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Best Soundbars for 55 Inch TV: 2020 Buying Guide

A 55-inch TV calls for a larger soundbar. A soundbar is necessary if you are looking for dolby atmos or dolby digital, and high quality audio experience. Soundbars will make music streaming easy and a smart soundbar will require no effort from you. Let’s see what we mean by the best soundbar for your 55 inch TV.

Top 3 Soundbars for 55-Inch TV- Reviews & Buying Guide


1 – Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer 

If you have a large TV in the room, then we assume you have a larger space and expect great sound. As one of the most highly rated soundbars on the market, this Amazon Choice product comes with a wireless subwoofer for an added bass punch to your movies and music.

It’s slim, it has DTS:X Virtual 3D surround sound, and unmatched powerful bass? Why haven’t you clicked the order button yet? This is a great soundbar for the price!

If the setup is what you’re worried about, then there isn’t a problem because it’s simple. With HDMI arc, optical or analog connection, it’s simply plug and play.


  • The slim and minimalistic design will compliment your TV well.
  • It comes with a wireless subwoofer for that added power you’re looking for. 
  • Get the home theater experience in your living room with DTS Virtual 3D surround.
  • HDMI input and output
  • The setup is easy and delivers supreme performance compared to your TV speaker


  • The sound level for the bass wavers.
  • The quality of sound might not be as good as hoped.

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2 – Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 with Wireless Subwoofer

Here is another amazing soundbar for larger TVs although it works best with the Samsung brand. Samsung soundbars are known for their great caliber. It also comes with a wireless subwoofer to add more bass to the existing sound bar. 

The smart sound bar will automatically analyze the content and determine the best sound settings to give the best for your TV. 

It’s a wireless option that even comes with game mode! Game mode allows the sound bars to deliver the best sound for a great gaming experience.

The best part about this 2.1 channel option is bluetooth connectivity for a clutter-free wireless experience. Having bluetooth is really convenient, and some soundbars like the Sonos Beam don’t have one. 


  • Bluetooth option for wireless connection and wireless music streaming.
  • A smart soundbar with game mode settings.
  • Comes with a wireless subwoofer for more punchy bass.


  • The sound quality is not up to standard.

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3 – Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control

Bose and JBL are big names that have very high overall review scores. This Bose Solo soundbar makes sure you hear every whisper uttered through your speakers.

Thjs best soundbar also comes with wireless bluetooth connection for easy streaming and a universal remote to help you better customize your home theater experience.

Mount it on the wall or place it on your TV entertainment unit, the 21.6 inch sound bar is extremely flexible.


  • Bluetooth connection for easy streaming from your mobile devices.
  • Dialogue and sound effects are made clearer.
  • One universal remote to control everything.


  • These sounding bars do not really live up to the Bose name.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Soundbar for 55 Inch TV

So you’re shopping for TV sound bars that can give you the ultimate home theater experience. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but the steps can be made simple if you know what to look for. Below we have listed some of the basic features you should keep an eye out for when looking for the best soundbars.


Where are you going to place the soundbar? Sound bars have a slim design for a reason. They can be slid into smaller spaces, sit on the TV unit and kept out of your way, or even mounted on a wall. Decide where it will go (usually below your TV). Some options even come with a wall mount and installing it is pretty straightforward.


Since we are talking about the best sound bar for a 55 inch screen, then chances are your sound bar will be quite large. You shouldn’t be looking for one wider than your TV, although you could go for one that’s the same length for a more balanced look. We’re generally looking at soundbars that are two inches or more shorter in length than your TV.

Smart Features

How much do you care about smart features? These include Wi-Fi and Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant being built into some of the options. With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you’d find more opportunities for use. Different modes such as game mode, movie, music, news, etc also allow the soundbar to deliver the best audio experience with the right settings. Smart features are not a necessity when it comes to sound, but more so for your convenience. However, keep in mind that the extra money you may have to shell out to enjoy these features could be up in the hundreds. So for the basic individuals that just want better sound than the factory TV speakers, you might not need all this fancy schmancy stuff.


Simply put, the more audio channels your soundbar has the better the sound. Surround sound quality is achieved by the channels of a speaker. The first number refers to the number of audio channels and the second number refers to the subwoofer. So for example, a soundbar with 5.1 channels means there are 5 audio channels and 1 subwoofer. Two channels are the basic for lower end speakers, however they number can reach as high as 7! 5.1 channels is the standard for home entertainment systems for over 2 decades. But to achieve that immersive sound, it’s preferable to have Dolby Atmos compatibility. Soundbars with Dolby Atmos may earn another number, such as “5. 1.2” where the last number refers to overhead channels that bounce the audio to the ceiling.


To reduce the hassle and clutter of a bunch of cables and wires making everything look messy, some sound bars (if not most) have wireless bluetooth built in. Other connection options include Wi-Fi, optical ports, usb inputs, an HDMI arc, etc. If you want to connect more than one system to your soundbar, having multiple HDMI inputs would be useful.

Remote Control

For easy control and your convenience, a universal remote that allows you to control and set everything up with one device is recommended. Some even have compatible apps you can download to your device and control it from there. 


Of course, price is always something you should consider to know if the features match what it’s worth. Then again, there are soundbars that offer a cheaper price with more features. To help you with this, you can simply read Amazon reviews to find out.


With so many soundbar options and sizes, finding the best one for your TV could take a bit of research. You can relax because we have done most of the legwork for you. All you need to do is take our checklist of features to look for to narrow down your search. Add in a few subwoofers built-in or wireless for that added rich deep bass we all crave.


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