Bose Lifestyle 650 Review — A Home Theatre System for Your Watching Needs This 2023

Not only is it a soundbar, but the Bose Lifestyle 650 is also an entire home theater system in one package. It’s a high-end 5.1 system from Bose that can do wonders for sound. But is it worth the staggering price tag? 

To answer your question, our experts compiled the results of our testing in this Bose Lifestyle 650 review.

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Bose Lifestyle 650 Design

Bose knows sound. They have proved it time and time again by creating consistently reliable, durable and high-performing products. The Lifestyle 650 system is no exception in the home theater market. It is one of the top-notch wireless home theater systems that you can even buy online. 

The Lifestyle 650 is the perfect example of the brand’s excellent craftsmanship.

The 650 home entertainment system features 4 speakers, 1 bass module, a soundbar and a console. It is designed to elevate the audio of your TV to whole new levels. 

The design of each component is slim, sleek and luxurious. Even as a full surround sound system, the Bose 650 doesn’t take up as much space as some other entertainment system designs.

The 650 Lifestyle system features an anodized aluminum finish with a metal grille covering each speaker. The Acoustimass wireless bass module has a tempered glass surface to add to the elegance.

The Lifestyle 650 Bose system is designed to provide front and rear enveloping audio that expands to a 360-degree immersive audio experience. The entire system works together seamlessly and will provide an acoustic blend that gives you crystal clear effects for the first time.

Unfortunately, the Bose 650 system does not feature a display screen or a control panel.

Bose Lifestyle 650 Features

With so many parts to the surround system, you would expect the Bose 650 to be packed with features — and you would be right. Compared to other home theater systems, The Lifestyle 650 home entertainment audio systems is truly one of a kind. Let’s take a closer look at the features in our Lifestyle 650 Review.


The Lifestyle 650 home entertainment system comes with an Acoustimass bass, a center speaker, a console, and 4 OmniJewel satellite speakers. The combination of all these components is more than enough for the ultimate sound experience. 

The four surround speakers can be used as front speakers or rear speakers to help produce high quality sound your TV speakers are incapable of doing.

The Lifestyle 650 home entertainment system offers an impressive 6 HDMI inputs to support your 4K video and audio from your TV, phone, or tablet. The HDMI ports are well-hidden in the back of the device for a seemingly cable-less connection. 

HDMI ports are a must in your system. Our experts always insist on soundbars or sound systems that feature this connection. HDMI ports can support the highest quality content relays and if you have ARC, it can also support video frequencies. 

The Bose company managed to achieve the highest audio standards with this particular system.

As for control, the only component that allows you to adjust the settings is the included remote control. Unfortunately, the entertainment system is incompatible with other universal remotes and it lacks a display screen or control panel. You would need to rely on the remote buttons and the TV screen to show your adjustments.

Calibration and Setup

With a more complicated design and more components than most devices and sound systems, how do you make sure you properly calibrate and set things up to run smoothly?

The size of your room, the design, the setup and placement of your furniture are all factors that have an impact on the sound. The key to ideal calibration of your home theater lies with the placement of your sound system and its embedded sound processing system. The Bose 650 is a higher end version of the Lifestyle 600, but the placement optimization is similar.

Since this sound system has 360-degree capabilities for sound projection, the focal point should be your listening spot. Place the center channel and console directly in front of you and near the TV, and scatter the OmniJewel speakers around the room depending on your room design.

As for hardware and internal component calibration, the Bose Lifestyle 650 home surround sound system takes care of it for you with ADAPTiQ. ADAPTiQ will calibrate itself to your room for a customized sound experience.

The entertainment system also features Bluetooth for wireless connection and streaming to your external devices.

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Sound Quality

For such a pricey home entertainment system, you would want the Bose  home surround sound system to elevate your content and transport you right into the midst of the action. Will it live up to your hopes? Let’s find out.

Our expert team has hooked the Bose Lifestyle 650 home entertainment system to play all sorts of content for a thorough review. We heard the difference it made with music, movies, TV shows, games, sports and news. If we could sum up the results with just one word, honestly, it would be “amazing”.

Even without any advanced audio technologies and a small profile, the Bose Lifestyle 650 home entertainment system projects powerful audio. The audio is strong enough to permeate the room and reach all corners regardless of the size. The surround sound capabilities of the Bose 650 is highly impressive with the help of the satellite speakers.

The Bose 650 entertainment system speakers will no doubt enhance your experience the way you have never heard from the other home entertainment system. The pocket of air between the two drivers is a unique feature that helps disperse sound more evenly.

What you will be met with from the surround system Bose created is exceptional sound with audio levels you can control from the included Bose remote.

OmniJewel Speakers

Another excellent feature from this system Bose designed is the Omnijewel speakers. With the help of the Omnijewel speakers, the sound that is coming from the center channel speaker, soundbar and the bass component will surprise you in the best way. 

Omnijewel speakers are present in the Lifestyle line of products and are known for exceptional sound quality. Each of these speakers has two drivers that face each other. This alone sets the speakers in the Bose 650 surround sound system apart from an inferior entertainment system.

The dual drivers will vibrate audio frequencies through the air and off each other to create a sound bubble that will expand the room and improve your viewing experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to Amazon music apps, watching a movie or snagging glorious victories in your RPG [1], you will enjoy the Bose company’s ultimate creation.

These Omnijewel speakers are also the most important part of the 360-degree audio dispersion. They will automatically adjust the volume of each part of the surround sound system to give you the impression that the sound is coming from all directions. It’s due to this consistent performance that the system is able to produce encircling sound.


It’s no surprise that the price tag on this entertainment system is over three figures. The company can’t give you exceptional audio without the most advanced technology, and with it a more expensive cost. (Don’t want to spend that much? We also have our recommended home theater systems below $500.)

Our expert team stands by the system. After our review, and taking into account all this surround sound system has to offer, our audio professionals believe the system is well worth the cost.

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Is the Bose Lifestyle 650 worth it?

Yes, the Lifestyle 650 is worth it. It comes with all the components needed to create true surround sound with plenty of added features such as ADAPTiQ technology and an advanced DSP among others.

Is Bose Lifestyle 650 wireless?

Yes, the Lifestyle 650 is wireless. A wireless setup can look less messy and avoid long wires running across your floors. It also makes your entire entertainment system look much cleaner.

Does Bose 650 support 4k?

Yes, Bose 650 does support 4K. The device features an impressive 6 HDMI ports each with the capability of processing Ultra HD 4K content from your TV or external devices.

Does Bose LifeStyle 650 support Dolby Atmos?

No, the Bose Lifestyle 650 does not support Dolby Atmos. It is unfortunately incompatible with the ATMOS audio format and therefore cannot process this audio technology from your content. 

Bose Lifestyle 650 Review Conclusion

Our Bose Lifestyle 650 review had our experts have favorable remarks on the system. The 5.1 surround audio system deserves recognition for all the advanced bonus features such as Amazon Alexa compatibility, ADAPTiQ, Quiet Port Technology and more.

Not to mention, the system is also designed with a small and compact profile even for a full entertainment system. It’s a low profile system that packs a punch when it comes to audio quality.

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