What is the Best Waterproof Soundbar? — Durable Speakers for Boats & ATV in 2022

Best Waterproof Soundbars

Waterproof soundbars or media bars are the best for beaches, pools and other water-related activities due to their water repellent design. But if you get one that is poorly made or with low waterproof ratings, you could damage your soundbar during its first use. To avoid this, our expert team has tested and reviewed the 5 best waterproof soundbars on the market.

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Reviews of the 5 Best Waterproof Soundbars

1. Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Ultra HD 200W Amplified Marine ATV Soundbar

After rigorous testing, our expert team found that the Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Ultra soundbar, which features aluminum, high composite and robust frames, can withstand whatever the elements can throw at it. 

For amplification of sounds in different settings, the waterproof soundbar features an advanced built-in DSP processor with D-bass technology to bring on the rich low tones output . With the help of 3-inch full-range speakers, these media bars provide a means for sound to reverberate throughout the room.

It doesn’t matter where you take it. With an IP67 certification and 200 watts RMS, the soundbar is highly resistant and can accompany you on your ATV, boat, or golf cart.

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2. BOSS Audio Systems BRRC27 27” ATV UTV Sound Bar

This best IPx5 weatherproof and waterproof soundbar measures 27 inches, has 1-inch loaded tweeters, and supports Bluetooth music streaming. Built with some of the best technologies, this soundbar is weather-protected, water resistant, and features a class D amplifier.

The LED light can increase visibility output in low light conditions, thanks to its built-in dome lights. You can control the soundbar settings at any time of the day with the Bluetooth remote control.

The Boss Audio BRRC27 outdoor soundbar also features pre-amp output, which makes it a buildable speaker system for you to connect multiple devices together. There are also adjustable clamps on the soundbar itself, making it easy to secure it to your 12-volt vehicles.

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3. PowerBass XL-800 Marine Certified

For hardcore heavy-duty activities, the Powerbass XL-800 sports soundbar is the right choice with marine certification. In UTVs, jeeps, off-roaders, and even boats, the XL-800 soundbar is resistant to damage from the elements.

The smart Bluetooth soundbar is coated with aluminum material for protection against dust, moisture, and extreme climates. The XL-800 also has 8 full range speakers, Mylar tweeters, and an 800 watt power system. It also has two more options, a 10-speaker or 12-speaker soundbar for more watts RMS.

You can enjoy a wireless connection via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm aux input to link an external device to your sound system. As for installation, you can mount the XL-800 easily to your vehicle.

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4. BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A Sound Bar

This soundbar allows you to listen to all your favorite music with the Bluetooth connection or via the aux input. What’s more, the Boss Audio BRT26A soundbars can also be connected via the USB port for charging or playing music.

The smart BRT26A soundbar gets its amplification from four speakers and two built-in horn-loaded tweeters. The soundbar has also earned an IPX5 weatherproof certification to ensure the functionality of the soundbar regardless of the weather conditions. 

The BRT26A ATV speaker is easy to set up in your car by connecting it to the cigarette lighter port. The manufacturer also provides a 3-year warranty for the soundbar to cover the buyer’s protection.

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5. Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Core Passive 6-Speaker Soundbar

The Wet Sounds Stealth Core is a passive soundbar with two 1-inch tweeters and 3-inch drivers. It’s a non-amplified soundbar without a built-in amplifier. Despite that, it is still marine grade and perfect for ATV and other vehicles.

The 200-watt soundbar itself is already capable of rich and modulated audio output, but you can add additional amplifiers to boost the sound. Check the connection on the back of both devices to make sure they are compatible.

From our experts’ reviews, this soundbar can take on anything and any condition. This is thanks to the aluminum housing, sturdy mounting hardware, and harness. It also includes universal mounting brackets for an easy setup.

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Waterproof Soundbar Buyer’s Guide

Our expert team has tested and reviewed these 5 best soundbars to help you narrow down your search. However, it’s also important for you to know the features you should look for when buying a waterproof soundbar.

Most media bars offer a very robust build, elevated audio, and versatility. Aside from the models on our list, some good examples include the Hifonics TPS10 THor 10, Infinity Kappa, Bazooka, and MTX.

To help you choose the best soundbar, there are certain features to look for such as the ones in our guide below.

You can also check our list of recommended UTV soundbars for your outdoor adventures.

Waterproof Rating

Your soundbar needs to earn a solid IP rating to be considered the best waterproof soundbar. Let’s start by explaining what the numbers in the waterproof IP certification mean to help you make the best choice.

Marine-rated ATV or UTV sound bars have two numbers following the IP letters. The first number is for solids, and the second is for liquids. For the first digit, the measurement scale is out of 6, with 6 being the most protected. For the second digit, the measurement scale is out of 9.

Some affordable media bars like JBL Flip 4 and Charge 3 have the waterproof rating of IPx7. However, you can often find IP ratings that go up to 9 for liquids, which means it’s protected from jet streams.

The best option for a waterproof speaker is to get one with an IP65-67 for the most protection or IPX5 for high-end media bars. This is to ensure that the speakers, built-in amplifier, and LED lights in your soundbar are fully guarded.

Although the soundbar should be sitting on your roll cages and won’t see submersion, it’s still important to protect the inner hardware against solids such as dust with a higher first-digit IP rating.

Amplifier Type

Next on our list is the amplifying power. There are 5 different classes, but our experts suggest class D amplifier as the best. D amps are able to portray one of the best sounds that are 90% efficient and lifelike. In other words, for the most realistic sound output, go for class D amps on your soundbar.

Class D amps with an efficient frequency response [1] are ideal. A frequency response between 20Hz to 20KHz is recommended. 

You can find this in soundbars with 2-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch, or 8-inch speakers, whether it be titanium tweeters, midrange drivers, or subs. You may even find combinations such as four 6-inch or 6 5-inch driver media bars that work well with Class D amps.

Mounting & Setup Options

The best soundbars will be mountable. These soundbars are the top car audio option for ATVs, UTVs, and other recreational vehicles, with some even offering stereo FM radio output as an additional feature. Many of these media bars come with their mounting system kits and remote control. 

The remote control offers convenience for configuring settings. You can stream music wirelessly from your Bluetooth loudspeakers or speakers when connected to another device for elevated sound quality.

Additionally, it’s important to note that marine soundbars can have one, two, or more methods of connection. 3.5mm or aux input is common, but a 3.5mm cable setup will not support digital audio. Instead of the 3.5mm aux input, the best option would be HDMI, digital optical, or Bluetooth.

Want to see more versatile options on the best waterproof soundbars? We also have our picks of soundbars best for the outdoors.


Why should I get a waterproof soundbar?

Waterproof soundbars offer tons of versatility no matter where you go. Waterproof media bars are the best option for people always going on off-road adventures and taking part in outdoor sports due to their high quality buildable system, better sound quality, and durability.

What extra features are there in waterproof soundbars?

You can find many features in waterproof soundbars and speakers such as wireless streaming, RGB lights, augmented power, Bluetooth, buildable system design, clamps for your ATV, and more.

Are waterproof boat speakers and soundbars expensive?

Waterproof soundbars and speakers can be a bit pricey, but they are the best choice to ensure your soundbar will not be damaged. Yet, there are high-quality Bluetooth speakers under 200 with waterproof features as well. After our reviews, our team found two major benefits of these media bars — quality construction and convenience, both of which are worth the money.

Our Top Pick For a Waterproof Soundbar: Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Ultra HD Soundbar

After testing and careful reviews of the best waterproof soundbars, our team has landed on the Stealth 6 Ultra HD soundbar as the top choice. The 25-inch soundbar has LED lights, a remote control, and easy installation via mounting kit. Furthermore, it has speakers that are well constructed with a DSP amp and D-bass technology to promise the best sound no matter where you are.

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