Vizio V51-H6 Review

Vizio has come out with a new soundbar home theater system, supposedly with a more complete setup, better dialogue clarity and a more encompassing experience. But does it live up to the hype? 

We put it to the test in our Vizio V51-H6 review, so let’s find out!



Design of the Vizio V51-H6

The Vizio V51-H6 has a slim profile. Even with the full home theater setup with satellite speakers and an external subwoofer, it has a relatively small footprint compared to other soundbars. The different components are small enough for you to move around with ease.

The satellite speakers can be moved to different areas of the room to envelope the audience and balance the audio with the subwoofer and soundbar.

Since the soundbar is slim and lightweight, it can be mounted on the wall or placed on top of a flat surface. However, at 36-inches we would suggest pairing it with a TV that’s the same size or a few inches bigger for the best match.

It does take up more space than just a soundbar alone, but the difference it creates in sound quality is unsurpassed. You will also see a brushed black design on all parts that blends in well with your TV and other devices.

Features of the Vizio V51-H6 Soundbar

The Vizio V51-H6 is an amalgam of features old and new that create a high-performance soundbar which suits every need. Below are some of its most coveted capabilities.

Sound Quality of the Vizio V51-H6

After thorough tests in our Vizio V51-H6 review, we found that the audio is of a much higher clarity than your standard TV speakers. The 6-full range speakers will pump out the sound from all directions to successfully surround the listener.

The center speaker on the soundbar is dedicated just for dialogue clarity. This means that all speech onscreen will be directed from the center channel for ease of hearing. The soundbar itself comes perfectly tuned for any occasion and possesses the perfect balance of high and low tones.

Sound Technology

The Vizio V51-H6 home theater sound system is equipped with DTS Virtual: X capabilities that further enhances the 3D surround sound effects and brings the content to life.

Made to pair well with your 4K TV, the Vizio V51-H6 soundbar system operates at high levels and decodes Dolby Audio 5.1 [1] guaranteed to create the most realistic, multi-dimensional sound.


Other than the satellite speakers, your system comes with a heavy-duty subwoofer that’s armed and ready to pump out thundering bass. Measuring at only 5 inches, it’s amazing just how powerful such a small device can be.

The small size of the subwoofer also gives more flexibility in terms of placement, with the 5-inch profile being very lightweight.

family watching TV with mounted soundbar

Setup of the Vizio V51-H6

Setting up your new Vizio V51-H6 soundbar is a breeze. It operates with the HDMI ARC, the most reliable form of device connection. The HDMI cable comes included in the box. 

To set up, locate the HDMI in and out ports on both your soundbar and your TV. Plug in the cable securely and you’re good to go!


Other than the HDMI setup, you can also connect your devices through the digital optical input and auxiliary cable port. Bluetooth setup, which is also wireless, prevents cables from tangling.

Remote Control

The included remote control is more advanced than ones from Vizio before. It comes with a small backlit LCD display for you to easily glance at your preferred settings. You can connect and set up the entire system with the remote without having to get up off your couch.

Display of the Vizio V51-H6

There are indicator lights in the form of small icons on the soundbar that correspond to the controls. There is one for power, Bluetooth,  volume, and more. 

Even if it isn’t a screen, the small indicator symbols offer more clarity when setting up your new soundbar system.


Bluetooth is a basic feature in most soundbars, and it is included in the Vizio V51-H6 as well. Bluetooth allows users to integrate their mobile devices with the soundbar home theater system.

You can effortlessly stream content from your devices and enjoy higher quality sound from the soundbar.

Voice Control

A separate voice control system can be added onto the soundbar for convenience. It detects your voice through a high-powered mic for a hands-free and more enjoyable experience.

Vizio V51-H6 Review Conclusion

In our Vizio V51-H6 review, we are pleased to find that the soundbar sound system delivers a seamless experience. It doesn’t matter what content is played onscreen, the Vizio V51-H6 soundbar system will deliver an enveloping audio experience.

With the ability to decode Dolby Audio 5.1 and embedded with DTS Virtual:X sound enhancement, the Vizio V51-H6 is pretty hard to beat.

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