What is the Best Soundbar for 50, 55, 60 and 65 inch TVs?

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You don’t want to end up with a soundbar that doesn’t fit your large TV and provides a bad sound quality. When you have a larger TV size, you will want a larger soundbar. We reviewed the top models in the market that will fit 50 to 65 inch TVs.

Best for 55 Inch TV
Yamaha YAS-207BL
Best for 60 & 65 Inch TV
BYL Bestisan S9920-W
Best for 50 Inch TV
Yamaha YAS-209BL

Reviews of the Best Soundbars for 50, 55, 60 and 65 Inch TVs


BYL Bestisan S9920-W Soundbar - Best Soundbar For 60 & 65 Inch TV

The BYL Bestisan S9920-W soundbar is our top pick for its large profile–a perfect fit for larger TVs. The soundbar has gone through its fair share of upgrades to be as close to perfect as possible.

The improvements include six drivers, including 4 full-range, 2 tweeters, and bass tubes for deep notes. There’s also a high sensitivity remote. As for connectivity, the soundbar supports 5.0 Bluetooth connection to your mobile devices as well as wired connections like optical and aux.

The built-in DSP offers three customizable sound modes for audio enhancement. Your news reports, music, and movies will sound much better with the help of the S9920-W soundbar.

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Yamaha YAS-207BL - Best Soundbar For 55 Inch TV

As the world’s first soundbar with DTS Virtual X 3D surround sound, the Yamaha YAS-207BL has a lot to boast about, including great performance and functionality.

It makes the dialogue in any movie pop, thanks to the clear voice function. The bass gives also the right punch, particularly because there’s a separate subwoofer that requires strategic placement.

The sleek YAS-207BL also works with 4K devices. Moreover, Bluetooth connection allows you to stream content from your mobile phone and connect the soundbar to the TV wirelessly. You can also download the compatible app for even more convenient control.

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Yamaha Yas-209BL - Best Soundbar For 50 Inch TV

The Yamaha YAS-209BL soundbar measures at just under 37 inches, which pairs nicely with 50-60 inch TVs for a streamlined look. But aside from the size, this rig offers a great set of functions as well.

It’s equipped with DTS Virtual and DTS 3D surround technology. In our tests, both worked great in producing immersive sound. Plus, the clear voice feature enhances dialogue on TV, whether you’re watching movies or the news.

The separate wireless subwoofer pumps out rich and deep bass, giving the low frequencies just the right amount of punch. However, the feature that stands out is Amazon Alexa. Controlling your soundbar is also easier with voice control.

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What to Look for When Buying a Soundbar for 50, 55, 60 and 65 Inch TVs

It’s not that easy to shop for TV sound bars that can give you the ultimate home theater experience. However, the steps can be made simple if you know what to look for. Below, we have listed some of the basic features to consider when looking for the best soundbars.

Know someone who’s hearing impaired? You can read all about our favorite soundbars for the hearing impaired.


The goal of having a home theater system is to get a much better sound. The things you need to consider in this aspect are the channels, sound modes, DTS Virtual, and Dolby Atmos.

As mentioned, 5 channels are the industry standard for surround sound. This does make a big difference in audio quality [1], and more channels give a more immersive experience. However, not all top-grade soundbars fit this standard. If you want high-quality sound, we recommend having at least 3 channels with the option of a wireless subwoofer.

On the other hand, DTS Virtual and Dolby Atmos are technologies that make surround sound possible. If your soundbar has this, the TCL Alto 8i, for example, you can get close to true cinematic sound.


Most people would think that for the perfect pairing of a TV screen and a soundbar, they should have the same width. This is rarely the case, even with the same manufacturers. You should go for a soundbar that is slightly smaller than the TV screen.

If you have a 50-60 inch TV, your soundbar will most likely be 36 inches or over, and there will be some weight to it. You need to consider the placement and if your wall can sustain the weight of a soundbar as well if you prefer to wall-mount it.

Yamaha YAS-209 up close

Smart Features

While not really necessary, some smart features you might like include Wi-Fi, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. If you’re familiar with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you know these voice assistants are extremely handy to have.

You might also like different modes such as game mode, movie, music, news, and others. This allows the soundbar to deliver the best audio experience because the settings are right for the content.

Smart features are not a necessity when it comes to sound, but they’re there for convenience. But if you do want features like voice assistant compatibility, you may need to shell out a few more hundred bucks.


The more audio channels your soundbar has, the better the sound. Surround sound quality is achieved by the channels of a speaker, so this is something you should look out for.

The number of channels is usually seen immediately on the label. You might see a “2.0 soundbar” or a “3.1 soundbar”.The first number refers to the number of audio channels and the second number refers to the subwoofer. So for example, a soundbar with 5.1 channels means there are 5 audio channels and 1 subwoofer.

While 2 channels are the most basic requirement for soundbars, the number can reach as high as 7. But for over 2 decades, 5.1 channels have been the standard for home entertainment systems. Higher numbers would more likely have Dolby Atmos compatibility, which is the key to achieving truly immersive sound.

Soundbars with Dolby Atmos may earn another number, such as “5. 1.2”. The last number refers to overhead channels that bounce the audio to the ceiling.

Yamaha Soundbar Buttons


To reduce the clutter of cables and wires, some soundbars particularly Samsung HW-S40T (if not most) have wireless Bluetooth built-in. Other connection options include Wi-Fi, optical ports, USB inputs, HDMI ARC, and others. If you want to connect more than one system to your soundbar, having multiple HDMI inputs would be useful.

Remote Control

Soundbars typically offer two control options: remote control and a control panel on the front. Samsung HW-J450 is a great example of a soundbar that comes with both. Meanwhile, some don’t even have a control panel, which could be tricky if you misplace the remote.

For some models, there are also compatible apps you can download on your phone. This could provide ease for users who prefer it this way. It’s also handy to have a universal remote.


Price is always something you should consider to know if the features match its worth. Most stellar Dolby Atmos soundbars are pricier than average ones.  Then again, there are soundbars that offer a cheaper price with more features.

But how do you determine which is worth the price? Reading reviews like this will help you sort out the good deals from the rip-offs. Amazon reviews can help as well.

When we reviewed the Klipsch Cinema 600, our team found out that it has the basic features you need at an affordable price.

Yamaha YAS-209 with TV


What soundbar size is best for 65 inch TV?

The soundbar size best for a 65 inch TV lies in between 51 and 60 inches in length. Many soundbars are compact, but an audio device that comes closest to the size of your TV will look tasteful design-wise and produce sound that will complement larger visuals best.

What soundbar size is best for 60 inch TV?

The soundbar size best for a 60 inch TV should be anywhere between 55 to 65 inches in length. It is rare to find a soundbar that will match your TV’s dimensions, but it is better to go shorter for aesthetic and functional purposes.

What soundbar size is best for 55 inch TV?

The soundbar size best for a 55 inch TV is anywhere between 40 to 50 inches. This best corresponds to the width of 55 inch TVs which is around 47.9 inches and covers the base of the set.

What soundbar size is best for 50 inch TV?

The soundbar size for a 50 inch TV like TCL 50S535 is around 38 to 45 inches. Finding a soundbar that is of the same length as your TV is difficult, but ideally, the audio device should not be wider.

Soundbar Lengths For TV Screen Sizes

Speaker Length (in inches and cm)
Recommend TV Screen Size (“)
12 Inch / 30.5 cm
38 to 45 inch
96 to 114 cm
42-inch to 50-inch
50 inch
127 cm
55-inch to 65-inch


With so many soundbar options and sizes, finding the best one for your TV could take a bit of research.

All the soundbars mentioned above are tested by our experts and are deemed worthy of their price. If you’re still confused about which soundbar to buy, all you need to do is take our checklist of features to look for to narrow down your search.


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