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A small TV has a smaller built-in speaker, so an audio boost from a soundbar is a must. It takes a lot of research to find the soundbar that’s perfect for you, but it can be a waste of time, especially if you end up buying a crappy one. Save yourself some hours and see our list of the best small soundbars below.

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Reviews Of The Best Small Sound Bars For Your Smaller TV


BOMAKER 50W Sound Bar

The BOMAKER miniature soundbar features multiple wired and wireless connections such as Bluetooth and optical, among others. Even with such a tiny profile, the BOMAKER soundbar still manages to fit in 2 full-range speakers, a DSP, and 3D surround sound capabilities.

You can choose from 3 different equalizer modes to find the balance that’s right for you. The small soundbar is highly versatile and can connect to your TV, phone, or computer.

The Bomaker 50W Soundbar unit will come with everything you need in the box to get started. Plus, it can reach 110 dB in speaker sensitivity, which can fill rooms with sound. 

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Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Universal TV Sound bar

This Polk Audio Signa S2 Sound Bar, like the other best small soundbars on this list, has an ultra-slim and compact design. However, it does include a wireless subwoofer, making it a 2.1 channel system.

It’s simple to set up and connect the soundbar through HDMI inputs, aux, and optical inputs. The subwoofer placement can be a bit tricky, but our experts recommend placing it along the front wall for excellent bass.

Aside from the smart TV connection, you can also connect the soundbar to mobile devices using Bluetooth. Bluetooth support allows you to play music and other content for streaming.

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Majority Bowfell Small Sound Bar

The Majority Bowfell Small Sound Bar is our budget pick. There’s a built-in subwoofer present inside the tiny body, and the total 50W audio output from the small speaker is enough to create cinematic sound at home.

The tiny soundbar supports multiple connections, including AUX and optical. You can even use wireless Bluetooth to connect the device to your TV or mobile devices for streaming.

The brand also includes a small remote to offer users full control over their new devices. What’s best about the Majority Bowfell brand is their eco-awareness — every product sold is equal to a tree planted. 

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Small Soundbar For Smaller TV: Buying Guide

Other than a compact design,  price, channel number,  Bluetooth connection, and bass, what other top factors should you search for when buying soundbars for TVs? 

While small soundbars can be limited in features, you can still find powerful products with prices that are good for the money. Brands such as Vizio and Sony are some of the best ones we’ve tested in various reviews.


Before you check out a soundbar from online deals, decide where to place it first. Check your room and your setup to find the ideal spot, whether it’s on the TV cabinet or wall-mounted. If you really need more bass, consider where to put the sub.


The size of your TV and your living room both matter in choosing the best soundbars. So things are easy to set up, a good sound bar shouldn’t exceed the length of your TV. If you have a large TV set, here are our recommendations for fifty-five inch TVs. Soundbars such as the Sony HT-ST5000 are great and powerful if you have enough budget and space.


The channels are the points from which sound is emitted. The more channels you have, the better the sound is.  With 2-3 channels, you have the speakers embedded left, right, and center. If you buy a sound bar with 5 channels, you’re looking at full surround sound with two rear speakers for bass.

While you can do without a powerful 5-channel soundbar in a room, companies also make products with 7.1.2 channels, such as the Sony HT-ST5000. Of course, Sony is a really reputable brand, like Vizio and Yamaha.


Along with stereo speakers, good soundbars have separate subwoofers included in the system for deep and powerful bass. While some can do without a bass, a subwoofer is great if you really like to hear the greatest facets of movies, TV shows, or music.

If the bass through a wireless subwoofer is not deep enough for the entire room, check out something that has Atmos and Dolby DTS:X for better bass performance.

There are also small subwoofers that are capable of big sound. (Read our full review of Polk Audio Signa S2 here)


The options on how a soundbar links to the TV should always be on your list. The ability to make just one connection makes every product set-up convenient. For multiple connections, check a product with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi, HDMI ARC, optical ports, and USB inputs.

Using Bluetooth also allows music streaming. You’ll find that Bluetooth connection improves the listening experience, especially because music streaming lets you hear the finer tones rather than just being loud. Most soundbars today, like Vizio models, have Bluetooth, so it’s not that hard to find.

Enjoying Fire TV? Here is a guide on how you can use a soundbar with Fire TV.


In every product you buy, read reviews online to connect with others who have actually tested it. Reviews can tell you one or two things about prices, design, bass quality, Bluetooth connection, and performance.

Reviews sites let you see both positive reviews and negative reviews, giving you the right feedback.


What is a Soundbar?

A sound bar is a type of speaker that projects and enhances the sound played, whether you’re listening to music or watching TV shows. It’s usually paired with TVs, has its own remote, and features Bluetooth for mobile streaming.

However, there are also PC specific soundbars that are great for gamers for an immersive gaming experience. For that, you may also need a wireless subwoofer.

Which Soundbar is Best to Buy?

The “best” of something is purely subjective, as what one needs to use could be different than what someone else needs in their list. Some prioritize music streaming via Bluetooth, some want loud gaming, while others need soundbars for their movies and TV shows. Some consider the best surround sound technology like the ones present in most of the high-caliber Dolby Atmos soundbars.  Prices are also one consideration every person should make when buying the best soundbars.

In this list and reviews, we have recommended some good soundbar brands, including Bose, Yamaha, Vizio, and Sony. They make some of the most unrivaled soundbars and products in the market.

Our Top Pick For A Small Sound Bar:
Bomaker 50W Sound Bar

Our technical team’s top pick for the best small soundbar is the BOMAKER 50W Sound Bar. The small profile isn’t special, but what sets the small device apart from the others are the built-in DSP, 2 full-range speakers, the 3D surround sound simulation, and more. This model proves that expansive sound is achievable even with a 16-inch sound bar.


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