LG NB4543 Soundbar Review

What’s worse than expecting a soundbar to enhance your viewing experience, only to bring it home and find that it offers little improvement compared to your regular TV speakers? This LG soundbar reportedly remedies that—read our LG NB4543 review below and find out if it really does!


LG NB4543 units are currently discontinued by the manufacturer. If you want to get your hands on affordable, top-quality soundbars, check out our best recommendations below!

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The LG NB4543 encompasses many features to deliver life-like sounds like never before. Let’s take a deeper look at what it can do.

LG NB4543 Design

The LG NB4543 has a flatter design that will sit more flush on the tabletop compared to other soundbars. The more compact style will make it easier to find it a good permanent location.

It can be mounted on top of your TV and be inconspicuous enough to not take away from your flatscreen. If left in front of your TV on the entertainment unit, its flat profile will not block the remote sensor.

The soundbar can be wall-mounted as well to maximize space and to produce the best sound effects. 

At 33 inches and around 19 pounds, the LG NB4543 is ideal for TV’s 36 inches and larger. The accompanied subwoofer is approximately 8.7″ x 13.84″ x 11.06″, not large enough to obstruct the soundbar or TV but just the right size to pack a powerful punching bass.

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LG NB4543 Overview

Wireless Subwoofer

The wireless subwoofer gives users flexibility of placement without the hindrance of any wires. You will be able to customize the setup of your home theater system to maximize the full potential of the room acoustics and the subwoofer capabilities.

The added external sub will offer thrilling sound effects you wouldn’t otherwise experience and consequently bring your content to a whole new level. 

LG Sound Sync

LG Sound Sync is a feature unique to LG systems. It allows your LG soundbar to be synced wirelessly to your LG TV, bypassing all the wires. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for LG to LG devices. If you have a different brand of TV, you will need to resort to wired connections.

LG Sound Sync uses Bluetooth on both devices to establish a connection. The link will synchronize the audio between the devices to produce a seamless sound and picture match.

LG NB4543 Channels

What caught our eye in our LG NB4543 review was the 4.1 channels. The 4 refers to the number of speaker channels the soundbar has. A soundbar with 4 channels usually has a left and right channel and two rear speakers.

While it’s lacking a center channel that an industry standard surround sound [1] 5-channel soundbar has, it is still capable of simulating realistic 3D sound. 

The 1 in the 4.1 channel soundbar refers to the number of subwoofers. This particular soundbar includes one wireless subwoofer to pump out heavy bass.

Need more that what this LG soundbar has? The V51-H6 from Vizio has 6 full-range speakers.

Auto On/Off Technology

The auto on/off feature adds convenience for users. The unit will automatically power on when it detects an input source. For example, when your TV is connected to the soundbar, it will automatically turn on when you power on your TV. 

The auto off function has the opposite capability as shuts off your soundbar when it has been inactive for a certain amount of time. This is a great power saver in case you forget to turn off your device.


The LG NB4543 soundbar is a Bluetooth-enabled device. It can pair easily and quickly with other devices that operate with Bluetooth. The biggest benefit of having Bluetooth connectivity is that you have the option to stream content wirelessly from mobile devices.

Audio Amplifier

The internal audio amplifier in the LG NB4543 will take the already enhanced sound and propel it to further distances. An audio amplifier is very useful in soundbars for larger rooms. Most larger soundbars such as the NB4543 have in-built amplifiers.

Wired Connections for LG NB4543

For wired connections, the NB4543 soundbar features HDMI, digital optical, 3.5mm, and a USB port for saved audio files and playback. HDMI is the preferred method for the transmission of high bandwidth data with just one cable plugin. Most opt for HDMI or digital optical to really bring out high quality audio. 

DTS and Dolby Digital Decoder

Dolby Digital Audio technology is capable of producing surround sound at home and is often regarded as the industry standard for sound excellence. DTS is a newer technology found in movies today that strives to challenge the supremacy of Dolby Digital.

Both DTS and Dolby Digital are often found in the media we love today. They sometimes come in different variations such as DTS:X, DTS-HD, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby TrueHD among others.

The LG NB4543 being able to decode such audio technology easily launches it among the ranks of soundbars that deliver exceptional acoustics. Your content will come to life with the help of its advanced decoder.

LG NB4543 Review Conclusion

If you are looking for fancy features and excellent sound without the hefty price tag (such as these soundbars under 500), our LG NB4543 review proves that the soundbar is a great option. It provides advanced decoders for superior sound, wireless Bluetooth streaming, multiple channels to supplement surround sound, and an integrated audio amplifier to reach every corner of the room.

The sleek and luxurious design that allows for flexible placement and the plug-and-play setup are also great bonuses that make the LG NB4543 a perfect addition to your home theater system.

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