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The Best Soundbars to Buy in 2019

When it comes to soundbars, it is sure that we’re speaking of best, high-quality and enjoyable performance. However when the word “best” sits in front of the word, then we’re talking about completely diving into the cinema world.

You’re probably familiar with the quality of your built-in TV speakers. Therefore you know that they are just not the top quality of sound you’re looking for. And if you’re looking for an additional audio-producing piece for your home theatre that can significantly improve your sound performance…

Then stay to the end of this article to find out what’s the perfect soundbar for your home TV setup.

In today’s blog post, we’ve assembled a round-up of the top soundbars available on the market right now. We have manually examined every best product, read dozens of best product recommendations and reviews, and also perused a vast amount of articles…

And rest assured because we are showing you the best sound-producing pieces on the market right now. Those outperforming soundbars can add up to your home theatre to make your movie or gaming experience merely great.

This guide will make your buying experience much more relaxed and will put your mind at peace. By the end of this article, you will have a vast amount of knowledge of what to choose for your TV settings. You will also be aware of the mistakes that most people do when buying soundbars.

As stated above, a large proportion of people who are looking for a soundbar don’t read any guides on that topic. They simply jump into any tech shop and are ready to spend their money on a random piece. That’s not the right way to buy a high-quality device for your home theatre. And that’s because the next thing you know is that your brand new equipment is not compatible with your TV setup. If you’re looking for cheaper options, check our article about the best soundbars under $200.

With this guide in your “pocket,” you will escape those common mistakes and come up with the most awesome soundbar that fits perfectly with your TV setup. And since you’ve made it this far, I will make the rest of this best guide worth it.

Best Soundbars Reviews

Samsung HW-MS650 Soundbar

Without a doubt, the Samsung HW-MS650 Soundbar is topping our list. These days, it seems that Samsung is dominating the home entertainment audio world. The best sound bars they produce are of top-notch quality and ready to bring you a fantastic quality for you to fully immerse into the TV world. Getting your hands on the Samsung HW-MS650 Soundbar will undoubtedly make a significant difference in your experience if you’re used to your built-in TV speakers.

For sure, there isn’t any similar piece to this that combines raw power with so much clarity, scale and, especially bass all into one place. This one will make your movie experience an unforgettable venture. What is cool about this Samsung product is that it is a single-body construction. Therefore it doesn’t need an external subwoofer to deliver high-quality bass. Instead, it utilizes a large number of custom drivers to give movies and games first-class bass and sound performance.

The design is utterly unique. It is built from high-quality materials to achieve excellent robustness and rigidity. This way, you get a long-lasting and durable device that will cover your audio desires for long periods.


  • Dimensions: 1060 x 78 x 130mm (W x H x D)
  • Speaker configuration: 3.0
  • Audio Power: 9 x 20W
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth available
  • Multiroom & surround sound support via a phone app.


  • The high-quality materials construct a durable body that can be used longer than a regular one
  • A fantastic bass quality which doesn’t require an external subwoofer
  • It is effortless to install, you only need to follow simple instructions.
  • Generous feature list


  • It can be slightly aggressive and crackling at the top of the volume range
  • Only one HDMI input

All in all, It is a single body construction that can produce a tremendous amount of bass and best performance. This can be perfect for people with a large home cinema. It also with oodles of features that add to the audio performance. The product is tested and was given a 5-star review, which means if you have an additional $500, you can spend, then this is the option you want to pick.

Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar

Second doesn’t mean less quality. The Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar is a high-value Dolby Atmos soundbar that provides amazing bass quality and surround-sound performance. It has a fantastic design and offers excellent audio clarity and spatial presentation. This one also comes with heaps of features which give the listener a great movie or gaming experience. It comes with a built-in fabric grille, yet it looks fancier when uncovered.

Unlike the previous model, this Sony model is quite versatile. It comes with 4 HDMI ports (3 inputs and 1 ARC output). There are also a majority of display options, but it’s best when they’re left on auto mode. That’s because you don’t want to mess with the complicated settings of the soundbar. But if you are a kind of explorer and don’t mind fixing it after, go for it.

Overall, without a doubt, the quality is top-notch, and spatial placement is excellent. However, not everything is audio power in that sound-producing piece. It likewise produces an unmatched clarity. But this is not a preferred model for people who have a spending limit. All those cool features come at a high price. And if you are keen on your home theatre and want the best possible audio device for your home cinema, then this $800 soundbar is the one you want to stick with.


  • Dimensions: 1180 x 80 x 145 mm (W x H x D)
  • Speaker configuration: 7.1.2
  • Audio power: N/A
  • Connections: 3 HDMI inputs, 1 ARC output


  • Eye-catching design that perfectly combines with your TV setup
  • Fantastic built-in sound quality so you can fully experience the movie theatre.
  • Amazing audio clarity and spatial presentation
  • A large number of HDMI inputs for versatility
  • Hi-Res audio file compatibility


  • Doesn’t assure with overhead Atmos effects
  • It’s quite expensive, and it’s not preferred for people on a budget.

Overall, this soundbar produces an unmatched performance so you can fully encounter with the audio world. It presents a soundstage that is wide and high. It might be expensive, but the fantastic design and the excellent sound quality make it up for the price. The product is thoroughly tested, and if you want a top-notch system when the price doesn’t matter, then this is the best option you can pick.

Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar

If you’re looking for a cheaper audio option to add to your home theatre, then the Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar is the best one you can go with. For the price tag, it provides an astonishing performance. And the surrounding sound completely eliminates your built-in TV speakers. There is 2.1 channel sound, but the lack of HDMI inputs is a downside. But, from the first-hand experience when you encounter with the soundbar’s power for a while, the idea for better sound performance will sound balmy to you. What is cool about this is that the audio quality it produces is much better than its competitors in the same price range.

The Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar is kind of a chunky monkey by modern soundbar standards. It recalls an old monitor design with an extended rear side and stands 9 cm high. Those characteristics make the design a bit plain and ordinary. However, combined with your TV setup, it should make one whole pleasing view that isn’t infuriating to the eye. What lacks in HDMI inputs is compensated in high-performing quality. Only for under $400 you get an outstanding sound-producing piece that will last long periods.


  • Dimensions: 1,000 x 90 x 142mm
  • Power: 100W
  • Speakers: 2
  • 1 HDMI input
  • Subwoofer added: Yes.


  • It has a plain design, however, combined with your home theatre it creates an attractive view
  • It is easy to install, only need to follow straightforward instructions to complete the setup.
  • It’s compact so it can fit anywhere near your TV.
  • For its price, it provides good quality value.


  • Only stereo is available
  • Only 1 HDMI input, depends on the model.
  • It has a plain design, so it’s not appropriate when used separately.

The product is thoroughly tested and assessed on a 4.5-star of a 5-star review. As stated previously, it provides a fantastic movie experience and allows you to dive into the audio effects fully. This 2.1 channel soundbar does surround sound convincingly. And other sound-producing pieces that produce the same quality are much more costly than this one. However, the disadvantages are that it has a simple design and only 1 HDMI input. If you don’t care about the design or its HDMI versatility, then this could be a fantastic sound beast that comes at an affordable price.

Samsung HW-N950

Presenting you the real game-changer – Samsung HW-N950. This is the soundbar that has the respect of all others. It’s the newest sound-producing piece of the dominating company. It provides a Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound quality that gets you the impression you are actually in the movie or the game. The Samsung HW-N950 comes with a subwoofer and separate rear channels that are all connected with two width drivers and four upward-firing speakers. This results in an unmatched audio system that delivers excellent quality of sound experience and allows you to immerse into the cinema world completely.

This is just something unusual. It comes with a 7.1.4 audio configuration that completely surpasses any other soundbar which has the reputation of a “sound beast.” The design might look basic, but that essential thing is what makes the design unique. It effectively combines with the TV setup, producing a fantastic view and sound performance. This model of Samsung soundbars is developed with two HDMI inputs and one ARC output. Also, this extremely easy to install and connect it to the TV. The added subwoofer delivers great bass and completes the general design. LEDs are also available, which makes the audio device look cool.


  • Dimensions: 47.6 x 3.2 x 5.1 inches
  • Power: 500W
  • Connections: 2 HDMI inputs and 1 ARC output
  • Wireless: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Speakers: 9
  • Special Features: Dolby Atmos


  • Superb performance that is unmatched by any means. It provides fantastic sound performance.
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support are available which builds an outstanding audio system.
  • Unique design
  • It’s durable so it will last longer than conventional soundbars.
  • Easy to set up, only follow the instructions


  • Basic audio calibration
  • All those features and high-quality performance come at a significant price.

Simply put: The Samsung HW-N950 is one of the best if not the topmost soundbar on the market available now. More importantly, this is the only one that provides a 7.1.4 audio configuration. The additional speakers and subwoofer add up to the easy setup of the soundbar. The whole package forms a unique combination that is unmatched and allows you to dive into the cinema world without a single doubt. If you are a movie fan, this is the perfect soundbar that will keep you entertained. Yet, it comes at the price of $1100. This is not an affordable pick. However, it’s perfect for people who don’t mind the price and want the best piece on the market.

Sonos Playbar

The Sonos Playbar is the soundbar that can turn your multi-room audio system into a wireless surround sound system. Unfortunately, this one is lacking HDMI connections and uses optical to establish a connection with the TV. However, it provides your home theatre with an outstanding bass boost and a fantastic sound performance. It requires a mobile app or a tablet to operate and manage the soundbar, and this might cause a bit of discomfort. What is unique about the Sonos Playbar is that it can turn into a wireless surround system and produce high-quality surround sound. This one also comes at a fixed price, but every penny is worth it.

It provides an oodles of bass performance, thus allowing you to entirely dive into the cinema world and experience the action in the movies. This is the soundbar you want to stick with when you are watching Avengers. It will give you the necessary stereo sound and bass performance so you can thoroughly experience the cinema atmosphere. It has an impressive design. And it can also perfectly fit with your TV setup and create a pleasing view. The Sonos soundbar has some exciting features that other audio devices are lacking. Putting it into night mode, we will make loudest sounds a bit quieter and will allow you to fall asleep effortlessly.


  • Dimensions: 900 x 85 x 140mm
  • Power: Not stated
  • Speakers: 9
  • Connections: 1 x digital optical; 2 x LAN
  • Weight: 5.4 kg
  • Special Features: Sonos Play:1 of the speakers can be connected as wireless rear speakers


  • It provides a high-quality sound performance
  • It easily fits into the Sonos system.
  • A subwoofer can be added wirelessly to increase the bass performance and literally bring the action movies into your home.


  • It isn’t cheap. It is priced at $669 so ‘it’s not a good pick for people on a budget.
  • It is not compatible with most of the TVs and requires a particular setup.
  • There isn’t a remote in the box, and because of that, you are required to use a mobile or tablet to operate it.
  • The connections are limited, as only one input is available.

Overall, the Sonos soundbar is worth every penny, and it is in the high rankings among its competitors. It sounds stunning, and it can turn your multi-room audio system quickly into a wireless audio system. It has a fantastic bass performance, but if you want to skyrocket your audio production, then an external subwoofer will do the job correctly. However, this is not a cheap option and is recommended for people who have an extra $670 to spend. It is a great pick and it definitely worth adding it to your TV setup.

Bose SoundTouch 300

The last on our list would be the attractive Bose SoundTouch 300. This particular soundbar features good sound quality alongside precise and eye-catching design. ‘It’s 97.9cm width, which makes it look skinny. It combines perfectly with large size TVs and provides an outstanding bass and sound performance. There isn’t a subwoofer added to the package; however, you can purchase one separately if you need an additional bass boost. When this soundbar was released in 2016, that was the time when Sonos was creating the best audio devices. Yet, soon, Samsung started to dominate the audio market. However, before that, when you used the term soundbar, the first thing that came to your mind was the Bose technology. They may not be the present ruler on the market right now, but they haven’t stopped producing outstanding soundbars.

What is unique in Bose is that unlike any other company, they create fantastic designs for their audio devices. And the best part is that the sound performance is also superb. Not only have Bose been creating impressive soundbars with high performing audio configuration…

And their audio devices come at affordable prices. This is great for people who are trying to get cheaper options that also provide a fantastic sound experience.


  • Dimensions: 42 x 6.2 x 5 inches
  • Power: Not mentioned
  • Speakers: 1
  • Connections: 1 x digital optical, 1 x HDMI, 1 x HDMI ARC output
  • Weight: 6.9 kg
  • Special Features: Multiroom


  • The soundbar comes with a gorgeous design and high-quality sound and bass performance
  • It effortlessly combines with other multiroom components.
  • It gives a comprehensive, articulate sonic presentation
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • The setup might be a bit confusing which may cause irritation
  • No subwoofer is available.
  • Dialogue can sound a bit abrupt.

After all, this is a high-quality design soundbar with good quality sound performance. It best combines with larger TV screens and ‘it’s width also creates a beautiful view. It has a 4K HDMI input which means you won’t experience issues with next-gen AV components. But if you don’t have a TV with HDMI ARC support, just skip this option because ‘it’s not compatible with other TVs. All in all, the Bose SoundTouch 300 provides a high-quality sound experience for its price and comes with an impressive design.

What is the best soundbar?

For sure, that would be the game-changer Samsung HW-N950, which is also the current dominator on the market. Without a doubt, Samsung creates and design some of the best audio devices on the market, and this year, they have absolutely blown it. Design, sound performance, surround sound, bass boost, everything you can think of is something that the Samsung HW-N950 has already taken care of.

But, as you already know, this one is the most expensive option on our list and ‘that’s for a reason. If you have spare money, go for it. However, if you are wondering whether you should choose a cheaper option around $900, our advice would be not to do it. Yes, you can save up a more $200 and then buy a pair of shoes, but those $200 can really strengthen your cinema experience and simply make it unforgettable. Yet if you are really tight on a budget and you are looking for the best sound bar under $300 for example, then don’t waste all your money on this soundbar because it’s the best one. Better buy cheaper one from the listed above, and you also leave with a fantastic sound performance.

All in all, Samsung soundbars are unmatched in sound and bass performance. And if you want to experience and enjoy every movie you watch entirely, then the Samsung HW-N950 is the soundbar you wish to pick.

Buying Guide

Buying a soundbar is not an easy decision to make. It’s not a little money to invest in additional TV setup. So before purchasing a quality soundbar, you will have to take some things into consideration before you make your final decision. There are tons of best budget soundbars in the market right now. Some are excellent, while others are not. However, we have listed 7 of the best soundbars in the market right now. But if you’re looking for an in-depth buying guide, then you should definitely read the following sections.

When buying, the first thing you should take care of is the audio channels. Channels mean how many speakers are available. 2 means you have one to the left and one to the right side of your soundbar. 3 channels represent the left, right, and center. 5 say all the mentioned above plus two rear speakers. Generally, the more, the better.

However, you need to choose a soundbar with at least 3 channels. Less than 3 channels are just not enough to stimulate enough the surround sound so you can immerse in the cinema world.

The next thing you would like to consider is if the soundbar is active. An active soundbar comes with built-in amplifiers, which means you will be able to save more space.

Also, consider the position your device is going to be in. Is it going to sit in front of or near your TV or is it going to hang on the wall. Ideally, your soundbar shouldn’t be any wider than your TV, and its perfect position is centered beneath or above the TV. In an ideal world, the perfect soundbar for your theatre setup would be the same width as your TV. However, any smaller one fits amazingly with most TV setups out there.

And I think you want to take a close look at is the ‘soundbar’s connectivity. Does the audio device come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support? This enables mobiles, tablets, or laptops to connect to your soundbar and use it as a stereo device. HDMI-switching is also an important feature that will allow you to switch audio sources without bothering yourself with annoying cables quickly. Make sure you have HDMI inputs and at least Bluetooth or Wi-Fi support.

A crucial thing is to buy your soundbar from an authorized dealer. If you do this, you get manufacturer support, warranty, and service.

After taking all this into consideration, we have made the round-up of the best soundbars and the market available so you can escape all those steps. But if you have some other model that is stuck in your mind and you would like to know if it’s worth taking buying it…

Those are the steps that you need to follow to get your hands on a high-quality soundbar.

After reading this lengthy guide, we hope that you now have a more comprehensive understanding of choosing the best soundbar on the market. We’ve also provided you with a best list of fantastic soundbars that can really make your choice easier. You just need to check the price and see if it fits in your budget. If you’re looking for soundbars that are best for lower budget check the best budget soundbar under $150 and under $100.

If you have a soundbar already or you just bought one, leave a comment in the comments section, and we will be happy to take a look at your audio device too.

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