Vizio SB3651-E6 Review

The Vizio SB3651-E6 is a smart soundbar packed with high-tech features. It’s a pretty tempting purchase, so we’ve tested it in our listening room to see if its perks and drawbacks are worth the price. Read on to find out if this soundbar fits your needs.



The Vizio SB3651-E6 is a soundbar that comes with multiple accessories. For those that dislike difficult setups and buying separate accessories, the Vizio Sb3651-E6 saves you all that trouble.

In the package, you have the HDMI cable for HDMI ARC connections, RCA analog cable, and even Velcro straps to really help secure your installation. The speakers and subwoofers are included with this soundbar as well, and the manufacturer also makes sure to include everything you need for the setup.

Vizio SB3651 E6 Design

Even at first glance, the design of the Vizio SB3651-E6 is incredibly sleek and stylish. Every detail is well thought out and the black color fits perfectly with your overall interior.

This soundbar also has a pretty low profile design, which actually makes it simple to place anywhere with the versatility to be wall-mounted as well. This characteristic is also shared by other Vizio models.

The placement of the Vizio SB3651-E6 is flexible. You can choose to place it on the entertainment unit, shelf, or on the wall itself. Our audio experts agree that a tabletop or wall placement is recommended for the best angle.

Weighing in at only 1.8 kg or 4.6 pounds, this small soundbar is easily portable and can be moved around the house if necessary. The subwoofer is transportable as well. Overall, it’s ideal both for smaller TVs that go for 42 inches or even larger ones.

As with other soundbars, some of the most important things are the setup and usage of the model. You do have multiple connection options with this soundbar, which makes installation simple. Aside from that, the system interface is easy to understand and the setup of this Vizio soundbar takes no time at all

If you have any questions, there’s a user manual included with your purchase. It’s a great reference for troubleshooting or just finding answers to any problem you may have.

Vizio SB3651-E6 Features Review

Perfect Pairing

The Vizio SB3651-E6 soundbar provides perfect pairing with the content onscreen. With this seamless connection, it easily provides an immersive sound experience. It is like scoring a great wireless home theater system at an affordable price. 

Our experience with pairing is pretty much painless. Even if you’re a total newbie, you can get the soundbar, subwoofer, and the two rear speakers up and running in no time.

Remote Control

Sound bars don’t always come with a remote, but it’s good that this one does. The remote for the SB3651-E6 is built nicely and there isn’t much for you to figure out when changing the settings. The black and white contrast makes it simple to read and the little LCD screen will display input settings such as volume.

While others may prefer the app, having a remote may be a must for some because it’s what most people are familiar with even to this day. We still use a TV remote. For us, it’s better to use the remote because you won’t have to get your phone out every time you need to control the device. 

Google Chromecast

Vizio prides themselves in making their products compatible with Chromecast. Once you get the Smartcast app, you can then control the sound from the soundbar and cast it off directly and pair the audio to your Vizio TV

Using Vizio Smartcast can actually substitute the remote if you can’t find it. Use the app to increase the volume, decrease the volume, set a mode, or change a number of settings in the systems as you like. 

You can also name the individual inputs you’ve set. In our reviews and tests, Home can also be used with the app and it’s a top-notch function too. Though not everyone will always use every feature in the app, it’s good to know the range of functions one can see in the model.

Surround Sound

This 5.1 channel soundbar is an advanced device that simulates virtual surround sound, with the soundbar itself having left, right, and center channels. You might need to tone it back down a bit with the level of power it can produce, but the true surround sound experience is clear and up to the mark.

However, loud sound is nothing if you can’t make out the speech and audio details. Thankfully, the SB3651-E6 soundbar has that as well. The design itself, combined with proper tuning, show that this top-notch device is capable of clear audio and impressive performance when paired with TVs. 

If you’re fine without Dolby Atmos, this sound bar will provide an immersive movie experience in your living room. In our reviews, the quality is close enough.

SB3651-E6 Sound Choices

Aside from the full 5.1 surround speakers that produce amazing sound quality, you also have the option to customize the soundbar system depending on the size of the room you are in.

So other than the 5.1 channel standard, you also have 2.1 and 2.0 available if you need to use it in a small space. We found that this works fairly well, and it’s a nice option to have so you can fully optimize your own experience.

This is especially useful for those who want to find another way of using the model, such as experimenting with different sound qualities and sizes of TVs. Having sound choices is best so you can decide which is good enough for your personal space.

Satellite Speakers

The satellite speakers actually play a large part in the sound quality provided by this sound bar. That’s because the smaller speakers with your package are the ones responsible for producing the medium and high frequencies.

The satellite surround speakers help you hear the finer details of sound and catapults the entire system into the next level of audio quality. Loudness is nothing without detail, and this soundbar provides both at whatever volume.

5 Channels

The sound bar is configured to simulate 5.1 surround sound [1], which is the industry standard for expansive sound. But first, what do these numbers mean? 

5 channels means there are five points of sound emission from the sound bar itself – left, right, center, one subwoofer, and two rear speakers. With these working together, it gives you the home-theater sound that you need.

Cheaper products only have 2 or 3 channels, and they already provide decent sound quality. As such, the 5.1 channels of the Vizio SB3651-E6 or even the 5.1 full range speakers like Onkyo HT-S3900 give so much more clarity and detail in the audio.


Both analog and digital inputs and connections make this Vizio soundbar compatible with many devices. All that you need to connect the device to your TV is also included in the box to make setup even easier and hassle-free.

It has the HDMI cable for the HDMI ARC connection as well. As compared to other cable options like optical and analog, you can get your soundbar and TV connected in minutes with HDMI.

If you like going wire-free, the Bluetooth connection eliminates the use of unsightly wires. It also allows you to play music with your sound bar and stream it from your mobile device for better quality. So if you want to use your mobile as a way to stream music or other content, you can do so with this device.


This comes with a wireless subwoofer for those who love deep and thumping bass. Vizio likes to show consistency with the design since it’s also black and white. 

When there’s a subwoofer, the low frequencies are better and punchier. The bass frequency of the Vizio SB3651-E6 is around 20 Hz, giving a strong oomph when you play music or watch movies.

We’ve tried setting the subwoofer volume to high, and the low frequencies carried some serious thunder. We do recommend turning down the sub volume though, as the bass can be overwhelming at times.

Aside from the sub, you can also set up the two rear speakers (left and right). If the subwoofer wasn’t close to your expectations, the two back speakers (left and right) will really do the work. 

Not all products include a subwoofer or back speakers in the setup, but they’re great to have especially if you’re looking for the right surround speakers system.

Apple Music Airplay

Not only is this Vizio soundbar compatible with Chromecast, but it also works well with Apple Airplay. It doesn’t matter if you are an avid Android supporter or die-hard Apple fan, you can get the sound bar to work with both.


Not all new sound bar systems come with Wi-Fi compatibility, but this Visio soundbar does. You can use Wi-Fi for many things, especially for playing a range of movies.

The soundbar’s ability to connect with Google Home also makes the world of a difference. If you like using smart home technology and voice assistants, the Vizio SB3651-E6 is a great purchase.

SB3651-E6's Sound Quality

An array of amazing soundbars, including this one from Vizio, offer you up to 101 dB of booming sound that can still capture the faintest whispers and the loudest explosions. Even at the highest volume, you will have little to no harmonic distortion. 

It’s really no surprise that the sound quality is superb because this is a 5.1 channel soundbar. If you like your songs loud and you don’t want to lose any details, this sound bar is the rig that does the job.


Price is one thing we look at first before we buy products, and considering the features of this soundbar, it’s a little more expensive compared to entry-level Vizio models.

However, the price of the soundbar is also very reasonable considering the ease it provides with Vizio Smartcast plus the excellent sound quality. And because of the sound options, this soundbar is best used for rooms of any size, whether big or small.

Overall, the sound is pretty close to Atmos models, which should be enough for many surround sound fans. Considering our full review, this is a great buy and the price for this top-notch Vizio soundbar is just right.

Vizio SB3651-E6 Review Conclusion

As a 5.1 channel soundbar with sub and rear speakers, the Vizio SB3651-E6 provides excellent sound for a low price. It also offers all the best features a consumer would need to create that perfect home theater surround sound.

With its compatibility with Chromecast, Apple Airplay, Google Home, and other services, this sound system provides convenience together with immersive sound quality. In the end, it’s easy to see that the system is worth the price.

Don’t have room for this Vizio sound bar system? Take a look at this model that’s enabled with Dolby Digital DTS technology and more, next!

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