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Sony HT-CT290 Soundbar Review

Sony speakers have been associated with bringing movies to life, but this super-slim soundbar with separate subwoofer also saves space and delivers immersive sound. Let’s take a closer look at all the features this soundbar has to offer.


  • 300 watts of power
  • Delivers expansive room-filling sound
  • Bluetooth supported
  • Wall-mountable
  • Slim profile and sleek design
  • Comes with an external subwoofer for deep bass
  • HDMI ARC connection
  • Voice mode for clearer dialogue
  • Movie mode
  • Night mode for lower volumes at night
  • Supports USB playback
  • 2.1 channel soundbar
  • Capable of Dolby Digital decoding
  • Comes with what you need


  • Not an innovative exterior


A soundbar’s design across the board is pretty similar no matter the brand, and the Sony HT-CT290’s slim profile makes it easily wall-mountable if that is what you prefer but it can also sit flush against the surface of your entertainment unit, complementing the TV.

It can easily keep out of the way without blocking the screen no matter where you place it, giving it the ability to deliver uninhibited sound.

Weighing at 5.9 pounds, it’s a bit heavy but for the larger soundbar, this is to be expected. It easily complements larger TVs such as 55-inch sets as well.



Immersive Sound

Of course, the Sony HT-CT290 comes with Sony’s unique S-Force Surround Sound technology. The soundbar will come at you from the front channels and fully immerse you in the content. You will feel like you are transported right into the middle of all the action.

You have the soundbar taking care of the mid to high range frequencies and you can rely on the external subwoofer for all the low and rumbling bass tones.


As with a lot of soundbars on the market nowadays, Bluetooth is a feature you cannot be without. It offers a surprising amount of versatility for the soundbar in terms of connection and streaming options. You can bump along to the tunes emitted through the soundbar from your phone or another mobile device.

Bluetooth also offers the freedom of a wireless setup. Hanging wires can be an eyesore, so if you decide to mount your soundbar on the wall, a soundbar that has a Bluetooth connection option will afford you convenience and aesthetics that one without could not.


Not many people pay attention to this part of the soundbar. The connectivity or connection options tend to take a backseat since it’s located at the back of the soundbar. The Sony HT-CT290 offers HDMI ARC input, optical digital audio inputs, and USB.

You will notice that analog inputs and coaxial digital are noticeably missing, so you need to make sure that your TV and/or other devices have compatible connections. One thing the Sony HT-CT290 does offer that other soundbars might not is the USB playback option.


For earth-shattering bass, you need a good subwoofer. Some soundbars can have subwoofers built into the soundbar itself, but the Sony HT-CT290 has the luxury of coming accompanied with an external sub.

This subwoofer is capable of pumping out 50 watts of power with an RMS amplifier built-in. It connects to the soundbar wirelessly, which won’t add clutter to your setup. For those of you who can appreciate deep and thumping bass, an external subwoofer will reach all the deep notes a built-in one cannot.

The flexible placement of the subwoofer is also worth mentioning. It can be erected vertically or horizontally depending on your setup. You can also customize the bass response.


As a soundbar with 2.1 channels (2 channels and 1 subwoofer) just like the HT-CT80, you may not expect the best surround sound quality. However, we mentioned that the Sony HT-CT290 comes with S-Force Surround Sound which catapults this soundbar’s ability to give you a home theater experience.

The two channels refer to the left and right speakers or focus points of sound emission. The more channels you have, the more realistic and 3D the sound will be.

Sound Modes

We then move on to sound modes. Sound modes are customized sound profiles the soundbar is capable of. The Sony HT-CT290 comes with three sound modes: clear voice, movie, and night mode.

A clear voice will enhance all the dialogue being played onscreen so you will never miss a single whisper. Movie mode will enhance all the special effects and speech in a film and night mode is perfect for quieter settings at night.

This Sony soundbar poses quite a competition among the best soundbars for speech clarity.


The soundbar comes with a remote control for all your setting needs. All sound mode buttons are clearly labeled for one-button adjustment. You can also control the bass levels and volume via the remote as well.

The remote is a basic design but has a very intuitive interface with clearly labeled buttons. The slim design also matches that of the Sony HT-CT290 soundbar itself and can give you convenience.


In order to thoroughly enjoy a new purchase, you need it to come with everything you need right out of the box. 

Other than the Sony HT-CT290 soundbar and subwoofer, you also get the remote control with AAA batteries, the digital optical cable you need for wired connection [1], instructions and startup guide, 4 adhesive pads to keep your soundbar in place, the wall mount template and registration info and warranty.


The Sony HT-CT290 soundbar is quite easy to set up. Since it comes with everything in the box, it really minimizes the headache of extra accessories that you might need to purchase. 

Simply choose your method of connection (wired or wireless), then refer to the remote for inputting the settings. Since all the buttons are also labeled clearly and the user and setup guide also comes in the box, setting up the Sony HT-CT290 will be a breeze.

Sony HT-CT290 Review Conclusion

The Sony HT-CT290 provides users with a facilitated experience for superior audio quality.

With setup and settings easy to configure, the Sony HT-CT290 can be customized to your personal preference. The style is not cumbersome and the soundbar with the subwoofer offers flexible placement no matter what your space looks like, or how many inches your TV is.

Looking for more options as competitive as the Sony HT-CT290? Take a peek at our list of the greatest soundbars in the market today.

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