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As you already know, there are minimal known details about Onn TVs on the internet. Despite being an affordable go-to brand during Black Friday sales, buying a privately labeled TV is a risk not many shoppers would take. If you’re as curious as them, take a closer look at this review our experts did on the brand to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. 

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Onn History and Track Record

Not many people are aware, but ONN is a company under Walmart. Although they sell TVs produced by Durabrand, they are more known as the retail giant’s generic TV brand. Despite just being launched in 2019, they have been lined up with other budget-friendly options like RCA and TCL.

These selections attract attention the most during Black Friday sales, as their offerings include one of the most affordable 4K TVs with above 50-inches screen size. 

Onn Features and Offers


Despite being a fairly new player in the television industry, Onn has a relatively wide selection from 24-inch models suited for smaller spaces up to 65-inch smart TVs. Unlike the typical misconceptions on privately labeled products, their product line has a decent picture and sound quality despite being in the lower price range. 

Onn ONC17TV001

For such a budget-friendly television, our resident cinephiles find Onn ONC17TV001 pretty diverse in terms of connection. Compared to typical alternatives in this price range, our team’s audio and video run-through proved that this unit has all the features one will need in a standard TV set. 

Screen Size

If you have a small-scale home theater, this 32-inch Onn TV can be the one to complete that setup. It has relatively thinner bezels than most selections in this size, and it’s a perfect choice for comfortable viewing. 

Image Quality and Resolution

More than anything else, its decent clarity and colors stood out the most during the tests. Running on 720p true high-definition, this Onn TV gave our audiovisual team a crisp and sharp display that is needed when viewing most broadcasting channels.


Given that Onn ONC17TV001 operates with an HDMI input, we already expected the smooth balance of its high-definition audio and video performance. It isn’t a smart TV, but the process of integrating external devices is more convenient than we expected.  

Connectivity Options

Another feature that impressed our team is this TV’s diverse connectivity options. Besides the standard HDMI ports that every modern unit should have, it has Component, Composite, and VGA inputs suited for older external devices.

On top of that, this unit has a Clear QAM tuner. Through this feature, we were able to access a seamless cable connection even without using an antenna.  

Onn ONC17TV001 Review Conclusion

Through these Onn TV reviews, our audiovisual experts picked Onn ONC17TV001 out of the product line offerings of the brand. It’s a great television to consider under its price range, especially if you’re looking for diverse wired connectivity. Given that it’s budget-friendly, we’re sure it will deliver video and audio quality more than your money’s worth.


These cheaper TV selections made by the privately labeled brand called Durabrand are produced in the country of China. 

TV Availability

Upon conducting this Onn TV review, we noticed that this brand doesn’t only offer standard television sets. In fact, they have a wide variety of Roku TV models as well. No matter which size you prefer, this brand surely has something in store for you at a lower price.

Other Products

Upon our resident cinephile’s evaluation, we noticed that the brand also offers other electronic devices. Their product line includes speakers, tablets, cables, and other things needed in a home theater setup.


As the TV screens go bigger and bigger every year [1], the increase in pricing also comes along with it. However, Onn TV selections truly stood their ground as an affordable alternative with 50 to 65-inch TVs only priced under 500 bucks. 

Customer Support

The Onn TV brand has a toll-free support line where a customer could seek assistance for troubleshooting and warranty services included in the purchase. Our team advises you to buy directly from the store or through authorized sellers to enjoy these perks.

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Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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