Sony HT-CT80 Soundbar Review

Sony manufactures amazing technology, and that includes soundbars. With different models to choose from, the Sony HT-CT80 is among the best and one that’s highly raved by consumers. However, is it really worth all the praises and recommendations?

We’ll take a closer look in this Sony HT-CT80 review.

What We Like

What We Don't Like


Most soundbars have a slim profile, making them easy to place on top of surfaces or mounted on walls. As for the Sony HT-CT80, it only measures over 5 cm in height, which guarantees it won’t obstruct your screen no matter where it’s placed.

It is a larger soundbar though, so it could pair with larger TVs. Still, the all-black design of the soundbar and the external subwoofer sport a very modern and inconspicuous look. So even if it’s large in size, it blends in well with the room.


One benefit of having a soundbar compared to an entire surround sound system is the flexible placement, not to mention the enhanced sound that TV speakers just can’t provide. The Sony HT-CT80, like other soundbars, can sit nicely on the wall or just below your TV.

If you do choose to mount it on the wall, your purchase comes with everything you need to secure the soundbar into its new home. The mounting kit is right inside the box, so you don’t have to go out and search for the hardware yourself.

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Sony HT-CT80 Features Review

HT-CT80 Sound Quality

The sound quality you get from a soundbar has to do with the technology it possesses and the placement as well. We always suggest putting the soundbar at a height that’s close to your ear levels when you’re sitting down on the couch. It shouldn’t be obstructing the TV as well, so place it either below or above the television.

During the tests we’ve done before this HT-CT80 review, we realized that the sound quality of the Sony HT-CT80 is remarkable compared to other Sony soundbars and its competitors. It produces a good balance of high to low frequencies, ensuring that the audience receives all the tones with clarity.

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2.1 Channels

The Sony HT-CT80 features two channels and one subwoofer. If you’re confused as to what the numbers mean, the first digit refers to the number of soundbar channels, which is the point of sound emission. Meanwhile, the second digit refers to the number of subwoofers.

Since the Sony HT-CT80 is a 2.1 system, it has 2 channels on the soundbar unit and 1 channel for the subwoofer.

Let’s explain this concept further. Having two channels means the speakers are located on the left and right of the soundbar, with the sound coming at you from both directions. Sometimes, a subwoofer is built into the soundbar, but this one comes with an external sub.

We do recommend having a separate sub if you want a deep and rich bass. However, if you want to go further with three channels and one subwoofer, then you can go for this model.

What about Virtual Surround Sound in the Sony HT-CT80?

While the Sony HT-CT80 doesn’t necessarily have the advanced Atmos and DTS technology for surround sound, the channels and external sub alone make it capable of mimicking a home theater experience.

With the Sony HT-CT80, you can enjoy room-filling audio as the soundbar and the external subwoofer create an immersive 3D sound that elevates the content playing on the screen. In our tests, it does come close to Atmos, but it still has a long way to go.

Still, if Dolby Atmos is a requirement for you, it is worth considering the Sony HT-ST5000.

Digital Amplifier

The digital amplifier in the Sony HT-CT80  is not only responsible for more powerful and clear sound, but it also handles the audio for less distortion. With a soundbar, you want to be able to listen to crystal clear audio at any volume, and the digital amplifier will do the job.

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ClearAudio Feature

The Sony HT-CT80 also comes with a clear audio feature. Our experts agree that it enhances the audio well, and the function does exactly what it sounds like.

You might compare the ClearAudio feature to sound modes in other soundbars. However, instead of setting up the sound mode manually, the clear audio feature automatically tunes the sound settings to fit the content. This is extremely convenient because you don’t have to push the buttons yourself anymore. 

The result is an enriched home theater experience and high quality sound, regardless if you’re playing music or watching movies.


Even the most basic soundbars today come with Bluetooth connections, so it’s no surprise that the Sony HT-CT80 has it as well. Bluetooth is a great wireless option if you don’t want unsightly wires during the setup. But aside from that, it also allows you to stream content from a mobile device.

To use it, just enable the Bluetooth on your soundbar and pair it with your devices. You can control everything from your phone itself without having to use a remote, making everything more convenient.

One-Touch Connection

A simple setup is what many people look for in technology, and setting up this Sony soundbar was fairly easy because of the one-touch connection.

As the name implies, the one-touch connection allows for instant connectivity. Other devices with NFC (near field communication) [1] can be connected to the Sony HT-CT80 with a simple touch.

Even if you don’t have or prefer this type of connection, the Bluetooth embedded in the device is still an option.

Sony HT-CT80 Inputs

The Sony HT-CT80 offers multiple connections as well for you to hook up your entertainment system to different devices. We’re looking at an optical cable or analog input, and it’s even USB compatible if all else fails.

Stick the USB drive into the side of the soundbar and have instant access to all audio content saved on the stick.

Sony HT-CT80 controls

Remote Control

The Sony HT-CT80 also comes with remote control for easy adjustment. You can control the sound on the subwoofer as well as the volume and settings of the soundbar itself. 

Unfortunately, the Sony HT-CT80 does not have a display or control panel (unlike, say, the Samsung HW-J450), but many find this to be a luxury they don’t need since the TV displays all settings.


You have all you need in the box except for an analog wire. You’ll be unpacking a 4.9’ optical cable, remote control with batteries included, 2 wall mounting brackets, and a user manual. 

A limited warranty comes in the box too, so make sure you keep it somewhere safe. As with any product, a warranty gives you that peace of mind just in case you need to have the product repaired or replaced.

Sony HT-CT80 Review Conclusion

The Sony HT-CT80 offers amazing sound for a 2.1 channel soundbar. It does make the most of the 2 channels and manages to simulate 3D surround sound, fully immersing you with what is onscreen.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and high-level soundbar that has all the basic necessities such as a separate subwoofer and rich high-quality sound, then the Sony HT-CT80 is a great choice.

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