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The minimum resolution our team of media technicians recommends is always 1080p. Unfortunately, there is more false advertising out there than consumers would like. To make sure you’re getting a true full HD projector, our team has carried out a detailed review of the best 1080p projectors on the market today.

Premium Pick
Editor’s Choice
BIGASUO Mini Projector
Budget Option
XIAOYA Outdoor Projector

Reviews of the Best 1080p Projectors


BIGASUO Mini Projector

The BIGASUO Mini Projector is small but can still deliver 1080p native resolution. You can get stereo sound thanks to the embedded speakers. Plus, the device is Bluetooth compatible for a wireless setup. It also comes with a remote control for settings control. 

The compact projector can give you a 230-inch screen size, making it ideal for large venues as well. There is also a digital zoom function and a wired screen sync feature that makes operation intuitive and easy.

You can connect the mini projector to many devices and enjoy very professional customer service that lasts for three years.

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Yaber Y21

The Yaber Y21 brings 1080p content complete with 4K support. The contrast ratio is a whopping 10,000:1 with innovative lens technology. The 4D keystone function is what impressed our media team, along with the zoom function.

Of course, a decent projector isn’t complete without built-in Hi-Fi speakers and the latest advanced cooling system to prolong operation and limit fan noise.

You can get up to a 300-inch giant screen, making the Yaber Y21 the ideal choice for auditoriums, parking lot viewing, and any larger venue. The lamp can last for an impressive 100,000 hours, so you won’t ever need to switch out the bulb.

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XIAOYA Outdoor Projector

The XIAOYA Outdoor Projector can be used in-home, and it comes at an affordable price as well. It can support 1080p resolution but comes with a native 720p. The projector delivers bright images than its competitors and has a high contrast ratio for a crisper and clearer picture.

There are built-in stereo speakers, and the low noise operation makes it so quiet even during nighttime viewing. The adjustable foot pads can help angle the projector on a flat surface. Alternatively, it can be mounted on the ceiling and kept out of the way.

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DBPOWER Wi-Fi Projector

The DBPOWER Wi-Fi Projector takes wireless setups a step further. It supports 1080p full HD and connects to your phone easily. The small and portable design also features built-in speakers for audio and there is a zoom function you can control via the included remote.

Don’t worry about noise; the cooling system will eliminate fan noise for undisturbed viewing. You can connect the portable projector to various devices to enjoy improved content no matter where you are. 

Your purchase is protected by lifetime professional support and a 3-year warranty.

(If you do not have a real projector, you can still project a laptop screen to a wall with the help of this guide

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1080p Projector Buyer’s Guide

Size and Portability

Depending on where you intend to set up the best 1080p projectors, you have to consider the size of the machine and the portability. 


The brightness of a projector is measured in lumens, and our expert techs suggest looking for models with at least 10,000. The higher the number, the brighter the images.


All the projectors our experts chose support 1080p resolution [1], which is full HD. This is the bare minimum we recommend for decent projectors.

(For great picture quality, here are the excellent laser projectors available today) 


Are 1080p projectors worth it?

Yes, 1080p projectors are worth it. In fact, this is the bare minimum our team members recommend for clear picture display. 1080p is considered full HD, which is capable of producing very detailed images. However, there is no harm in looking for ones that can support 4K as well.

Our Top Pick For a 1080p Projector:
BIGASUO Mini Projector

The BIGASUO Mini Projector is our pick for the best 1080p projector. It’s affordable, portable, and comes with Bluetooth capabilities. You can get stereo surround sound, digital zoom and wired screen sync with this 1080p projector. Plus, integration into your home system is easy with HDMI, AV, and USB ports.


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