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As a homeowner with a tight budget, finding decent TV isn’t always a fruitful venture. With many third-rate models out there, it’s understandable why other shoppers tend to avoid buying cheap TVs. Because of that, our team tried to find the best TVs under 200 bucks to prove to you that options in this price range can still compare to other top-tier smart TVs.

Best Audio
Editor's Choice
TCL 32S335
Roku Smart LED TV
Best Connectivity
TCL 32S334
32-inch Smart TV

Reviews of the Top TVs Under 200


TCL 32S335 Roku Smart LED TV

The best smart TV for a modern home should be able to give you not only excellent picture quality but also seamless access to all your favorite devices. During the series of tests, that’s exactly what TCL 32S335 LED TV gave to us. 

Despite its affordable price, this 32-inch TV is surprisingly capable of several smart features like the integration with Alexa and Google Assistant speakers. Our testers also had no issues setting up other smart devices with this Roku TV as it has enough HDMI ports, USB port options, and Wi-Fi to accommodate connectivity.   

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Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 Smart Full HDTV

Another 32-inch TV our resident cinephiles decided to test is Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 Smart Full HD TV HD TV. As a well-known smart TV, it’s no surprise how it can easily launch apps, change channels, and control smart home devices with its voice remote integrated with Alexa. 

Besides watching your favorite movies on its 32-inch screen, it may delight you that we were able to set up a cable connection on this unit easily. On top of that, you can access free channels for as long as you connect any HD-quality antenna on it. 

We also ensure that this smart TV can deliver superb picture quality with its full HD resolution. 

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TCL 32S334 32-inch Smart TV

For a TV under 200 bucks, TCL 32S334 Smart Android TV is quite a steal. With plenty of content to access and voice assistant, our resident cinephiles have nothing but delightful evaluations for this unit. This smart TV will certainly suit any modern home’s needs, from its high-quality display up to convenient Wi-Fi connectivity. 

While it’s not a Roku TV like the usual TCL models, it has a built-in Chromecast that enables our smartphones to control what to display on the screen. It also features a simplistic home screen where you can access all your apps and content. 

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LG Electronics 22LJ4540 LED TV

Admit it or not, the best smart TVs with great picture quality often come from tech giants. With the likes of LG Electronics 22LJ4540 in your bedroom or kitchen, you can watch TV episodes from any angle. It would not cause any motion blur in the screen’s image quality or any inconvenience to your viewing experience. 

One of its major perks that our testers really thought stood out was its Triple XD Engine. During our test, we noticed that this unit has lifelike colors and precise contrast similar to other smart TV options. 

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Sceptre X328BV-SRR 32 Inches 720p LED TV

If you’re searching for budget TVs to integrate with your PC monitor, Sceptre 32 Inches 720p LED TV is the product we would recommend. Engineered with VGA and HDMI connectivity, we do not doubt that this best TV option deserves its spot in this roundup for the convenience it delivers. 

Despite being a TV under 200 bucks, it may surprise you that this LED TV has more decent sound quality than other options of the same price. In addition to that, it has equalizer settings and a Surround Sound mode that further enhances the cinematic feel of your viewing experience. 

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Caixun EC24Z2 24 Inch HD 720P LED TV

Another TV under 200 dollars with a wide viewing angle our team just couldn’t miss testing is Caixun EC24Z2 LED TV. If you’re the kind of homeowner who likes your home theater system hooked up nicely, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the diverse inputs and outputs of this unit. 

And if you plan to connect this modern TV to a game console or a computer, expect unfading visual details as the screen of this unit provides a 178° angle. We also commend its immersive sound quality owing to its built-in Dolby Digital technology. 

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VIZIO D24f4 24-Inch 1080p Smart TV

Satisfying your home entertainment needs will be a lot easier if you buy the VIZIO D24f4 24-inch 1080p smart TV. Users of this unit can enjoy access to streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video without any hassle. 

This smart TV, although a bit over 200 bucks, made it to this list because its top-tier picture processor makes the television’s responsiveness faster. With quicker navigation and load times, it’ll suit most gaming requirements. On top of that, this 24-inch 1080p smart TV has a dedicated game mode for low input lag and less motion blur. 

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Sceptre E246BD LED HDTV

If a television with an integrated DVD player is what you seek, then you’re in luck because our experts tested Sceptre E246BD LED HDTV. Although this unit is not meant for smart viewing, you can watch the multimedia content you want through other TV inputs like VGA, HDMI, DVD player, and USB ports. 

We tested playing a few DVDs to see how long it’ll load to the screen, and our testers were pretty satisfied with its responsiveness due to its 60 Hz refresh rate. Besides that, its 16:9 aspect ratio also enhances the screen’s resolution.

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Toshiba 32LF221U21 Smart Fire TV

Coming from a brand popular for making reliable cheap TVs, our home theater experts felt thrilled to evaluate Toshiba’s 32LF221U21 32-Inch Smart Fire TV. Thanks to its great picture quality, we’re able to have a decent viewing experience while streaming our favorite TV episodes. 

Other smart TVs of the same price or higher don’t always have enough HDMI ports, which is why we’re satisfied upon seeing that this unit has three slots. With this feature, we were able to connect external devices like a Blu-ray player into its system. 

This Fire TV edition also has a voice remote capable of hand-free controls to change channels and select movies. 

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TVs Under 200 Buyer’s Guide

Design and Screen Size

Did you know that the size of your TV screen aligns with its price [1]? Because of this, you may have noticed that most $200 TV models we found and tested are only ranging around 32 inches. While it’s not as massive as other recent TV selections, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

If you’re planning to place your chosen TV in a small to medium space, even our TV testers would highly recommend getting a model with these sizes. However, it’s still wise to consider your available space before proceeding to any kind of purchase. 

As for TV designs, go for models with slim construction. We especially suggest this to people who prefer mounting their TVs on the wall. The installation will be easier and safer if the television’s thin and its back doesn’t stick out. 

Besides that, watch out for TVs with thick bezels. It could be tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with it, but your TV’s screen size and display size are two different things. The bezels are the edges of the television that isn’t your screen. 

Although it can be hard to find TV without bezels, our experts suggest going for the thinner ones to enjoy a seamless and boundless viewing experience going forward. 


It’s a no-brainer that even the best TV under 200 has to have an excellent picture quality to be considered a great deal. While top smart TVs generally have 4K and 8K resolutions, 720p and 1080p full HD resolutions also deliver great picture qualities. 

Typically, we wouldn’t recommend anything lower than 720p resolution as most multimedia content nowadays can be visually demanding. 

At the end of the day, our resident cinephiles suggest that you first consider the kind of multimedia content you intend to watch before deciding which TV resolution to go for. 

Refresh Rate

If you’re keen on streaming action-packed movies or playing high-motion game consoles, then you should never forget to check the refresh rate of your TVs. Having a higher refresh rate means that your unit will experience less motion blur and will reload contents faster. 

Generally, our team would approve of any selections ranging from 60 Hz to 120Hz or even higher. Luckily, that seems to be the standard even in this price range. Televisions with game modes typically have this feature, so you can also put that into consideration. 

Smart Features

Finding a smart TV in this price range is both a challenge and a thrill. While it took a while for our team to find decent selections, more than half of these TVs have a smart content streaming interface like Fire and Roku TV. 

Our home theater experts also made sure to include models that have wireless connectivity and voice control functions that give users more convenience. 

Some TVs will also have built-in web browsers. With this feature, users can search any content through the internet and display it on the TV screen. This function is mostly found on TVs with bigger sizes and higher pricing. 

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For models like Roku TV, wireless connections such as Wi-Fi are definitely needed to enjoy your content streaming perks. Besides that, it’ll also be helpful if your television has Bluetooth features as this would make the connection to other wireless devices hassle-free. 

For wired connections, our team made sure only to recommend TVs with HDMI and USB ports like the Onn TV products here. TVs with at least three or four HDMI inputs should be enough, especially if you plan to connect several external audio and video devices.

However, if you’re planning to set it up as a PC monitor, ensure that it also has a VGA port to accommodate the connection.

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Voice Control

It isn’t mandatory, but it sure is convenient to have a TV that you can control hands-free. For homeowners with smart home speakers like Alexa and Google Home, our team reckons that you consider TVs with voice control compatibility. 

Through this feature, you’ll be able to switch channels, play music, and configure your viewing experience even if you’re away from your television and doing something else. 


More than anything else, always remember that any equipment you buy should come with a warranty. To enjoy its perks and avoid shams, our home theater experts recommend buying from the official store or seek the list of authorized sellers. 

Without this, you’ll face a bit of trouble when your TV suddenly malfunctions a few days after your purchase. Warranty policies safeguard your purchase so that you can get all your money’s worth. 

As part of the warranty, most manufacturers would offer customer support to assist you in any issues you have during installation and with your unit. In addition, they would even provide replacement or maintenance to your TV unit if it’s indeed proven defective within the span of the warranty period. 


What is the recommended TV size for a bedroom?

The recommended TV size for a bedroom is around 32 to 40 inches. Televisions with small screen sizes are often more suitable in areas that are enclosed and not too extensive, like a bedroom. However, keep in mind that deciding which size to buy should still depend on how big the space is.  

Are there good smart TVs under $200?

Yes, there are good smart TVs under $200. Although they can be hard to find, some of these selections even have compatibility with AI speakers like Alexa and Google Assistant. Besides that, these models have easy access to popular streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many more. 

Our Top Pick For a TV Under 200:
TCL 32S335 Roku Smart TV

Selecting the best TV under 200 dollars budget is tough, but our resident cinephiles managed to pull it off and selected TCL 32S335 as our top pick in this roundup. While other TVs on the list seemed equally packed with features, this unit took home the crown for its multiple connectivity options, compatibility with smart home devices, and easy access Roku TV interface. 

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