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Many churches rely on trusty projectors to display song lyrics and stunningly beautiful images. Ideally, you want a full HD projector with accurate color reproduction. How can you trust the results without testing the product? Our team has done the testing for you to find the best projectors for church needs.  

Premium Pick
Optoma CinemaX P2
Editor’s Choice
XGIMI Short Throw Projector
Budget Option

Reviews of the Top Projectors for Church


XGIMI Short Throw Halo True Projector

The small portable projector from XGIMI can still deliver a large screen size close to the screen. It offers 800 ANSI lumens of brightness, which can project clear images even in churches with ambient lights.

You can even enjoy true 3D and HD features that will ensure high-quality scripture displays. The dual Harman Kardon speakers can do wonders in a smaller church, but you can also consider pairing the portable church projector with external speakers for a more immersive effect.

The XGIMI Halo True 1080 Portable Projector supports both vertical and horizontal keystone correction. It is our choice as the best church projector for quality, convenience, and portability.




Optoma CinemaX P2

The Optoma CinemaX P2 is the priciest out of the church projectors our media team reviewed, but the laser display provides sharp images that regular DLP technology cannot match.

The quality is 4K UHD and HDR10 with a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. This means that even those sitting way back in the pews can witness video presentations and projected images of the highest contrast and quality.

This UST projector can deliver 120-inch images at a distance of just a few inches. This saves space and keeps the projector out of the way. 




Yaber Y21

It can be tough to find a budget projector with a full HD native resolution, but the Yaber Y21 is such a projector. With its price barely broaching $200, the Y21 is a versatile projector with 4D keystone and zoom. There is both horizontal and vertical keystone correction that can be adjusted via the remote control.

You also get to enjoy Hi-Fi stereo sound within the church with an SRS sound system. The projector has adopted an advanced cooling design that will make sure the fan noise stays low.

SmartEco will ensure the lamp life lasts for as long as possible, up to 100,000 hours.

(To maximize your use of a projector, you can check our guide about How to connect MacBook Air to a projector properly here)




Optoma GT1090HDR

The Optoma GT1090HDR is also a laser video projector with a dual core laser light source that eliminates lamp maintenance for up to 30,000 hours. It’s a shorter throw projector that can be placed at the front of the church hall to keep it out of the way.

4K HDR, HDR10, and HLG technologies make this a bright projector suitable for lights-on viewing. You won’t need to worry about drawing the curtains in the church to see bright images. 

Finally, the native 1080p resolution with a 300,000:1 contrast ratio and keystone makes the GT1090HDR one that’s easy to set up in large venues. 



Projectors for Church Buyer’s Guide

Throw & Screen Distance

Where will the screen be and how large is the church seating area? These are questions that will impact the placement of your projector for church. If you have a larger church hall, then you will need a larger projector screen size. Luckily, our media experts have included a model that can deliver 300-inch sizes.

Depending on the layout of your venue and the space you have, the throw distance will come into play. There are three different types of projectors – long throw, short throw, and UST projectors. A long throw projector is better mounted overhead in a church as it can get in the way because they need at least 8 feet of projection distance.

The best projector for church purposes must be suitable for your needs. A UST projector system may only need a few inches of throw distance and shorter throw projectors will need less than a few feet. The projected image size needs to be large enough so the font and video are clearly visible at the furthest distance.

(If you want to know the different throw distances, here’s our comparison between a short throw and long throw projectors


How much ambient light is there in the church? Mobile churches or ones with lots of windows are bound to let in more light. Consider the environmental projection space to find the right lumens rating, which is the measurement for brightness. A projector with higher lumens will project images that are still clear despite some light disturbance.

Then there is the ANSI lumens rating, which is a stricter standard to measure the light output of a good projector. Is high brightness always better? No, that is not necessarily the case. If your church is capable of blocking out all ambient lighting, then there won’t be a need for super high brightness.

A bright display needs to be accompanied by a long lamp life in applicable models to limit the need for maintenance.

(To make your room look brighter, consider getting the BlissLights Sky Lite projector here) 

Resolution and Contrast Ratio

What is the image resolution your projector can provide? Our media team wouldn’t recommend anything less than an FHD resolution for a standard projector, but XGA resolution [1] can be just as good depending on your circumstances. A native XGA projector has a slightly poorer aspect ratio than 1080p. Projectors suitable for a larger conference room will usually fare well in a church as well.

What is the image resolution your projector can provide? Our media team wouldn’t recommend anything less than an FHD resolution for a standard projector, but XGA resolution [1] can be just as good depending on your circumstances. A native XGA projector has a slightly poorer aspect ratio than 1080p. Projectors suitable for a larger conference room will usually fare well in a church as well.

Projectors for churches need the highest resolution and contrast ratio possible, especially in a big venue. Our experts suggest 4K UHD or HDR10 if the church can seat over 100 people. We have FHD and XGA projector models on our list, and ones that have a high contrast ratio to display the blackest of blacks and the whitest whites. 

Other features that can help with the viewing experience include horizontal and vertical lens shift. The lens shift is similar to keystone functions but is more accurate. Modern projectors may also have a centered lens, high aspect ratio, and BrilliantColor DLP imaging will all add to the performance of most projectors. 

(Curious about different types of resolutions? Well, you can check the VGA max resolution here first) 

Setup and Controls

You want the church projector to be easy to set up and preferably offer flexible installation options. Connections our media team look for in the best projector for church needs are HDMI and VGA output. The best church projectors will also be compatible with your mobile devices for more convenience.

Ideally, your church video projector will also include a power cable, an HDMI cable, VGA cable or any other cable required for your video source, and a remote control.

There are some smart projectors that also have a compatible app and voice assistant compatibility to make it easier to use. 

(Need to sync your laptop and projector? Then, find out the tested ways of connecting an Epson projector to a laptop here

Portable or Fixed Projector?

Whether the church projector you choose is fixed or portable is completely contingent on your needs. For example, our professional techs suggest going for a portable model if you intend on using the projector for more than just your church needs. There is no perfect projector, just one that is the best suited for your needs. 


Projectors will have cabled connections to set up with the video, image, or audio source. There are also types that offer much more versatility with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. 

Some projectors for churches also work well with your mobile device. If you are someone who saves everything needed for church onto your phone, then this type of projector will benefit you. Although our team of engineers has one reminder – wireless connectivity is less reliable. 


How many lumens do I need for a church projector?

You need at least 3000 lumens for a church projector. The brightness rating will depend on the church size and the lighting conditions. 3000 lumens is good for venues with ambient lights. All-dark environments may only require 1000 lumens while rooms with extra light can benefit from 5000 lumens. 

How do I choose a projector for my church?

You can choose a projector for your church by assessing the size of the hall and the screen, the throw ratio, and placement as well as the individual features. Look for projectors that can deliver the best resolution, contrast ratio, and brightness for a reasonable price in your budget range. 

Our Top Pick For a Church Projector:
XGIMI Projector

Out of all the projectors we’ve tested, our team likes the XGIMI Short Throw Halo True Projector the best. It is a shorter throw projector that saves space and is small and portable as well. The pocket-sized projector supports 3D and FHD native resolution with dual Harman Kardon and an 800 ANSI lumens rating.

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