LG LAS551H Soundbar Review

Going through all the trouble to find a soundbar only to realize that it doesn’t meet your expectations can be a considerable waste of time. The LG LAS551H, with its exceptional sound, should not create as much hassle, but is it for you? Read our LG LAS551H review below to find out.


Finding an LG LAS551H unit today can be tough due to limited stocks. If you’re searching for similar and affordable soundbars, take a look at our carefully handpicked recommendations below!

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LAS551H's Design

The LAS551H soundbar is eye-catching with its silver accents and a subtle control panel on the top. The simple yet elegant design hides heavy-duty technology underneath.

All the connections can be found at the back of the soundbar. One thing to keep in mind if you choose to mount the soundbar is that you have to purchase adapters as the inputs will be hidden from sight.

The soundbar features a seamless surface with a front display that shows your selected settings. If you decide to place the soundbar on a surface, the four rubber feet will keep it from sliding out of place.

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LG LAS551H Features Reviews

This particular LG soundbar is often thought of as a user-friendly and optimal choice, but wouldn’t you want to know why? Let’s take a look at its notable features in our LG LAS551H review.

Wireless Subwoofer

A separate subwoofer means increasing the thunderous bass to your home theater system. This is what you need if you want to add sonic enhancement to your content.

Similar to the soundbar, the sub possesses an understated design with a brushed silver finish. Even the subwoofer has an LED display with indicator lights to show the stored power level.

As the name suggests, it is connected wirelessly to the soundbar, which gives you the freedom to place the subwoofer anywhere and save on clutter.

Measuring at 6.73″ x 15.35″ x 10.28″, it’s small enough to fit into any sized room and powerful enough to pump out the low-toned rumbles.

Sound Sync Wireless

Sound Sync Wireless technology is included in the soundbar for setup convenience. It allows you to pair your LAS551H soundbar to any LG TV wire-free. Unfortunately, this clutter-saving feature is only available for LG TVs.

LG Remote Control


Bluetooth is the preferred wireless connection [1] for many soundbar models even the best curved soundbars you see in the market. It allows users to listen to music via other Bluetooth enabled devices. You can enjoy your content from mediocre speakers to the full range of your LAS551H’s speakers.

The supported Bluetooth 4.0 can be paired with the Music Flow app to play your favorite tunes. The app can also be used to control the soundbar and to link it to up to 3 devices at the same time.


The number of channels in a soundbar is critical to the audio. The LAS551H is a 2.1 channel soundbar, meaning it has 2 channels and 1 subwoofer. Channels are the sound emission points on a soundbar, or in other words, the speakers.

Soundbars with 2 channels usually have a left and right speaker that produces sound in two different directions. The more channels a soundbar has, the better chance it has at producing surround sound.

If you require more speakers, then the Vizio V51-H6 is worth a check.

Wired Connection

The LG LAS551H soundbar allows for HDMI connectivity, which is the recommended form of connection other than digital optical for high quality passthrough. HDMI also facilitates your setup as it’s just a single cable that connects your TV and soundbar.

Other forms of connection made available by the soundbar are digital optical, 3.5mm and USB port. 

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The LG LAS551H soundbar is quite lightweight for a decent-sized soundbar of 35 inches. It can be wall mounted or laid on a flat surface. The wall mount bracket is already included in the package, which makes finding a place easier.

Most models, including highly lauded soundbars, are recommended to be positioned just under your TV. This lines up the soundbar nicely with your field of vision and matches up the sound to the picture.

LG LAS551H - Sound Quality

The LG soundbar comes specially tuned to optimize most content. However, it gives you flexibility to adjust the settings to fit your preferences. To tune your soundbar, you can change the treble and bass levels or choose from multiple sound modes.

The soundbar is also capable of decoding DTS and Dolby Digital audio, which are the industry standards for excellent sound.

The LAS551H is optimized to provide dialogue clarity. From hushed whispers to loud bellows, you won’t miss a single word. Without the subwoofer, the bass quality is a little bit lacking, but once connected, there is nothing standing in the way of explosive gunfire and rolling thunder.

The sound modes will optimize the content for you depending on what’s played onscreen. Cinema mode is the key setting to fully enjoy eruptive sound effects.

Remote Control

The LAS551H comes with its own remote control that is of a decent size with clearly labeled buttons. The readability of the contrasting colors of the interface makes it helpful to find certain functions.

Once you enter your settings, the text display on the front of the soundbar will disclose your input without you having to decode blinking lights and symbols. 

As mentioned, the remote isn’t the only way to control your soundbar. You can utilize your existing TV remote or through the compatible app. It could take some research and tinkering to figure out the app, but once you get the hang of it the input is as easy as tapping a few buttons.

LAS551H Review Conclusion

The LAS551H soundbar comes with DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital audio technology that propels its abilities far beyond the regular 2.1 channel soundbar. With the built-in sound modes, the LG soundbar comes preset to produce the highest quality audio for your content.

It features an extremely stylish design that has a user-friendly interface and is packed with audio features. It’s a slim and understated soundbar that offers flexibility of placement and can emanate powerful sound effects as well as music.

After our tests and checking other LG LAS551H reviews by customers, we have found that the Bluetooth 4.0 connection to be much more reliable than Wi-Fi connections. The handy app is greatly beneficial to the operation and control of the soundbar and even features some smart controls.

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