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Samsung HW-MM55C Soundbar Review

Samsung products are high quality and this HW-MM55C soundbar is no exception. If you want crystal clear audio with a home theater experience, then look no further. The added external subwoofer will provide powerful bass to any content played onscreen.


  • Crystal clear dialogue
  • Wireless subwoofer for earthshattering bass
  • Bluetooth connection supported
  • One remote for all controls
  • Streamlined design
  • Compact and relatively lightweight
  • 3.1 channels
  • Dolby Digital and DTS decoding ability
  • Sound modes
  • Samsung Soundconnect
  • Has a compatible app
  • Bluetooth power on


  • No Wi-Fi


The design is an appealing point of the HW-MM55C soundbar. It sports a brushed grey color with flattened corners to give it a more rounded look. The soundbar itself can be controlled from the side with push buttons that are clearly labeled. 

This makes controlling and adjusting the content easy for all users. The soundbar is suitable for larger TVs like 60-inch sets. One easy rule to remember is that it is suitable for TVs that exceed 41 inches.


It also has a display panel although the information is hard to read from an angle. The HW-MM55C soundbar is 41.7 inches, which makes it on the larger end of the spectrum. This is something to consider when thinking about placement. 

Although a display screen is useful, not many soundbars have one so if you are used to seeing the information onscreen rather than on the soundbar, a display may not be entirely necessary.


Speaking of placement, the HW-MM55C is a larger but still lightweight soundbar that can be wall-mounted or placed on a flat surface. The wall mount kit along with the battery and optical cable is included in the package as well.

We would suggest placing the soundbar directly under the TV with no obstructions in front of it for the soundbar to effectively propel sound around the room.



The soundbar operates at a total of 340 watts! That is a lot of punch and with a frequency response (amp) at 40Hz-20KHz, you can be sure to get a wide range of tones.

Sound Quality

While the HW-MM55C soundbar doesn’t feature true surround sound, it does come with Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, which means if a movie has that quality sound, the Samsung soundbar has the ability to deliver it. 

According to Samsung themselves, the soundbar has expansion capabilities to emanate sound from two sides and up. Before you wonder if soundbars are worth the extra money for sound quality [1], we’re here to inform you that they do perform better than TV speakers.

The surround sound expansion feature will emanate sound at a whole new level and bring new dimensions to whatever is played onscreen.


This is a 3.1 soundbar, which means that there are 3 channels and one subwoofer. The former number is how many channels sound is emitted from the soundbar and 1 being how many subwoofers it has.

A three-channel soundbar usually means that the sound comes from the left and right sides as well as the center. Samsung boasts crystal clear speech and audio effects thanks to the extra center channel. 

Other soundbars like the Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 can go higher, but that is not without its own compromises.


As mentioned, this soundbar comes with its very own wireless or external subwoofer. Some soundbars can have a subwoofer built-in, but it won’t compare to an external one that is larger and more capable of pumping out thundering bass.

If the bass is important to you in a soundbar, and we believe for most people it is, then one with an external sub is best if you have the allotted space. The subwoofer is quite compact measuring at 8.46×15.14×11.97.


Even the most basic soundbars can come with Bluetooth. Other relatively cheaper Samsung models like the HW-J355 is also Bluetooth-enabled.

It’s a common feature that is very useful – especially if you dislike clutter and wires. Not only does Bluetooth connection clean up the aesthetics of your entertainment unit, but it also provides more functions.

You can pair your mobile device to the soundbar and enjoy your favorite audiobooks, tracks, and podcasts.


For other forms of connection, the Samsung HW-MM55C has HDMI input and output, digital optical, and 3.5 mm auxiliary, USB, and of course, the previously mentioned Bluetooth.

Bluetooth allows for a seamless connection to your Samsung TV, but if you have devices that do not support Bluetooth, there are ample ways to connect to other devices. A lot of the connections you need also come with the box.


The setup of the HW-MM55C is very easy. It’s a plug and play design that makes it intuitive for everyone. With all you need already in the box, a secure connection from the soundbar to your TV whether you choose wired or wireless is all you need.

Sound Modes

The six sound modes that come with the HW-MM55C soundbar will allow you to cater to your audio experience with whatever is happening on screen. The 3 channels and competent speakers will then dish out an impressive sound for your very home cinematic experience.

With the crystal amplifier, you can fine-tune the soundbar to reflect standard, music, sports, movie, or clear voice modes.


While the HW-MM55C soundbar can be controlled via the compatible app and the control buttons directly on the soundbar itself, it comes with remote control. The remote control gives you plenty of convenience as you adjust the appropriate settings.

Tuned and Tested

The Samsung HW-MM55C soundbar is tuned and tested at a lab by skilled sound engineers to promise the best delivery of sound a 3.1 soundbar is capable of. 

New methods are adopted with this soundbar to give you the most balanced sound coming from you in all directions.

Expandable System

The HW-MM55C soundbar is compatible with other devices and comes with connections available to expand your home theater. Prepare for a room-filling sound that is exempt from messy wires thanks to the Bluetooth system. 

You can add rear speakers and any other compatible speaker or device that can further enhance your audio system.

TV SoundConnect

This feature automatically turns on your entertainment system and delivers a home theater experience. Paired with the Bluetooth Power On, control everything with a single tough from devices that also support Bluetooth.

Samsung HW-MM55C Review Conclusion

The HW-MM55C soundbar offers a wide range of performance capabilities, the most impressive one being surround sound expansion. Get ready for unmatched sound from a tested and professionally tuned soundbar that will provide balanced sound and room-filling bass.

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