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What is the Best Soundbar Under $100?

Best Soundbars under $100

Getting a good soundbar for a cheap price is possible, but it isn’t easy. If you aren’t careful in picking out a good brand and model, you would pay for something you would either toss out after a few weeks or return to the seller.

If you don’t want to waste money or handle the stress of online customer service, this list is for you. These are the reliable soundbars you can purchase for just $100 and below.

Small & Compact
Best Overall
Best for Smart TV
This small soundbbar isn't only perfect for and easy and neat setup, it also offers clear dialogues, and a panoramic sound.
Greatly designed with full-range speakers, 4 watch modes, DSP tech, and Bluetooth, this soundbar will make you feel like you've paid more than a hundred dollars.
Taotronics soundbar's equalizer modes and easy connectivty features makes it a great budget soundbar for your Smart TV.
Small & Compact
This small soundbbar isn't only perfect for and easy and neat setup, it also offers clear dialogues, and a panoramic sound.
Best Overall
Greatly designed with full-range speakers, 4 watch modes, DSP tech, and Bluetooth, this soundbar will make you feel like you've paid more than a hundred dollars.
Best for Smart TV
Taotronics soundbar's equalizer modes and easy connectivty features makes it a great budget soundbar for your Smart TV.

Top 4 Soundbars Under 100 Dollars – Our Reviews

1 – WOHOME 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar

The Wohome soundbar features a 3-inch size sub built right in and two full-range speakers, a total of three drivers in all, plus an output power of 100 dB.

Bluetooth also allows you to connect other devices like your mobile phone so you can effortlessly stream music. It’s also compatible with most major brands including Sony, Samsung, LG, etc.

With 4 modes (default, news, movie, music), you will revel in the best quality and great audio suited for the content you are watching. The dialogue is clear as well, thanks to its DSP technology.

For under 100, this soundbar definitely one of the best ones your money can get—a great upgrade from the standard TV sound. Once you get this up and going, you’ll never want to hear the normal TV sound anymore. It’s a worthy investment for the sound quality it gives!


  • The Wohome soundbar pumps out deep bass with the 3-inch wide subwoofer.
  • It’s tough to find speakers in this budget that have a power output of 100 dB!
  • Compatible with major sound bar brands, the setup is also incredibly easy with both wired and wireless connection.
  • Connect to your devices with Bluetooth built-in
  • Features Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology for more clarity with every word spoken.
  • Features 4 modes to choose from, the soundbar ensures the best sound quality depending on the content playing.
  • It comes with a wall mount kit and a remote control.
  • One of the best parts is the satisfaction guarantee and lifetime tech support!
  • Great value for the price


  • Drywall anchors that come with the package isn’t that good.

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2 – VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

While it does not have a subwoofer, the features of this Vizio SB2920-C6 2.0 channel sound bar under 100 still possesses many different top features

You get 95 dB (decibels) of crystal clear and immersive sound with minimal harmonic distortion in this Vizio unit. It also comes with full range speakers.

Pair your gadget with the sound bar via Bluetooth connectivity and bypass the wires. You’ll easily enjoy the DTS studio sound ™ , tru volume ™ and Trusurround ™  that produce a great panoramic sound.

The best part about this Vizio soundbar is the setup is easy. Just connect the soundbar to your TV with the included cable!

At 29 inches, the Vizio sound bar fits best with TVs that are 32 inches or over. The unit slides right under to save that much needed space. Minimal and streamlined, the compact size and design slides into small spaces.


  • Compared to others, this top soundbar has a small design that fits right under your TV set
  • Low distortion will make the bass sound better even at a loud volume
  • One of the best soundbars at under 100 bucks. Even without using a subwoofer the user can experience immersive sound at 95 dB.
  • Do you wish you had a home theater? With DTS studio sound ™ , tru volume ™ and Trusurround ™ you might think you do!
  • The device supports bluetooth and can be paired with your mobile devices for easy streaming at home
  • We don’t know if it’s a soundbar sale, but you can save over $200 off the original price!
  • The best part is the easy setup for those who aren’t technologically savvy. Just connect the soundbar to your TV.
  • 29 inches of powerful sound that can be felt throughout the room.


  • The customer service needs improvement.

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3 – TaoTronics Soundbar Three Equalizer Mode Audio Speaker for TV

Experience room-filling and expansive sound at a reasonable price. With three different equalizer modes—game, movie mode, and music mode—you can fine tune your sound bar and choose the most optimal audio settings whether for music, movies, etc.

Theses modes can be set via the remote control that comes with your purchase of the speakers. The remote control is comfortable to hold in your hand too.

With its Bluetooth connectivity feature, you can connect your devices to the soundbar to stream music. However, if a set wired connection is more stable for you, you can choose the audio cable connection, RCA or optical input.

As most soundbars are, this design is slim measuring at a size of 32 inches, and saves space. The setup is incredibly easy as well and can be done with the touch of a few buttons.

This soundbar proves that even a cheap model can provide you with the full panoramic sound experience.


  • For under 100, you can enjoy better full range sounds that fill the room
  • Features three equalizer modes that are the equivalent to sound modes, technology that helps you find the best sound.
  • Choose from wired or wireless connection options, either one is easy to set up.
  • Wired connections include optical, coaxial, AUX, and RCA audio input
  • Connect your devices via Bluetooth
  • Control the soundbar remotely from your couch with the included remote control.
  • The slim sound bar design is capable of providing enhanced sound without compromising space.
  • At 32 inches, the sound bar design is easy to mount or place on your TV cabinet.


  • Although the optical cable is provided, it might not fit into the input.
  • The remote is quite small

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4 – Cowin Sound Bars for TV

As a 43-inch sound bar, Cowin is the largest we have on the list.

The deep bass in this soundbar unit features minimal distortion, so it will still produce great sound even without a subwoofer.

Its DSP feature offers amazing precision for each of the different modes (news, movie, music). It supports two connections—wired and wireless. For the wired connection, it offers AUX, RCA and optical audio input..

You get everything you need in one package for a home theater experience. With the 43 inch soundbar, you get the necessary cables, a remote, and the user manual to help you power up the sound bar.

You can also connect other devices with this top sound bar via Bluetooth so you can hear your fave songs in crystal clear sound. Aside from the great sound, the safest part is the 18-month warranty!


  • This sound bar is still wall mountable even at 43 inches design
  • The good, deep bass with minimal distortion provides clear and crisp audio quality regardless of the volume.
  • Features DSP technology so you get to enjoy the best sound.
  • Connect your device with the built-in Bluetooth so you can pair your devices and enjoy streaming content
  • Wired connections (AUX, RCA and optical)
  • Optical cable is included
  • Your purchase comes with an 18-month warranty for your peace of mind.


  • The remote can be tricky to use.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Soundbar Under 100

For this budget, you can still buy a good soundbar that rivals those produced by higher-end products. Great sound doesn’t need to be thousands and thousands in price.

If you’re not really much of an audiophile and you want to save a little money, a new soundbar under $100 might just be the great find you’ve been looking for to complete your room entertainment system.

After all, there are some of us just looking to have that bit of improvement and to experience surround sound.

Still, you don’t want your money to go to waste. That’s why you should still consider some features that a good sound bar has. Let’s look at some features budget soundbars may feature.

top soundbars below 100


If you love to get that good heavy bass that pulsates throughout your body, built-in (or separate) subwoofers are your top consideration. A subwoofer provides the deep and rich boom you hear and feel in music, movies and more.

One with good quality will give you the home theater experience you crave. Some soundbars offer a wireless subwoofer which you can place in an ideal spot in the room.

Other soundbars don’t come with a subwoofer at all, and this might reflect in the price as well. Consider if you need a subwoofer, and whether or not you need it wired or wireless.

A subwoofer does make a difference in sound quality, it depends on your preference if you find it necessary.


The channels refer to the point where sound is projected from the soundbar. As you can imagine, the more channels you have, the more likely you will get to experience that good surround sound.

An extra note: numbers you see accompanying the title of the product (2.1, 5.0, etc) indicate how many channels and subwoofers the soundbar has.

The first digit before the decimal refers to the number of channels and the number after the decimal tells you how many subwoofers there are.

In this list, a number of soundbars only have two channels (2.0 channel), but that’s a given since we’re talking about budget soundbars here. Soundbars with more channels usually have a higher price.

So set how many channels you want or need before buying a good soundbar.

best soundbar under $100

Sound Modes

These are good options included in the soundbar that offer optimized sounds for different content. At some point, you would need to use some of these to optimize the content you’re watching.

The most common ones we see people use are news, standard, movie, music modes. For the news mode, the dialogue will be enhanced, while for movie mode the treble and bass are amped up to the quality you want.

You need these to ensure you get nothing but the best audio experience no matter what you are viewing. This is one of the features that set a soundbar apart from a TV speaker. 


This is in regards to every way the device can be connected to your media players. Most good options are using wired and wireless options.

Bluetooth is most commonly seen and aux, RCA, and optical cords, as well as USB are the most commonly seen wired audio connections. HDMI is also a popular one, some soundbars even have two.

Depending on the preference you set, having both is ideal to use as it gives you more options for the placement of the sound bar. Most connectivity options are pretty simple, but if you need any help, just consult the user manual.

features of good soundbars for 100 or less


An included remote control adds way more convenience in a soundbar. It allows you to set and control your settings from the comfort of your own living room couch.

Many manufacturers include one with the package so there is no need to go out and search for a universal one. Remember where you put it after use though, as some remotes are a little bit on the small side when it comes to size.

Then again, another way to control your soundbar is through the onboard buttons on the bar itself. But many will agree that using a remote control is far better.


There is no need to fork out hundreds or thousands of dollars if you can find a pretty decent option that has a price of under 100, right?

Although even the greatest soundbars under this price point do not come with a lot of the fancy features such as voice control, if enhanced audio is all you are looking for, then budget sound bars could be the best option you can buy.

Not only do they enhance your run of the mill TV speakers, some even offer virtual surround sound to simulate a cinematic experience. If you don’t have any specific audio needs, then any of the above products will add power to your entertainment system.

Just add a few more buck to that and you might be looking at wider options, some of which we included in this comparison for the models under 150 dollars.

Our Top Pick: WOHOME 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar

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While the other options are quite top-notch, the Wohome gets our top pick vote for many reasons.

Other than the warranty and satisfaction guarantee, the fact that the Wohome soundbar features a subwoofer just blasts many other options out of the water.

This soundbar has a good design that blends well with your room interior. So if that’s something you’re looking for, this is a great option to buy.

It has 4 sound modes, wired and wireless connection, and come with full range speakers as well. For under $100, it’s a good improvement over your standard TV speakers. It’s definitely top of the line for this budget.

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