique lighting effects.

While this one doesn’t contain Dolby Atmos (technology for surround sound), it still really gives you an immersive sound experience each time with Dolby Digital technology.

Equipped with Bluetooth features as well, save yourself and your house from a messy look. Not to mention the easy streaming from devices! This one might be a bit more than your budget, but the soundbar still keeps the quality in check.


  • Features Aurora reactive lighting to give this best soundbar a unique appearance.
  • The extra slim design and small size of the soundbar makes it easily stored and portable.
  • Comes with Dolby Digital technology (surround sound) for clear audio performance
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows everything to be easy, including streaming.


  • Sound quality is less than standard.
  • A bit expensive

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5 – TaoTronics Three Equalizer Mode Audio Speaker for TV Soundbar

Next in the list is the TaoTronics soundbar. Fill the room space with powerful sound designed for an immersive experience. You can choose to use either wireless or wired inputs with Bluetooth or cable connection.

With its size measuring at 31.5 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches, you’d have no trouble with placement.

The three equalizer modes are the same as sound modes. This means the soundbar is capable of being enhanced for different content. Like other brands such as Bose, you can fine tune this bar to fit your needs via the remote.

Check options from game, movie, and music.


  • It’s easy to pair the device and stream audio from mobile devices.
  • Features three equalizer modes
  • Audio that simulates the theater sound experience
  • Dimensions are 31.5 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches.


  • It doesn’t last long and doesn’t seem to have the best sound.

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Our Top Pick: Razer Leviathan Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound

This best soundbar was made for gaming. It has an affordable price too. The dedicated sound drivers and subwoofer allow you to take victories and listen to music in a state of glory.

The award winning aptX technology and wireless Bluetooth allows for connections that are indistinguishable from wired connections.

With dynamic range, this best soundbar is for people who are most avid gamers, all you need is a device with 3.5 mm audio ports. The great built-in NFC technology makes for easy pairing.

With just one touch of a button, your devices will pair easily after the initial set up. Overall, it’s the best in our list.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Soundbar for Gaming

A lot of quality soundbars are versatile. Before you go looking for one in a store or in Amazon, decide what exactly it is you want to get out of the gaming soundbar.

For most people, the features of your choice should be like any other soundbar, just with better tuning to enhance gaming effects. Consider the features you can use too.


A subwoofer is largely responsible for the thunderous low notes you often encounter during gaming. The best soundbars have a subwoofer built-in, and others have wireless.

A wireless sub is also larger in size, and produces more impressive low tones which is something that many people love to get with a bar.


Many best soundbars offer easy one or two wireless connections now for convenience in setup. Use options like Bluetooth, Wi-fi connectivity as they also allow you to stream content straight from your mobile device!

It helps keeps all the clutter in check as well, which is beneficial in a living room with a small space size. Check the listing to determine options you can use and match them with what you want.

Dolby Atmos and Channels

The channels on a bar basically means where the sound is projected. The more channels, the better the sound quality. Five channels is the industry standard for surround sound as it adds two rear speakers to the front left, right and center channels.

But some systems don’t add rear speakers too. As for Dolby Atmos, it refers to the drivers. Drivers propel the sound up, down, left, right, in every direction to create surround sound. You can find a budget Atmos soundbar (Vizio, for instance) so it can be more immersive.

Sound Modes and Smart Soundbars

The way a compact soundbar operates is now of great consideration for many. Check your options as some come compatible with voice assistants you can use like Amazon Alexa.

Alexa and Google Assistant features open your soundbar to flexible use. Vizio, Samsung, Bose, and many other brands have something compatible with these.

Are Soundbars Good for Gaming?

You may still want the answer to the great question of how necessary a top gaming soundbar actually is. If you’re one of the people who cares about sound quality, a gaming soundbar is crucial to the experience.

Regular speakers won’t cut it if you want to get the best sound each time. A compact soundbar is a good way to upgrade that TV sound.

The bar provides great audio and enhances every little detail. You can almost hear the opposing army approaching before you see them on screen. Whether you want your games on a PC or via a console, the gaming soundbar is versatile enough to work with both!

You shouldn’t use or settle for any old soundbar, make sure you get one that does make a difference in how you experience audio quality. Preferably an excellent one specially designed for gaming or one with game mode available.

What is the Best Surround Sound System for Gaming?

The Q Acoustics 3000 series is one that’s heavy duty. But if you’re looking to buy something with a heavy footing in the audio tech industry, try the Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1 Speaker System.

It’s an excellent system for a reasonable price, and stands with other excellent brands like Samsung, Bose and Vizio.

It doesn’t look like much, but it will sure earn your trust when it comes to bass and expansive sound. The satellite speakers feature treble speakers and subwoofers. These two offers sound quality that’s a serious upgrade from TV sound. 

The Q Acoustics is also so major it even elevates your skill when playing. You’ll make out and enemy in the bushes so you may earn that victory with its amazingly clear surround sound.

The speakers are large in size, so before purchasing you need to make sure you have the proper space to accommodate the entire quality audio system. You will also need to invest in a separate amp, which also drives the appeal of the Yamaha or any speaker.

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Games are nothing without the accompaniment of quality sound. If you are tech savvy enough to build a sound system of your own, then that would blast the competition out of the water.

But even if you don’t know as much about speakers and soundbars as you do the game itself, then go for these low maintenance soundbar choices.

While they won’t be as powerful as a true home surround sound system, they do elevate the gaming experience to new heights compared to your substandard factory PC or TV speakers.

Win battles and experience wars in a more illustrious fashion with the best soundbar for gaming. 

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