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What is the Best Soundbar Under $150 in 2020?

best soundbars under $150


Whether you have a compact or huge TV, the sound quality should always be topnotch—and that’s where soundbars come in. For a budget of $150 or below, there are a lot of options out there, but you might end up with a soundbar with an awful audio that will end up broken in less than a year.

We’re taking that worry out of your hands as we have tested today’s most durable, feature-filled, and best soundbars under $150:

Samsung HW-400
Best Overall
WOHOME Sound bar
This compact and sleek soundbar will be the easiest to setup no matter how huge or small your space is.
Giving you 2.1 audio channels and 95 dB sound pressure level, this powerful soundbar is the best one under $150.
This affordable model is great for those who don't want to spend more than $100 for their first soundbar.
Samsung HW-400
This compact and sleek soundbar will be the easiest to setup no matter how huge or small your space is.
Best Overall
Giving you 2.1 audio channels and 95 dB sound pressure level, this powerful soundbar is the best one under $150.
WOHOME Sound bar
This affordable model is great for those who don't want to spend more than $100 for their first soundbar.

Top 4 Soundbars Under $150 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1 – VIZIO SB2821-D6 28-inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

For those looking for soundbars under $150, we have a great sound bar in this list for that price. This price range can get you some nifty features like 2.1 audio channels and a powerful sound pressure level of 95 dB (decibels). 

The VIZIO sound bar is a solid choice you should check out. It comes with a wireless subwoofer and a total length of 28 inches. It’s the perfect sound bar length that’s easy to fit with TVs 42 inches and over

The wireless subwoofer drivers measure at 5.25 inches, which is a whole lot of power and it is capable of producing ear-pounding bass. And with less than 1% harmonic distortion, this wireless subwoofer is definitely of great quality.

Elevating the sound quality to a crystal clear sound quality is what sound bars should do. With Amazon choice rating, you know you are getting a good product in this quality sound bar.

  • Dolby Digital, the sound standard for movie theaters.
  • DTS Trusurround, the closest simulation of surround sound system a sound bar can deliver.
  • Features DTS TruVolume
  • The sleek speaker design fits well with your TV and provides a nice touch to the space
  • Wall mountable
  • Offers powerful 95 dB of clear audio quality hitting your eardrums.
  • The wireless subwoofer easily pumps a rich bass with less than 1% harmonic distortion
  • Bluetooth connectivity provides music streaming services
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Wired inputs include 3.5mm jack, RCA, coaxial, and optical

  • Would be much better with an LCD display, but the LED does the job too.

Check out the expansive audio sound that fills the room to produce sound that can be heard from a few rooms away.

Built with DTS Trusurround technology, enjoy a great audio experience from this Vizio home theater sound system. Exactly what you’d use in watching movies.

The built-in Bluetooth is a program designed to provide the user with that good wireless convenience. Stream music via Bluetooth connectivity directly from your Vizio soundbar for TV. 

The sleek Vizio sound bar design also comes with a remote control for easy setting, or input your audio preferences via the control panel on the soundbar.

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2 – Samsung HW-400 TV Mate Soundbar

If you’ve been looking into an audio store, we’re pretty sure a Samsung soundbar has been easily recommended to you.

For such a sleek and compact soundbar, you get great sound for watching movies, listening to music, and the like. The wireless connection allows you to pair it with your TV without wires running all over the house. Easy setup!

Download your music onto a USB and insert it straight into these sound bars, hit the play button and enjoy! Get the full range of audio via the expansive sound system that delivers high quality sound that fills the room.

  • Features a wireless connection makes setup easier
  • It’s a compact soundbar that produces the best crystal clear sound.
  • Enjoy full range speaker sound that immerses the entire room or house!
  • Features wireless streaming with Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3.5 mm audio jack

  • No dedicated subwoofer, but that might be a plus point for those who don’t want an additional setup.

This also features Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music, although some customers say the built in Bluetooth malfunctions when they check it out. However, the Bluetooth still does the job.

Control this best Samsung sound bar remotely in the room with the included remote control or the compatible app available for both Apple and Android products. Configure the speakers’ settings and run the good soundbar all via one app.

A downside is that the affordable soundbar choice is not using a dedicated subwoofer. But even without the powerful subwoofer, this Bluetooth soundbar is still one of the best you could check out in our list.

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3 – WOHOME Sound bar 2.1 Channel TV Soundbar 

Who knew a 2.1 channel soundbar provides surround sound technology that rivals theater sound systems? The 60W sound bar comes with a wired subwoofer responsible for the rich and deep bass that comes at a powerful output of 95 dB of crystal clear sound without distortion.

Give your eardrums a taste of the best powerful audio sound effects with full range speakers and the 5.25-inch subwoofer that elevates your viewing experience.

This best soundbar under $150 comes with wired and wireless input via Bluetooth connectivity or coaxial, AUX, RCA, USB and optical cables. It’s easy to connect to a gaming console or movie player. Use the Bluetooth to stream your music or play great movies, shows and games with crystal clear sound on this sound bar.

  • Features a 5.25-inch wired subwoofer with amazing power to provide powerful surround sound technology
  • The full range speakers are powered at 60W with a output of 95 dB. for good performance
  • Measuring at 34 inches, this good soundbar is compatible with TVs at least 40 inches
  • The soundbar is wall mountable or place it on your TV cabinet.
  • Features good wired connectivity options such as USB, optical cable, RCA and AUX.
  • Features Bluetooth connectivity that offers wireless streaming.

  • Bulkier than standard soundbars

The included remote in this 2.1 channel soundbar makes it easy to adjust the volume on your soundbar and the bass as well as adjusting the volume and input. If you don’t want to constantly stand up to change settings in the system, you do need a remote.

The Wohome soundbar is also compatible with a variety of good brands including LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Toshiba and a lot more.

The best part of this affordable speaker system is the 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime tech support it provides– one of the powerful reasons it may earn the trust of many consumers looking for a great product for the price.

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4 – TCL Alto 5+ 2.1 Channel with Wireless Subwoofer

As another brand that produces quality TVs, trust the TCL brand as one of the producers of the best soundbars.

In such a compact and streamlined sound bar design, the TCL home theater soundbar delivers loud sound from a wireless subwoofer. You’ll find a deep bass experience without static and distortions at any volume level.

You get your great choice of three different sound modes to optimize the system settings in this affordable home entertainment system. With every speaker sound mode, you get what you need already set up. The 8 audio components produce quality sound with 100% accuracy. You won’t miss a pin drop in the background with this sound bar.

  • Clear and crisp sound emitted from such a minimalistic design.
  • Features eight audio components that reproduce sound in a full spectrum for 100% accuracy.
  • Experience distortions or your speakers blowing out when the volume is up? It won’t happen with this sound bar.
  • Comes with three sound modes
  • The tweeters give more clarity and distinction in every tone and note played.
  • Comes with a wireless subwoofer
  • It’s wall mountable and portable
  • Bluetooth connectivity also lets you stream your music.

  • Remote might be too small for some.

The tweeters in the soundbar allow for more clarity of sound effects and dialogue, and produce more distinction in musical tones and notes. It’s one of the excellent things we like about this.

The TCL soundbar is wall mountable or place it on your unit, it’s amazing the quality of sound you can get from such a simple design.

As for the wireless subwoofer, you may earn more freedom in its placement, but we recommend placing it along the front wall for optimum audio quality.

We can’t forget the built-in Bluetooth connectivity that lets you stream music. Bluetooth is a common feature in a soundbar. The only difference is you’ll experience it like you never have before in using another speaker system.

If you’re looking to enhance your audio experience, do it by using high performance speakers from TCL.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Soundbar Under 150

When looking to buy the best soundbar under $150, there are still some good factors to consider to get the best value for your money.

But for this price, you need to acknowledge that you might not be getting many advanced features, but not a lot of us need voice control in sound bars. If you need voice control, higher-end models can provide you that, but they cost more money. We also have a list of top soundbars under $100, so check that out if you have a lower budget.

There are a few key features we urge you to make sure your sound bar does have to get excellent value for the price.

under 150 soundbar


The reason I would get a brand new sound bar is to enhance the bass, therefore improving the overall audio experience. Subwoofers are responsible for the deep vibrating bass you crave pulsing through your body.

Subwoofers also produce more expansive and dimensional sound, which you’ll like. If you are looking for surround sound technology, you better make sure your subwoofers are designed in excellent shape.

Preferably even look for soundbars with more than one or even pair a separate one to your device. Also, if you’re looking for easy setup, choose a wireless subwoofer. A wireless subwoofer would give you more freedom in terms of placement.

Connectivity Options

Connection has two options: wired and wireless.

You may not enjoy Wi-Fi in a home entertainment system, but you’ll find Bluetooth to be just as useful in this price. Even the most basic soundbar designs nowadays have wireless Bluetooth built-in.

Use Bluetooth to connect your soundbar to your mobile devices and turn it into a mini speaker with power that exceeds that on your device. 

Aside from Bluetooth, other ways to connect the sound bar to your TV or other devices are through a 3.5mm jack, AUX, RCA, coaxial, optical inputs, USB and HDMI cables.

Most soundbars only have one digital audio input, so consider if only one is enough in a wired system. If you want the easiest way, look for a soundbar with HDMI ARC because it will make an easy connection to your TV.

buying under 150 soundbar

Sound Channels

You can tell how many channels your soundbar has by looking at the number in the title. For example, a 2.0. The first number is the number of channels available on your device, and the second digit is if there is any subwoofer embedded inside.

So, a 2.0 channel means there are two speakers and no subwoofer. Unless you’re looking for stereo speakers, steer clear of 2.0 channels. The higher the number of channels, the better the sound. Look for at least 3 channels.

As they’re usually positioned left, right and center, you’ll get the best quality.

Soundbars with a higher number of channels may or may not have Dolby Atmos, but that’s usually for units with a higher price and they have a quality subwoofer.

Remote Control

The remote is purely for convenience in a home entertainment system. However, if you lose the remote control or if your new soundbar doesn’t come with one, choose to use the compatible app.

A lot of apps offer the same options as the remote for you to control and adjust volume level, bass and treble as well as sound modes. If all else fails, there might be a control panel built right into your device.


We know how important it is to exchange, return or fix your unit if anything goes wrong. The option to do these things go out the window without a warranty or guarantee. It does take a lot of time to return and exchange these products, but that’s all you lose – time.

At least you don’t have your money going down the drain due to a faulty product. Another important point is to make sure their customer service is accessible 24/7 or at least five days a week.

Read and check reviews to make sure they are responsive and helpful too. Consumers deserve this at any price.

Mount (optional)

Depending on the placement of your TV set in your home, you might choose to mount your sound bar on the wall. Some wall mountable designs come with holes built in, while some come with the wall mount itself.

If it’s a lightweight design and you want to save space in your home, mounting on the wall is a good option. It could also hide wires and keep them above ground and out of the way.

If you plan to move it around your home or if you purchased a wireless option, simply placing it near the TV set (or you) will do the trick.


The last of the features that comes on our list is appearance. If aesthetics are important, most designs are compact, sleek and minimal, blending in well. Some even have different color options for a nice touch to your space.

Make sure you select the right size for your TV. Soundbars generally sit at 5-10 inches smaller.


Technological jargon can be so hard to understand, especially if you aren’t an avid follower of the next best design.

Reading through a list or review like this to break down exactly what you should look for within your low budget can save you loads of time. You may never know the quality of the product until you try it, so making sure you have a guarantee is a smart move.

Our Top Pick: VIZIO SB2821-D6 Sound Bar

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Our top choice in the $150 price range is the number one sound bar presented on our list from Vizio. For under $150, this soundbar is surprisingly well-equipped with features.

With Dolby Digital, DTS Trusurround, and DTS Truvolume technology, it’s definitely an excellent soundbar.

The sound quality is incredibly enhanced and elevated with the 95 decibel output in a compact design at just 28 inches. 

The subwoofer packs a punch and pumps out good sound and impressive and deep bass. This will make your audio experience one that is better than what you get from normal speakers.

Stream your favorite music from your mobile devices via Bluetooth and control everything with the remote. Compared to others on the list, you’ll find the Vizio SB2821 is an excellent soundbar in every aspect.

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