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While Samsung TVs are leading devices in the industry, the built-in speakers of a typical model are no match for a soundbar. It’s highly likely you’ll get low-quality sound. So to give you the perfect pairing, here’s the list of the best soundbars for Samsung TV on the market.

Editor's Choice
Samsung HW-Q70T
Best Overall
Samsung HW-Q950T
Best Budget
Samsung HW-R450

Best Soundbars for Samsung TV Reviews


Samsung HW-Q950T - Best Samsung Soundbar (Overall)

You can’t really get much better than the HW-Q950T in terms of a home theater soundbar system. The 9.1.4-channel system includes 9 channels on the soundbar, one sub and 4 other up-firing channels to fill the room with high quality audio.

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are also present to bring you true 3D surround sound. Samsung also is famed for their Q-Symphony, which is a technology that syncs the soundbar to your Samsung TV seamlessly.

It also has a bunch of connections, including HDMI input, HDMI output, optical input, and eARC support.

Lastly, the Samsung HW-Q950T is a smart soundbar that features Alexa compatibility for voice commands, and has been thoroughly tested in Samsung labs.

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Samsung HW-Q70T

The Samsung HW-Q70T is a much more affordable model that is equipped with advanced technologies such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. The soundbar subwoofer combo also connects seamlessly to your Samsung QLED TV for a flawless experience.

As for the channels, the 3.1.2 soundbar has left and right channels with a dedicated center channel that focuses on speech. It is also accompanied by one heavy-hitting subwoofer and two up-firing channels.

The HW-Q70T soundbar also features Samsung’s Acoustic Beam and Adaptive Sound Technologies that optimizes the audio deliverance. It’s definitely one of the best affordable soundbar models in the market.

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Samsung 2.1 Channel Soundbar HW-R450

For those looking for heavy-duty soundbars for Samsung TVs, we have another option that comes with its own wireless subwoofer. Though a soundbar unit is great for your smart TV, it’s still best to have a wireless subwoofer for that punchy bass.

While soundbars that come with subwoofers can lead to unsightly wires, wireless Bluetooth support solves that in no time. The Samsung HW-R450 has wireless Bluetooth connectivity features, so you can stay clean while improving your TV sound.

On the other hand, one of the best parts about this 2.1 channel Samsung HW-R450 soundbar is its smart sound technology. This will automatically check the sound of your TV shows, movies, and music and optimizes the sound setting to ensure you get the best sound quality.

And for the gamers at home, the HW-R450 even features game mode. In our tests, it elevated the quality of gaming, and the atmospheric vibe was more realistic.

If this is not something you’re looking for, another comparable model from the brand would be the HW-J355 soundbar. But whichever you choose, Samsung soundbars would pair easily with your Samsung TV.

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Samsung HW-A450/ZA

If you’re after an affordable soundbar, the Samsung HW-A450 is an excellent investment as it comes with its own subwoofer. It gives you the bass boost your home system needs, plus Adaptive Sound Lite that does enhanced audio tracking for your content. 

You can’t forget about Bluetooth, as it is one of the most ubiquitous forms of wireless connections today. The A450 allows users to stream music wirelessly from their mobile devices for convenience. Wired connection is available with one optical input and one USB port. There’s no Ethernet port on this unit.

Experience what your games have to offer with Game Mode that boosts your gaming experience with directional audio. 

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Sonos Beam - Smart TV Soundbar with Amazon Alexa Built-in

It might not be a product of Samsung, but the Sonos Beam is one of the most popular soundbars you can get for your Samsung TV.

It combines sound quality and design in a more compact build, which makes it easy to play around with placement. If you want to mount it on the wall for a cleaner setup, you can do so with ease.

Aside from the usual onscreen media on TVs, you can also use the Sonos Beam to play music, podcasts, or video games. The sound quality this soundbar provides is great, but still far from the more immersive sound you get from Dolby Atmos soundbars.

The Sonos Beam also boasts one of the simplest soundbar setups we’ve done because of the HDMI ARC. Aside from that, the Sonos Beam features voice control and an included remote. If you don’t want the remote control, you can always use the Sonos app right on your phone.

The Sonos Playbar is another choice model from the brand. Compared to the Sonos Beam, Sonos Playbar has a higher price.

Overall, the Sonos Beam is a great addition to your living area at home and it snags one of the top spots in our list.

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Buying Guide for Samsung TV-compatible Soundbars

A Samsung Smart TV will work well with a soundbar from the same brand like the Samsung HW-Q90R, but there are a lot of other deals from reliable brands (such as Sonos and Sony) that work great too.

Before you decide, you need to narrow down your needs to find a good soundbar for a good price. There are cheap price tags and expensive price tags in the market, you don’t want to spend too high or too low just to improve your TV sound.

After all, finding the ideal soundbar is not about the brand, but the powerful features and listening experience. Listed below are the things you need to look out for to get the right soundbar for your Samsung TV.


The channel refers to the point of sound emission in your soundbar. Here’s how the channel numbers work: if you have a 2.1 channel soundbar, you have 2 channels and 1 subwoofer. The former number is the number of channels, and the latter is the number of subwoofers.

2 channel and 3 channel soundbars (like on this one) are standard in a budget product and are available on the market at a cheaper price. If you are going for surround sound, you need at least 5 channels, which include rear speakers. You can find soundbars that already include wireless subwoofers and two rear speakers, making up a surround sound system. That said, there are also those that you can build down the road. To complete the speaker configuration, you have to buy the two speakers and maybe a wireless subwoofer separately.

Aside from the channel, some models even support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technology. Of course, a Dolby Atmos soundbar offers a much better immersive experience. Depending on the sound quality you want, the number of channels will vary, especially if your soundbar includes Atmos and DTS technology. However, these units may have a higher price due to the tech and the number of surround speakers.

In a nutshell, the higher the channel numbers, the more expansive the sound, and the higher the price. For more details, you can read our comparison of 2 and 3 channels here.


Aside from the channel, think about where to place your new soundbar [1]. This might not seem like something you need, but setup actually affects the sound performance. You also want to have enough room on the wall or the entertainment unit without obstructing your view of your Samsung TV.

Our experts recommend installing the soundbar a few inches in front of or below your TV (if you wall mount it, like the HW-J450 that comes with a mount kit). Make sure it’s not next to any heat sources and has a direct line of sight to you to provide clear audio. Your sound bar may not come with a wall mount kit, though, and in that case you would have to buy the wall mounting brackets yourself.


As a general rule, the ideal soundbar for you (whether it’s a Sony soundbar or other brands) should be narrower in size than your TV and should be large enough to fill the room with bass. 

The speaker placement will also limit the actual size of your soundbar. Whether you place the speaker right on the entertainment unit or on the wall, you need to make sure you have enough area and that it’s free from obstructions.

If you have an entire system, the choice in placement is also yours to make. There are also vertical soundbars that allow for flexibility. If you have an advanced speaker configuration, probably with two wireless surround speakers or wireless subwoofers, you would need more space. If you don’t have the budget right now for an entire surround sound system like this, look for a sound bar that you can expand. That way, you can add two wireless rear speakers for an immersive sound experience.


Check the number of HDMI inputs as well.  They’re important in a system design because they allow you to switch between video source components. Some systems may have one HDMI input or two HDMI inputs, while others may also have HDMI ARC connections. Many HDMI input/output connections support HDMI ARC and allow for one connection to TVs. If a soundbar has an HDMI ARC output, it’s easier compared to the old-school system.

If your TV system has an HDMI port, it makes connecting other devices with similar ports easier. Once you connect them via HDMI, audio will come out through the soundbar rather than the TV.


Bluetooth support in a sound bar allows audio streaming from any device. It also saves you the clutter you would have with HDMI inputs and other output sources. Many brands like Sony have this option.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you also get to send music to the speaker. Overall, Bluetooth is a really convenient way to connect your sound bar system together.


For voice control lovers, a good soundbar choice should feature Wi-Fi connectivity. Models like Sony and Sonos have Wi-Fi, allowing access to music apps like Spotify and Pandora. It also lets you change audio settings from anywhere in your house.

Unlike Bluetooth, Wi-Fi isn’t always available in Samsung soundbars, so if you prefer this wireless option, check the price because it might be more expensive.

Expansive/Immersive Audio (Dolby Atmos)

A good soundbar for your Samsung TV also offers surround sound without placing many wireless speakers around the room. Other than the number of channels, check if top features like Dolby Atmos technology are in your soundbar, as this creates excellent sound quality.

Dolby Atmos and DTS are designed to bring sound to a three-dimensional space, adding to the immersive sound that your system can potentially bring to the room.  So if you want realistic sound quality, a Dolby Atmos soundbar enhances the entire experience.


Look for good bars with at least one coaxial digital connection and one analog input. The analog or analogue audio input and output allows you to connect your soundbar to a TV, stereo, CD player, and other devices.

Meanwhile, the digital one can connect Blu Ray players via HDMI cable. Usually, soundbars have HDMI, optical, coaxial, and stereo input/output connectivity options. Still, using the HDMI ARC output is the best choice for high-quality sound. It is also a good option even when you are setting up a Samsung TV using the HDMI Arc output. Most of the time, the connection cables like the optical cable and the HDMI cable are already included in the package. Of course, the power cables should be in there too.


If you want a soundbar choice with deep bass, you need to check if it has a subwoofer. Built-in subwoofers are incomparable to a wireless sub with larger speakers. A wireless subwoofer, or sometimes called a bass module, will provide a better bass response compared to a model with a built-in one. Some soundbars like the Samsung Harman Kardon Q80R even allow bass and treble adjustment for a fully customized experience. So if you want a tighter punch or a neutral sound profile rather than an earthshattering sound from your bass, you can make the audio output like so.

If you have limited area, some devices such as Samsung HW-S40T are designed with good subwoofers built-in. But if you have the room and are looking for the best soundbars with bass, then a large sub is the better choice for powerful audio.

Voice Control

Voice control and compatibility with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant make things easier if you like using smart technology. Powerful hands-free devices are always favored among top tech users because they’re free to multitask with one device. 

With a clear voice, feel free to say what you want to be done and your smart speaker will do it. You can play audio files, control features, access volume control, and search the web with this feature. Alexa is the perfect invisible assistant that will make your soundbar easy to use every time. 

Soundbars that come with a universal remote control will also make things much easier. Though you can use the universal remote, many options of a soundbar for Samsung TVs are designed with a free app (e.g. Samsung Audio Remote App) that can be used to control your speaker. The app is good for those who don’t want the hassle of having multiple remotes. 

And just to add, some models may have a touch-sensitive control panel on the sound bar itself. So, there’s no problem in case you lose the remote of your sound system.

Sound Modes

To make sure you get the best sound quality, check if the soundbar supports sound modes. Affordable soundbars like TCL Alto 7 have three different sound modes that you can also switch based on preferences.  

Smart technology in a soundbar will analyze what’s being played on Samsung TVs to determine the optimal sound mode for the best experience every time. Whether it’s movies or music, the soundbar will automatically adapt its settings to the audio content so you can get the best sound right at home.

Popular sound modes for the best soundbars include movie mode, news mode, sports mode, music mode, and more.  Dialogue mode or voice enhancement mode is also a staple one, as this sound mode makes voice adjustments to make the speech pop out more. Some soundbars also have a smart mode, which automatically adjusts the settings.

Ideally, a soundbar should have at least three sound modes. But even with great presets, audio modes still allow you to manually choose the settings you prefer. 


With some soundbars, you’re free to connect an entire system together to create a louder sound system and simulate a theater vibe right at home. You can hook up a wireless subwoofer or new speakers in different rooms via HDMI support. Alternatively, you can just choose Bluetooth connectivity to get it connected.

The option to build your Samsung sound system is important for those looking for a cinematic experience. Most of the Samsung soundbars, particularly the Samsung HW-Q900T, are engineered with the latest acoustic technologies for an excellent surround sound experience. The Samsung Harman Kardon Q80R is also a solid choice, with 13 channels for immersive sounds and an output power of 370W.

Additionally, Dolby audio technologies such as Dolby Digital or DTS Virtual X on top of multiple speakers will fill your house with the sounds  being played so you can enjoy it in every room. As long as they’re wireless, you can get them connected easily.


What Soundbar is Compatible with Samsung TV?

Though having a Samsung soundbar guarantees compatibility with your Samsung TV, you should check out other brands (like Sonos and Sony) because they can work well too. For instance, some great models from Sony include the Sony HT-X9000F, Sony HT-S350, and the Sony HT-G700. It’s all about the connection instead of the choice of brand. If it features an HDMI ARC output, then it will work well with Samsung TVs.

So before you buy yourself a soundbar, check your connections first. Having analog and digital input options is great.

Check out our Samsung HW-Q67CT review for more soundbar options. 

What is the Best TV Soundbar to Buy?

Going with larger brands that always produce good products like Bose, Yamaha, Samsung, Sony, and Sonos, are the safest options to buy. However, with a bigger brand name comes a more expensive price tag. Then again, not every soundbar that’s expensive is a great one. So when you’re exploring the best soundbars for Samsung TVs, always look at the features you’re getting.

As mentioned, it’s about the right features of the soundbar and not the product brand. So, check the specs you want to see in a new product in terms of great sound quality. Maybe you’re okay with a cheap soundbar with basic settings, or maybe you want a great soundbar or sound system with more advanced technology. You can also prioritize something with a decent and beautiful design, where the construction includes a metal grille or an aluminum frame. Or maybe you want a system with the most support for advanced audio formats or sound formats. It’s all in your preference.

We recommend a good soundbar that features Dolby Atmos, DTS: X technology, a sleek design, and 5 or more channels with at least 1 sub. This is on the high end of the spectrum though, but it does the job well upon pairing, making it an excellent soundbar for the latest Samsung TVs.

Voice controls and sound modes are good for convenience in home theater systems, but if you are simply looking for better sound for your Samsung TV, then the channels and sub are what really matter. Many people might fall for all the fancy frills and pay extra for advanced software or advanced features they won’t use every time.

Check the specs or the user manual and make sure you find a smart TV sound bar that has everything you need and not a bunch of features you won’t use. The bottom line is it should play sound better than your TV speakers.

Read more about soundbar for your TV here. 

What is the Best Connection for a Soundbar?

There are a few methods to connect your soundbar to your Samsung TV, but which is the best one?

HDMI is the number 1 suggestion and the one most recommended by our audio experts. These cables can carry large amounts of uncompressed data and can handle the more heavy-duty soundbars, even if they have 5 channels and more than 1 sub.

New cinematic sound technology such as DTSx and Dolby Atmos support may require HDMI connection support and only work with it. So if that’s what you’re after, HDMI connection is a must.

Another connectivity option is the digital optical or coaxial cable. The optical or coaxial works well for soundbars of up to 5.1 channels and subwoofers. The difference between the two (optical, coaxial) is just the shape of the connector – optical digital being square and coaxial being round.

A less popular connectivity option is the line out or RCA (3.5mm). This 3.5mm stereo connection is the lowest quality. Although it works well with analog devices, it doesn’t deliver the full audio capability. Still, if the first two options aren’t available, using a stereo connection would be just fine.

For the wireless route, we have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. While this saves you from clutter, wireless connections to your Samsung TV can be unreliable at times.

Where Should I Place my Soundbar?

We recommend placing it below your Samsung TV, whether it’s on the wall or on the entertainment stand. Make sure the speakers don’t block the screen and nothing obstructs the speakers. Placing the bar inside the cabinet is not ideal, especially if your device has Dolby Atmos support for surround sound.

The soundbar should be as close to TVs as possible for stable connections and audio performance. The audio from the device should be in a direct line to you, so the sound produced is optimal from your perspective. That way, you would enjoy brilliant and crisp sound that’s definitely better than your TV speakers.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the placement of the soundbar should be direct so you can easily control features and modify settings. Whether you’re using the remote or a home theater controller app, pointing it at a speaker that’s mounted too high could be difficult for the sensor to detect. As for the wireless subwoofer, you can place it in front of the room and facing the room.

(Can’t find the right Samsung TV model for your home theater setup? Well, we have compared Samsung 7 Series and 8 Series here to determine which model is the better deal) 

Our Pick for The Best Samsung Soundbar For Samsung TV:

The obvious pick for the best soundbar for a Samsung TV is the HW-Q950T. The soundbar home theater system has an astounding 9.1.4 channels and all the advanced technologies audiophiles would want. You can control everything hands-free in the Samsung HW-Q950T with Alexa built-in and enjoy its advanced audio technology that does all the tuning for you. 

If you’ve ever thought about which popular Sonos soundbar prevails above the rest, then wonder no more! We compared the Sonos Beam and the Playbar, which you can read about next!


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