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3 Best Soundbars for Dialogue (2020)

There is one reason why people invest in soundbars, and that’s to get better sound quality. Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital surround sound, these are all technologies that help to make sound more immersive. Some of them come at an affordable price, while others have a premium price too.

Whether you want booming bass for your music or clear dialogue, a soundbar will definitely improve the quality of your TV speaker and give you that home theater experience. Let’s take a look at some sounding bars that produce exceptional dialogue. For all the movie fanatics, this one’s for you.

Top 3 Soundbars for Dialogue – Reviews & Buying Guide

1 – Sonos Beam – Smart TV Soundbar with Alexa Built-In

For the music lovers or movie lovers, this best soundbar is for you. Sound bars for TVs should have certain standard features, and with the Sonos Beam you can control what matters to you.

You can control the app with your voice, the compatible app or with an old-fashioned remote. What makes this option one of the best for dialogue? The fact that it’s specially tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers of course! They tuned it to enhance the human voice, bringing a whole other level of clarity.

With Amazon Alexa built-in you can control everything hands-free! The Beam is easy to set-up. Go from unboxing to using the product in a matter of minutes. The smart device automatically detects the remote and the rest is easy! It has a pretty high price tag though, but it’s reasonable since you really get what you want.

If you want a 5.1 sound system, Sonos also offers one with their Playbar 5.1 model. But you can purchase rear speakers to upgrade the Sonos Beam bar.


  • It enhances dialogue like no other thanks to the Oscar-winning engineers.
  • Control everything with Amazon Alexa voice assistant, remote, or app.
  • The Beam soundbar is easy to set up with just two connections, thanks to the dedicated manufacturer who puts your convenience and ease first.
  • The overall review speaks for itself, this is an amazing piece of technology.
  • Make the most use out of your TV with the best sound bar for dialogue.
  • Can be upgraded with rear speakers


  • This sound system does not work with LG OLED
  • Price is a bit steep

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2 – Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System

This best soundbar for dialogue knocks your built-in TV speaker out of the water, and it has a relatively low price. The dialogue mode makes every word and every detail stand out. You can get the full theater sound with your soundbar tv.

It includes wireless Bluetooth connections for easy streaming support. With connection to your TV, you can choose from optical cable, coaxial audio and 3.5mm aux inputs. 

With a universal remote, you can control everything from the TV, to the bass levels, connections and more. Control everything right at your fingertips.

The Bose soundbar is a compact design that can be flexible with placement. Mount it on the wall or lay it flat on your entertainment system.


  • Enhances the dialogue with dialogue mode and produces one of the best built in sounds.
  • Get the most power out of your bass by using the universal remote to turn up the boom.
  • The bar has a compact design with easy placement.
  • Comes with Bluetooth streaming support, easy for you to play music from your phone.
  • Choose between optical cable, coaxial audio and aux inputs.
  • Great TV speaker replacement for an affordable price


  • The sound quality may not compare to other Bose products.

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3 – Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 with Wireless Subwoofer

The next option in our list of best soundbars comes with a wireless subwoofer for earth shattering sounds. Get the oomph you are looking for with the powerful wireless sub. 

Why it does a great number on the quality of the dialogue is because this smart soundbar automatically analyzes the content to figure out the new settings. The result is the best experience no matter what you are watching.

It also comes with a game mode, which allows you to tear down the opponent and win more victories in style.

You wouldn’t like wires and clutter, that’s why there is Bluetooth connection, to keep your space neat and tidy while giving you the option to stream content from your phone.

All of these features at an affordable price that fits the budget.


  • A smart soundbar, the Samsung sound bar analyzes the content automatically to ensure you enjoy the movie.
  • This 2.1 bar comes with a wireless subwoofer to enhance not only the bass, but also the dialogue for an enjoyable home theater experience right in your living room.
  • Game mode allows you to claim glorious victories even your neighbors can hear.
  • Bluetooth makes your system wireless and tidy.
  • Affordable price


  • The sound experience given by the soundbar and wireless sub may not be up to standard.

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Our Top Pick: Sonos Beam – Smart TV Soundbar with Alexa Built-In

We care a lot about aesthetics in the best soundbars, and we won’t lie we like the black/white options of the Sonos Beam.

Alexa makes everything easier. She’s like an invisible assistant whose job is to dote on your sound needs.

If a soundbar for clear dialogue is what you are looking for, nothing beats the beam. How many other manufacturers can say they have had Oscar winning sound engineers tune their devices?

If that doesn’t close the deal for you, the setup and control should. Use the remote to control everything or do it hands-free and setup only takes a few minutes! You can also upgrade this with rear speakers.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Soundbar for Dialogue

With the focus on dialogue, there are a few factors to look for that differ from buying a soundbar just to enhance the sound. Although a few of the factors do overlap. Without further ado, let’s hop right onto the list of what to look for.

Sound Modes

The sound modes on a soundbar are different settings to provide the audience with the best quality of sound. They’re not new, but they’re still an improvement over a regular speaker. There are a few standard sound modes including: 

  • Standard – This is the original mode of the audio with nothing enhanced.
  • Music – This one is great for Bluetooth support and playing music videos. It enhances music and beats.
  • Dialogue – Dialogue mode is what you should be looking for if speech is of importance (we assume it is since you are reading here). They make every word uttered incredibly clear and pronounced.
  • Sports – Get the roar of the audience shaking the entire room and the commentator’s speech with crystal clear clarity with the sports mode.
  • Movie – The sound effects are all brought to the surface with this mode.
  • Night Mode – This sort of dumbs and deafens the loud sounds of the content for night time.


The channels in a bar just help sound quality overall. However many channels your soundbar has, the better the delivery of sound. It’s where the audio is pumped out of your soundbar. They range from 2-7. For your reference 5 is the industry standard for surround sound simulation. Many brands usually have a 5.1 system in their line, commonly for Dolby Atmos support. The more channels, the more you will feel the audio.


Soundbars can have a separate subwoofer for enhanced bass. Some soundbars have the sub built in, while others soundbars are so small and compact they have wireless ones. Wireless subs usually have better sound as they are much bigger compared to the ones embedded inside.

If you want enhanced lower pitched tones, a subwoofer is necessary to make the dialogue good and clear. Though they may come at a higher price, we assure you that stretching the budget is worth it.

Do Soundbars Help with Dialogue?

It really depends. Soundbars built with clear voice and good dialogue mode will undoubtedly help the dialogue because it was made to do so. However, dialogue may not be the first consideration for a soundbar built for music or heavy bass. But if you find a soundbar that enhances the overall audio quality, then the dialogue will improve as well. Dolby Atmos is not really a necessity if you only want to improve the voice aspect. But if you think rear-firing speakers and upward-firing speakers will give the support you want, then go for it.

What is the Best Sound Bar for Hard of Hearing?

A soundbar built specifically for people with hard of hearing is good. Otherwise, more channels and ones with subwoofers (wired or wireless) will help further enhance the entire experience. DSP settings (which contribute to the sound mode), will also help those who need a boost to hear clearly.

People tend to think the louder the better, but it’s more about the good quality that the bar gives. Pick and choose between the modes to make specific content boosted. Also, turning up the soundbar and blowing the speakers can’t be good for your eardrums either.

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Huge speakers are still around, but soundbars are a great way to maximize the sound of your TV speakers at a lower cost. In turn, they can also boost your overall experience and may even simulate home theater speakers. Soundbars with Amazon Alexa built-in are extremely easy to use as these voice assistants handle everything on command — good for people who fancy smart features. These may come at an additional price.

But mostly, even new soundbars are relatively cheap for such essential pieces of technology. Not everyone can afford a new home theater system with surround sound speakers, but a soundbar could be the next best thing. Turn off your captions because you can now hear the conversations easier on the screen with the best soundbar for dialogue.

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