About Us

The Product Analyst is an intimate group of experts and enthusiasts aiming to give you the most helpful tech reviews and articles on the Internet. We know what you are looking for — the best that your money can give you — and we anticipate the considerations that will make you say that the product you have in mind is the right one.

We believe that the process from decision to purchase should not be a complicated one. And yet, with the abundance of options, that is easier said than done. We have to vet different products, rate them in different categories (price and performance, broadly), and maybe hear other opinions on the matter. Doing that, or reading more reviews, is nothing out of the ordinary in today’s market.

The Product Analyst began with a desire to make the whole procedure shorter, and to help you buy your chosen product with conviction. Willie Greer is very familiar with the feeling and the frustration that came with all of this. A film lover, he did the same time and again while he was building his home theater, and then beyond. He has eventually developed an efficient process of weighing his options, not to mention an immense amount of knowledge that he had an urge to share.

The site started with content close to the founder’s heart. It published its first few blogs on soundbars, ideal for those who cannot commit to a full home surround sound system. The choices were assessed personally and used by Greer for at least a week. Soon enough, he thought that he would need more help from colleagues and friends to grow The Product Analyst, and had to be more hands-on than ever.

The Product Analyst is growing steadily but surely — these things require thoroughness not haste. Eventually, we want to be your ultimate source of information on coveted tech products. We are, of course, all ears for your opinions. Don’t hesitate to hit us up through our contact page!