How To Connect Your TV to Wi-Fi Without a Remote
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how to connect your TV to Wi-Fi without a remote

The easiest way to connect a Smart TV to the internet is by connecting a mouse to the TV using any of the USB ports. Another way is to use an Ethernet cable to connect the TV to your router or modem. 

If you need to connect your Smart TV to Wi-Fi but don’t have access to a remote, you probably feel helpless and out of options. Is there a way to connect your TV to Wi-Fi without a remote? 

The short answer is yes! You are not the only person to find yourself in this position, and there are solutions. Much depends on what type of system you have and how well you can navigate the hardware.

The Wi-Fi TV Takeover

Over the last decade or so, more Americans have decided to “cut the cord” and give up on traditional cable TV. For many, it was an easy choice. 

Cable packages tend to be pricey and frustrating. The ones that give you the handful of channels you want often include dozens of channels you’ll never even watch. 

Person Using Samsung Remote

The answer? Wi-Fi TV. Wi-Fi TV upgrades the television-watching experience by giving your TV the power of the internet. Users can choose from a large selection of streaming channels. [1

They can customize their services to see only the content they want to see and can change their selections at any time. And all this with just an internet connection. Some companies like Samsung and LG offer specific hardware that makes it even easier to start using Wi-fi TV. 

Televisions that can connect to Wi-Fi (also known as Smart TVs) can be found at most electronics retailers or online. 

Wi-Fi TV hardware like Samsung, Roku, Amazon Fire, and others are also easily accessible and economically wise. 

Roku streaming TV

When you take into consideration what you’ll save on monthly cable bills over time, the price of the hardware needed to run the Internet on your Smart TV is quite a steal.

While W-ifi TV is a convenient option, getting used to it can take a little time. To make the most of Wi-fi TV, and to be prepared for issues like a lost remote, it helps to understand the basics of how the technology works. 

In this article, we’ll explain how Wi-Fi TV works, the various hardware components necessary to make it work, and what you can do if you lose your remote for your Wi-Fi TV. 

Wi-Fi on Your Smart TV. How does it Work?

Wi-Fi televisions, also known as Smart TVs, use your wireless high-speed Internet connection – the same one as your computer uses – to play online content. 

Samsung TV

These televisions include a built-in wireless adapter that allows you to watch various programs directly through the internet. 

Whether you’re looking for movies, live news, TV series, or internet content like social media sites, Wi-fi TVs have it available at the touch of a button. 

Your smart TV remote opens up the world of entertainment to you. It guides you through all the TV’s functions and content. It also helps you to navigate the initial setup of your device. Needless to say, it is an integral component of your smart TV system.

My Remote’s Gone Missing. Now What?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for remotes to go missing. They can also break or run out of power, and you may not have batteries on hand. 

With regular TV’s this isn’t that big a deal. You can simply get up and navigate your TV using its side buttons. But with a Smart TV, the remote may be needed to initiate the TV’s internet connection. 

Connect Via Ethernet Cable

You can connect your television to the Internet using an ethernet cable. An ethernet cable is a cord that attaches to the ethernet port on your Smart TV directly to your internet router. 

LG 32LM627BPUA Smart HD TV Ethernet Ports

Smart TVs have ethernet cables built-in. they’re usually found on the side of the television unit, but you can check your Smart TV’s user manual if you’re uncertain. 

What is Ethernet & How Does it Work?

Ethernet is one of the most frequently used “languages” for data communication within and between networks. Put simply, ethernet is the means that networks use to interact with each other. 

There are several key differences between ethernet and Wi-Fi. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. 

Ethernet tends to have a stronger and better signal, but it requires a cord to work, whereas Wi-Fi is wireless but can be affected by “blocks” like walls and furniture that can dull its signal. 

If you’re using an ethernet cord, it must be long enough to reach from your TV to your internet modem, but shouldn’t be extremely long, or else the strength of your signal might start to waver. 

connect using an ethernet cable

Despite its inconveniences, if you’ve lost your remote and are in a bind, an ethernet cable can be a lifesaver. 

Using a Mouse To Connect

If you have a USB computer mouse lying around, you can try to use it to connect your TV to the internet. 

Simply plug your keyboard into your TV’s USB port. As with the ethernet port, check the manual if you’re having a hard time finding the USB port. [2]

Once plugged in, you can use the mouse to help you navigate through your TV’s prompts for connecting to the internet. Not all TVs will recognize the mouse, but it’s certainly worth a try! 

Resetting Your Router

In some cases, resetting your router may restore the connection between your Smart TV and the internet. Try a soft reset first and see if it works. 

Soundbar placed with a TV

Sometimes, a hard reset is needed to restore the connection between your router and other devices. It’s best to read up on router resets before attempting this solution. 

Getting a New Remote

All the solutions laid out in this article are meant as temporary fixes. They can help you connect your Smart TV to the Internet in a pinch after you’ve lost your remote, but, the best thing to do going forward is to replace your remote. 

Whether you get a universal remote or a new one from your Smart TV manufacturer, your device will be up and running normally in no time. 

Talk With a Tech Professional

Understanding Wi-Fi technology can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re just getting started. 

If you have any questions about your TV, its connection to the internet, or any tech issue you may be having at your home or business, contact an internet hardware professional.


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