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A star projector can create a soothing ambiance for kids and adults. A tranquil lead-up to a good night’s rest only happens if your night sky projector works flawlessly. Our engineers have tested some of the best star projectors on the market to make sure there will be no glitches and short star light projector life spans. 

Premium Pick
BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0
Editor’s Choice
BlissLights Sky Lite
Budget Option
Luckkid Baby Night Light

Reviews of the Best Star Projectors


Blisslights Sky Lite

The Blisslights brand dominates the star projector industry. This particular 1.0 model features a blue nebula and rotating stars. It utilizes a direct diode laser, precision glass optics along with holographic technologies to produce a soothing night sky.

The laser twilight stars projector also has an Aurora effect that will light up your room and create a relaxing environment. The Blisslights Sky Lite 1.0 is versatile and suitable for multiple functions.

All the control buttons are easily accessible on the cosmos star projector itself for control of the light functions, rotation, and more.




Blisslights Sky Lite 2.0

Our premium option is the Blisslights Sky Lite 2.0 from Blisslights, which features every function its predecessor has and more. The 2.0 model has an RGB nebula instead of just blue. It uses the same technologies as the 1.0 to produce the night sky with an Aurora effect.

Another feature this galaxy projector has is Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily download the compatible app onto your smartphone and control the functions in the palm of your hand. Of course, the 2.0 also features control buttons on the star projector night light as well. 




Luckkid Baby Night Light

Our media team enjoyed the Luckkid Baby Night Light baby bedtime light not only because of its affordable price but because of its projection variety. The nighttime projector saves space as it can be mounted on the wall and it comes with many film shapes.

The night sky can be lit up with 9 different colors. One of the best parts about this galaxy projector is it has 2 power sources. You can charge the device using the USB port or use AAA batteries. 

The stars can rotate and you have full control over the galaxy light via the small control buttons on the front. 




Delicacy Galaxy Projector

What blew our team away about this star projector from Delicacy Store is its built-in speaker, which can connect to your phone or music player. Not only do you get 10 different lighting modes, but you also get the music accompaniment. Some of the settings include rotation mode and cycle lighting modes.

Dance mode on this star projection device can trigger the lights to move to the rhythm of the music for a more ethereal experience. The multiple brightness settings will make it easier to sleep when the time comes.

The Delicacy Galaxy Projector also comes with a remote control that has buttons for all the settings. 




Moredig Night Light Projector

The Moredig Night Light projector functions both as a night lamp and a planetarium projector. The bedtime light mode can be your choice of red, white, or blue.  

You and your child can enjoy celestial bodies on your ceiling as well as the animal kingdom. The small star projector has an included remote control that doesn’t require you to get up to input your settings.

It’s an energy-saving design that has an auto-off timer that allows you to set anywhere from 5 to 500 minutes. There are 12 songs included with the animal constellation projector to put your kids to sleep.




BlissLights Starport

The BlissLights Starport is a tiny USB laser star projector that comes in blue, red, and green. Insert the USB into your computer or any USB outlet to enjoy a night sky star field no matter where you are.

The design is instant and doesn’t require full-sized galaxy projectors. Since it’s a portable design, it’s the optimal choice for hotel rooms, dorm rooms, and movie nights at a friend’s house. The tiny USB design features all the advanced technologies of its full-sized counterparts. Just pick the color you want, plug it in, and you’re good to go.




MOKOQI Star Projector

The MOKOQI Star Projector takes no shortcuts with their films. Rather than the small light dots that masquerade as stars, MOKOQI goes all out and brings full-on star and moon shapes. There are 8 light modes to make the experience extra special, and one includes a flashing mode.

You or your child can fall asleep under the stars and have the device shut off during your shut-eye, thanks to the auto timer. These devices cast images and double as a night light to help overcome a fear of the dark.

The top also rotates to simulate the view of the stars while the earth is spinning on its axis.



Star Projector Buyer’s Guide

The best star projector for everyone is different. Some won’t mind the miniature dots that pass as stars while others will want fancy features such as shooting stars, clear northern and southern hemispheres, and an accurate sky map. How do you find the best one for you? Follow our tech team’s tips below in the galaxy projector buying guide.


The size category pertains to the size of the star projector, and not its images. Most star projectors are found in children’s rooms, but a few of our media team members have a USB model just for fun. If you have the space to spare, then by all means go for star projectors that are large and professional.

Most regular households will want to save space and place the star projector on a desk or on the bedside table. Bedside tables tend to have a smaller surface area, which makes it better for their particular star projector to be smaller. 

Our technicians suggest keeping the star projector planetarium out of your child’s reach. Smaller models will have more placement options, but slightly larger ones will in turn have larger buttons that can be easier to control. 

Think about where you intend to place the star and galaxy projectors to determine the size range.


By power, we mean battery power and a power source. Our star projector reviews have shown that most models run on AAA batteries. However, there are a few that are corded and require an AC adapter. Think about which one is more convenient for your needs.

A battery-powered option is essentially cordless, which means the placement options will increase. A USB cable model eliminates the need to replace the batteries but you are limited to where the power source is located.

If you want a cordless rechargeable model, you need the star projectors to run for at least 10 hours on a rechargeable battery. These are the best type if you can’t decide between the two types. 

If you intend on displaying planetarium projector shows, a corded model will provide everlasting power. You should also consider the battery for the remote. AAA batteries are again the most common. No matter what type of battery the remote requires, it will need consistent replacement if you use advanced functions such as the shooting star feature. 

Brightness and Accuracy

For our tech team, this category is one of the most important to consider for the best star projectors. Again, this section will hinge on your personal preferences. Not everyone wants the brightest star projectors on the market. A star projector that’s too bright could hinder melatonin production. This means it will not help you ease into a good night’s sleep.

Your best bet is to opt for a star projector that has an adjustable brightness function. This way, you can choose the level of lighting according to your mood and the occasion. There are also star projectors with the option of various lighting options. 

Different types of star projectors exist on the market, which our experts will get into a bit later. In short, you can choose a real-life star map or a kid’s light show.

The latter is a star projector that simulates a star-studded sky just for effect, while the former is a true map of what our galaxy looks like. Only galaxy projectors meant for adults and professional purposes will have constellations and more detailed projections. The kids Blisslights Sky Lite is an excellent example of a device that is effect-oriented. So, which type of device do you want? 

Light Options

Higher-end star projectors will have various lighting options – this includes color and special effects. We’re talking about the multi-colored lighting, shooting star function, star shower projection effect, a transforming blue nebula cloud, and much more.

Of course, purchasing a device with more functions will typically mean a higher price. For example, a unit with seven different light displays, an optical quality lens system, and a shooting star function will demand a higher cost than one with just a projector light.

Our media team says to ask yourself what type of effects you want. Do you want to create an up-scale home planetarium complete with a warm light function bedroom light and shooting stars?

Angle Settings

You should also consider the angle settings. There are star projectors that rotate and ones that stay stationary. The stationary ones are perfectly fine, but the ones that rotate do add an edge. Some consumers may find rotating displays a bit distracting, but others might think the still projections are boring. Which type are you?

Don’t worry if you can’t decide, because our lighting techs say there are models that have both modes. There are even adjustable projection angle effects that can add more dimension to your nighttime display.

Timer Settings

The timer settings are more important than you think. Just when you’re feeling the heavy drooping eyelids right before bedtime, the last thing you would want to do is to get up. Having a timer can automatically shut off the star projector once you have drifted off into a deep sleep. 

Some star projectors can allow a timer setting for up to five hours or as little as five minutes. The best star projectors will definitely come with timer settings. 

Just in case you forget to turn off your star light, the auto-shutoff will also make sure no energy is wasted.


What type of connection does your star projector have? Does it have a Bluetooth speaker that can pair with your phone? Whatever connectivity you decide on should add to the convenience and not take away from it. 

Type of Star Projector

As we mentioned, there are a few different types of star projectors out there. You have your choice of night light for young kids and babies to projectors for adults. Then there are the professional models that are for astrophiles [1].  

The night lights for kids also have projection functions that are little dots on the ceiling, equating to all the shimmering stars in the universe or large and exaggerated shapes. They can also serve as a bedtime light that helps kids overcome their fear of the dark.

The models for young adults and adults can project the same miniature stars across the ceiling but they may also embed additional functions such as white noise and more accurate pictures of the cosmos.

The ones meant for professional use will deliver a clear projection of the starry sky –  a very accurate depiction. These devices will offer more details and much more clarity than the above two types. You will be able to make out each constellation and star cluster from within the room. 

The pricing for each type of star projector will increase respectively. The ones meant for babies to young children are more reasonably priced and the ones for professional use will fetch a heftier sum. Our projection experts say the type you pick will depend on your preference and use. 

Benefits of a Star Projector

Are you suffering from insomnia or need help coaxing your young child to sleep? Owning a star projector has a myriad of benefits, and sleep facilitation is one of them. 

Having the peaceful casting of a realistic night sky can be tranquil enough to lull you or your family members to sleep. If you are battling with more severe cases of sleep deprivation, a machine with white noise effects can further the benefits.

The machines our team chose will feature an auto-shutoff, which means you can rest easy knowing the device will turn off after you drift off into dreamland. 

The child/baby star projectors will usually contain a bedtime light feature. Aside from projecting a realistic night view, these devices can also help children overcome their fear of the dark. It can also function as a safety precaution because it can light the way for midnight bathroom breaks. 


Should I get a star projector?

Yes, you should get a star projector if you want unique lighting, need a special bedtime light, or need help coaxing your kids to sleep. Star projectors can offer a multitude of advantages starting from helping kids overcome their fear of the dark to helping people battle sleep difficulty. 

Where should I put my star projector?

You should put your star projector in the center of the room if possible. However, if your device comes with lighting and angle adjustments, you can place it in the room’s corner. Keep it out of the way and angle it toward the center to fill the ceiling with stars.

Our Top Pick For a Star Projector:
BlissLights Sky Lite 1.0

Our team’s top pick for the best star projector is the BlissLights Sky Lite 1.0. This device has advanced tech such as direct diode laser and precision glass optics. The result is soothing Aurora effects, stars, and nebula clouds that are suspended above you. The control buttons are located on the device and it emits rotating stars to create a unique ambiance. 

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