Samsung HW-J250 Soundbar Review

The Samsung HW-J250 is a compact soundbar that is easy to use and comes with the basics that you would expect from any soundbar. But does it provide good sound quality or are you better off sticking to your TV speakers? We made a full-on HW-J250 review to find out.


Samsung HW-J250 can be difficult to get these days, and there are no updates concerning restocks. If you’re searching for soundbars with similar features, here are our top picks, all below 300 bucks!

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Samsung HW-J250 Features Review

HW-J250's Design

Even at first glance, the Samsung HW-J250 looks sleek and classy. It has the standard black exterior most soundbars have today, so it sits inconspicuously under your TV or mounted on the wall.

Samsung HW-J250 backside

While it does look expensive, the plastic construction makes it seem slightly feeble compared to other models in this price point. Then again, it is pretty sturdy. It’s lightweight as well, so it’s extremely easy to set up and move around. 

HW-J250 Sound Quality

For a basic Samsung J series soundbar, the HW-J250 provides good sound quality that surpasses the built-in speakers of your TV. During our audio testing for this HW-J250 review, the lows and highs were significantly boosted. 

As this rig is a 2.2-channel soundbar, you get two main drivers plus two built-in subwoofers. That means this product produces a much deeper and punchier audio compared to other soundbars with only one built-in sub.

However, our audio experts agree that a dedicated subwoofer would’ve enhanced the low frequencies more. For bass lovers, the bottom end generated by the Samsung HW-J250 might not be enough.

The same goes for more critical users. If you’re looking for a product that will just improve the sound of your TV, this rig is a good choice. However, if you’re after a serious upgrade, you can find more options out there that are just slightly more expensive. 

Sound Customization

When we watch TV shows or listen to music, there are times when we want to get customized sound levels to optimize our experience. Equalizer adjustments may be available in other models, but the HW-J250 fails to provide this function.

But while you can’t manually adjust the treble and bass, what you do have in this soundbar are preset sound modes. These include sports, voice, and 3D sound plus.

The 3D sound plus mode is made to improve the surround sound effect, but we really didn’t notice any significant difference compared to the standard settings of the soundbar. Although the HW-J250 provides decent sound, it’s not as immersive as higher-end products

HW-J250 Price

One of the great things about this product is the price. It’s a cheap soundbar you can get under $200, and compared to others in the same price point, the HW-J250 provides better value. 

However, if you’re willing to spend just a bit more, you can get a soundbar that can provide an even more immersive audio quality. A few great product choices in the United States are the Bose Solo 5 and, if you want a dedicated subwoofer, the Sony HT-S350.

Samsung’s TV SoundConnect

If you have a Samsung TV, you can connect the HW-J250 wirelessly through the SoundConnect feature. That way, the setup is easier and there would be no wires to clutter your living room space.

However, the Samsung TV SoundConnect is only compatible with some 2013, 2014, and 2015 TVs, so this would not likely to work with modern ones. 

HW-J250 Sound Effects

Improving the sound effects depending on the content would enhance and optimize your listening experience as well. The Samsung HW-J250 gives you different ways to do that.

You can choose between various sound effects, including Standard, Voice, Sports, and 3D Sound Plus. These modes allow you to adjust the dynamics according to the type of media you’re watching or listening to. 

Remote Control (Multi-function)

This soundbar comes with a remote control for changing your preferences and settings. The remote itself has a simple design, while the buttons are tactile and clearly labeled. During setup and operation, there’s much to figure out when using it.

Audio Remote App for Samsung

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use the remote control or you simply misplaced it, you can also use an app to control your soundbar.

samsung HW J250 Port

This type of control is available in many soundbars today, and for this product, you can download the Samsung Audio Remote application on your Android phone. If you have an iOS phone, unfortunately, you can’t use the app.

Samsung Soundbar Firmware Updates

Samsung updates their firmware every once in a while, so you can keep your soundbar upgraded to the latest software even if you don’t buy the latest soundbar.

You can simply download the firmware update on the Samsung website and install it in your soundbar. 


In terms of operation, the HW-J250 is easy to use. It took us just a few minutes to set this product up, and that’s because there are no complicated instructions. 

Connecting the soundbar through an optical cable [1] was easy enough, and the cable comes in the box as well. Bluetooth connection was seamless and stable. We tried linking different Bluetooth devices to the soundbar to see if each would work, and we encountered no errors.

Overall, this product is built for easy operation. And just in case you encounter a brick wall, you can always use the included user manual for troubleshooting and reference.

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Samsung HW-J250 Review Conclusion

The Samsung HW-J250 soundbar is a 2.2-channel rig for those looking to upgrade the sound of their TV speakers. This product offers two built-in subwoofers, Bluetooth, sound modes, USB playback support, firmware updates, and an easy-to-use interface – all at a good price.

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