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What is the Best Soundbar for 40 Inch TV?

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A 40-inch TV is a pretty standard size but the factory speakers may not be able to produce audio as well as it should. This is when the right size soundbar for a 40 inch TV can come in handy.

Best Soundbar for 40 Inch TV Reviews

1. Vizio SB2920-C6 Soundbar

Vizio soundbars always have a very sleek design, which many people tend to gravitate towards. The SB2920-C6 measures at 29 inches, which is suitable for a TV 40 inches and over. If you like a larger soundbar to complement your TV, this is the way to go.

With the capability of pumping out 95 dB of room-filling sound with less than 1% harmonic distortion no matter the volume, the Vizio soundbar is a great option for crystal clear audio.

It also features built-in Bluetooth that activates with the touch of a button and can allow for streaming from your mobile devices. For such an affordable price compared to other soundbars with the same capabilities, the Vizio outdoes them with surround sound.

Your Vizio SB2920-C6 soundbar comes equipped with DTS Studio Sound, DTS Tru Volume, and DTS Tru Surround.


  • Room-filling crystal clear audio
  • Perfect size for 40-inch TV (if you like a larger look)
  • Minimal harmonic distortion
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • DTS technology
  • Sleek design
  • Control panel
  • Comes with a remote


  • Volume increments are large
  • Low volumes have quieter speech

2. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System

The Bose Solo 5 soundbar can be purchased separately or with a wall-mount kit or optical cable. It can be mounted to your wall under your TV for the best sound or be placed on the tabletop.

It is able to outmatch your TV speakers and with clear dialogue mode, you will never miss a word again. For easy setup, not only can the Bose Solo 5 comes with everything you need in the box, but it also supports Bluetooth.

Bluetooth connection is the best for mess-free setup (clear of all the wires) and also supports streaming content from your mobile devices. To make pairing and controlling your soundbar a breeze, the Bose Solo 5 comes with a universal remote that allows you to control Bluetooth, bass, and more!

At 21.6 inches, it’s a smaller soundbar of a more compact design that can suit TVs 30 inches and over. There are other soundbars more suitable for even smaller TVs, though.


  • Supports Bluetooth for streaming and setup
  • Comes with a universal remote
  • Great size for a 40-inch TV
  • Compact
  • Flexible placement
  • Clear dialogue mode
  • Comes with what you need


  • You need to press a button for clear speech
  • Auto shut-off may not be for everyone

3. Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar

Although the Vizio soundbar on our list has DTS surround sound, the Yamaha YAS-207 is the first soundbar in the world to introduce DTS Virtual! That is a lot to boast about and with proper firmware updates, the software gets better and better.

This Yamaha soundbar has a very slim design that comes with its own subwoofer and indicator lights on the control panel. It comes at a larger size, around 37 inches that can create a more uniform look with your 40-inch TV.

The powerful wireless subwoofer it comes with can blast out thumping bass to reverberate throughout the room. It also supports Bluetooth for streaming and for easy setup. Setup can be made through multiple connections including HDMI, optical, or analog.


  • The first soundbar to introduce DTS Virtual
  • Firmware updates available
  • Sleek and slim design
  • Great for a 40-inch TV
  • Comes with a wireless subwoofer
  • Has indicator lights
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Multiple connection methods


  • Wireless subwoofer takes up more space
  • No voice control

Soundbar for a 40 Inch TV Buying Guide

Soundbars are a better way to get audio from your TV but buying the right size matters. A soundbar that’s too small won’t be a match for your default speakers and one that’s too large may not look as good paired with your TV. Here are a few tips on how to pick your soundbar without any regrets.

Size and Design

Before you buy any fixed addition to your home, you need to account for the size and space it will take up. If you don’t have much space, maybe purchasing a soundbar with a subwoofer already built-in would be a better choice.

For 40-inch TVs, any soundbar between the range of 20 inches to 36 would look great and produce amazing audio. Think about where you want to place the soundbar. Would you want it on the wall or placed on your TV cabinet?

Most soundbars are compact and sleek since they were built to mesh well with your TV, so accounting for the size and subwoofer are more pressing.


Depending on the connections your TV has, you need to make sure your soundbar has compatible ones. For the best sound quality, opt for digital connections with the HDMI ARC being the best one.

If you are more of a fan of wireless connections, then you can look into Bluetooth streaming and setup. This also minimizes clutter and wires.

You can look into our guide on how to connect soundbars to TCL Roku TVs for specific instructions.

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Why get a soundbar if it doesn’t provide the best sound? Ones equipped with surround sound technology such as DTS and Dolby Atmos will be more capable of room-filling sound.

If the soundbar has clear dialogue, movie mode, or other forms of sound modes to help enhance the dialogue the better.


Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are great for wireless connection but they also allow streaming and connection to various other devices. If you are looking to build upon your sound system, these are additional connections to look into.


A soundbar with remote control will add a level of convenience. It’s easy for you to flip through channels and input settings [1] without having to get up from your chair. A lot of soundbars can either work with a universal remote or have one included.

If your soundbar has a compatible app you can download straight to your phone, then you can perhaps control the soundbar from your mobile device as well

Our Top Pick: Vizio SB2920-C6

The Vizio soundbar takes the cake because of its extremely reasonable price, sleek design, Bluetooth support, and of course, DTS technology. It’s almost too good to be true that a soundbar can be complete with all you need for a home theater experience, but the Vizio SB2920-C6 offers that and more.

You don’t have to worry if you have a bigger TV. We’ve got you covered there⁠—check out our guide to the best soundbars for 60 inch TVs!

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