What is the Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentations? (2023)

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Not all projectors are recommended for PowerPoint presentations. In fact, there are some models that specify that they are not suitable. How do you make sure to impress your colleagues with vivid pictures instead of washed-out graphics? Follow our media team’s choices for the best portable projectors for PowerPoint presentations.

Premium Pick
Optoma EH500
Editor’s Choice
Poner Saund Mini Projector
Budget Option
AZEUS Video Projector

Reviews of the Best Portable Projectors for PowerPoint Presentations


Poner Saund Mini Projector

The Poner Saund Mini Projector is small and portable –  an excellent office presentation tool. The projector supports full HD content and features a high contrast ratio of 3000:1. Your ppt presentation will be much more vivid and colorful with this device.

The small projector is much brighter than regular models, which makes it work well even in rooms with some ambient lighting. The LCD technology is “green” and energy-efficient with a 52,000-hour long lamp life. This means low maintenance and money saved.

Even for a small and portable projector, this model manages to deliver a large screen size of up to 210 inches. 

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Optoma EH500

It’s a little pricier than the other models, but the Optoma EH500 commands a high price for a very good reason – it features advanced technologies. It also supports full HD pictures with a very impressive contrast ratio of 10,000:1.

The 4700 lumens brightness makes it an excellent choice for classroom, office, and home presentations. It features Crestron Roomview, which is a feature that allows you to control up to 250 projectors at once.

There are HDMI and VGA connection options, among others. Plus, it has full 3D compatibility.

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AZEUS Video Projector

Our budget option is this tiny AZEUS Video Projector, which can still deliver high-resolution images at less than half the price of some other models. The mini projector is up to 80% brighter and also reaches large screen sizes.

The LCD display and LED lighting prolong the lamp life and save more energy. The in-built 5W speaker can give you a clear sound that won’t be drowned out by loud fan noise. Additionally, the heat dispersion and cooling system in the AZEUS video projector will prevent overheating.

Overall, it’s portable and can deliver a theater-like experience for your presentations. 

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Epson Pro EX7280

The Epson Pro EX7280 has the brightness for large group presentations in a bigger venue. It functions well even in ambient lighting or well-lit rooms. You’re getting exactly what the higher price commands with WXGA resolution, plus a true 3 chip 3LCD technology. There will be no rainbowing effect, just clear and bright pictures in every frame. 

Moreover, the picture skew sensor within will correct the vertical keystone automatically. 

The versatile connectivity includes HDMI, which connects easily to streaming devices. You can get the projector up and running in no time at all, thanks to the plug-and-play installation.

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Portable Projector for PPT Presentations Buyer’s Guide


The best portable projector for PowerPoint presentations can’t be too heavy. Our experts say the ones that come with a carrying case and are lightweight will make transport easier. Also, consider the size of the screen when choosing the right model. 

Brightness and Resolution

Our media team suggests looking for higher lumens ratings, especially if the room is prone to ambient lighting and at least full HD1080p resolution in your projectors [1]


Think about what devices you need to connect to your PowerPoint projector, then look at the connections to see if they are compatible.

Mini vs. Regular-Sized Projectors

Aside from the size and ease of portability, mini speakers were built for ultimate convenience, which means they may sacrifice a bit of the screen size and image resolution. Regular-sized speakers were created to bring the best technologies and the highest image and video projection quality.

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Our Top Pick For a Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentations:
Poner Saund Mini Projector

Our team of testers has agreed that the Poner Saund Mini Projector is the best portable projector for PowerPoint presentations. Not only is it compact and lightweight, but the small projector also has 60% increased brightness, a high contrast ratio, and supports 1080p full HD content. It can deliver your presentations on a large screen up to 210 inches.

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