Taotronics Soundbar Setup — Complete These Easy Steps

Taotronics Soundbar Setup

It doesn’t matter how good a soundbar is if you have a hard time setting it up. Difficult setups can prompt you to give up and settle for your TV default speakers. To avoid this, our experts have come up with a detailed guide to help you with your Taotronics soundbar setup.

How to Setup Your TaoTronics Sound Bar

Connecting the TaoTronics Soundbar Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth to connect your soundbar to an external device allows you to stream content from your phone, laptop or tablet.

To connect your Taotronics soundbar via Bluetooth, first, plug in the power cable to the soundbar and then hold down the power button until you hear a beep. Once the soundbar is in Bluetooth mode, the indicator light will start flashing.

Enable Bluetooth on the device you intend to connect and search for the Taotronics soundbar in the list of devices. Tap on the name of the soundbar and you should hear a beep from the bar when Bluetooth pairing has been successful.

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One thing to keep in mind is that most sought-after soundbars are configured to automatically connect to the last Bluetooth device they were paired with. If you want to connect to a different device, just press and hold down the Play/Pause button to pair with a new device.

Connecting the TaoTronics Soundbar AUX Cable

If you want to connect your Taotronics soundbar via the AUX cable, you’ll have to press the “Mode” button on your soundbar or included remote depending on the model. When the soundbar is in AUX mode, plug in the AUX cable into the corresponding port on the back of your soundbar and attach the other end to the right port on your TV.

Once in AUX mode, only the Play/Pause and Mute/Unmute buttons work on the soundbar control panel.

How to Control the TaoTronics Soundbar

You can control and complete your Taotronics soundbar setup with the included remote or buttons on the control panel depending on the model.

The buttons seen on either the control panel or remote will include the Power On/Off, Volume Up and Down, Mode selection, and Mute/Unmute buttons.

Most of Taotronics’ soundbars do not have a display screen. In order to understand what settings you have put in, our experts have come up with what each LED indicator light [1] means.

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If you have a universal remote, it can be programmed to control your Taotronics soundbar. The soundbar and remote will require 4-digit remote control codes to set up. The Taotronics 4-digit remote codes are 0XD9, 0X14, and 1999.

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Troubleshooting Taotronics Sound Bar Setup Issues

Why is the soundbar not turning on?

If the soundbar isn’t turning on, check to see if the power cable is securely connected. Check the connection with other cables to make sure the power cable isn’t faulty.

Why is the sound is distorted/why is there no sound?

If there is no sound or distorted sound, check all the cable connections to make sure they are plugged in securely. You may need to turn up the volume and check if your soundbar is powered off or if it’s muted.

Why are the buttons not working?

If the buttons on the soundbar are not working, switch off the soundbar and unplug it. Wait for about 30 seconds before plugging in the power cord and turning the soundbar on again.

Why is the remote control not working?

If the remote control isn’t working, check to see if you need to replace the AAA batteries with new ones. The soundbar remote sensor should be unobstructed and you should be within operating distance. 

If you have a universal remote, check to see if you have inputted the codes correctly. If all else fails, disconnect the soundbar and power off and then reconnect and power on after 30 seconds.

What to do if the Taotronics soundbar is Causing Interference to Radio or Television?

If you find that your Taotronics soundbar setup is somehow causing interference to your radio or TV, either readjust the antenna on the radio or move the Taotronics soundbar further away. If both devices are connected to the same outlet, try removing one and connecting it to a different source of power. 

TaoTronics Soundbar Conclusion

Your Taotronics soundbar setup doesn’t have to be difficult, and our experts have put together a clear cut guide to help with any issues that may arise. Always make sure all the cables are tightly secured if using a wired connection and keep Bluetooth external devices close to the soundbar for a strong and stable connection.

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