Who Makes ONN TVs? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

who makes onn tv

Onn TV is Walmart’s generic brand of TVs. If you are looking for cheap but reliable TV, then this might be the answer.  However, it is very important to study their specs before buying so you won’t need to upgrade in a few months. Our experts did research to provide you information about the Onn TV model. 

Manufacturing of ONN TVs

The Walmart Onn TV is available in all local and online Walmart stores. Though they distribute the Onn TV models, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a plant that manufactures Onn TV products. 

ONN TV Parent Company

The parent company of Onn brand is Walmart. Hence, Onn products, including the Onn TV, are sold in major Walmart stores. Though they are also available in local walmart shops, some models might not always be available. 

It is Durabrand, Walmart’s private label tradename, who manufactures Onn brand’s products but all warranty repairs are handled by Element Electronics Company. Durabrand also handles the other consumer electronics of the company.

32in Onn tv

The Onn TV’s manufacturing location is in China, though the exact plant is not explicitly mentioned. These manufactured products are sometimes sold under the Koss brand. 

Are ONN TVs Good?

There are many appealing features that an Onn TV offers. However, choosing to purchase one will always depend on your personal preference. Walmart offers Onn TVs in different sizes, with the price as its main compelling aspect. 

If you are looking for a budget television with average picture quality where you can see movies or watch Netflix, then Onn TVs are perfect for you. However, manage your expectations as they won’t offer as many features as other brands of televisions that are already established in the market. 

Besides the affordable price, this brand offers an excellent warranty system so you have a trusty support guide in case you encounter any errors. Unlike other big retailers, the one who makes Onn TV will consider replacing it should you experience big performance discrepancies. 

Onn tv mounted on wall

One of the most famous Onn TVs is the Roku Smart TV. Size ranges from 32-inch to 65-inch. The Roku TV offers an elegant and slim design and has three HDMI ports. It can also accommodate an ethernet cable so you can go online anytime. 

The Onn Roku TVs however are not manufactured or sold by Roku, but by Walmart. Still, the Roku TV provides exceptional features that other televisions can also offer. 

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There are many features that make Onn TVs a good choice. Our experts summarized the best features that will make you choose this brand.

Value for Money

Walmart offers a smart TV that can fit the limited budget but will provide features that other TV brands can give. It is the price that is the major selling point of this brand. Like other smart and LED TVs, you can use it to watch local channels, Fox Sports, and other outside channels too. 

Onn tv 50in screen

Onn TV’s picture quality is also excellent considering its price. Users can enjoy 4K resolutions using this brand.

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Buying an Onn brand of television is very convenient if you live near a Walmart store. The brand also offers compatibility with ethernet cables so you can connect to the Wi-Fi conveniently. 

Aside from that, universal remotes can be used with Onn TVs so you need not worry if you lose the original remote. Personalizing the TV is also very easy as you only need to press one setup button. 


One of the best advantages of using this brand is its reliable warranty repairs provided by Element electronics. Users have experienced product replacement after experiencing troubles with the brand. 


Less Engaging Features

Quality comes with a price. When compared with other TVs like Samsung or LG, it doesn’t perform as well. Some users have experienced a decrease in picture quality over time. Some have experienced a dark blue blur suddenly appearing while in use. 

32in Onn tv on cabinet

Average Performance

Performance is also not as good as other bigger brands. Though it can last for years, quality performance is not as well as other bigger and more established brands. 

Other ONN Products

Aside from TVs, other Onn products include TV accessories like TV stands, wall mounts, and remotes. They also offer batteries [1], chargers, and speakers. 

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Is the Onn TV brand good?

Yes, the Onn TV is a good brand considering its price. It provides good audio and video quality. The design is also very intriguing as it comes with a sleek and elegant style. Lastly, you can enjoy 4K resolution on this TV. 

What is another name for Onn TV?

Another name for Onn TV is Durabrand. Onn TV is a generic brand offered by Walmart and is manufactured by Durabrand. This is the reason why some users also call Onn TVs as Durabrand TVs. 

Is Onn Walmart brand?

Yes, Onn is a Walmart brand. It is the generic brand manufactured by Durabrand and is sold only in Walmart outlets as well their online websites. Durabrand manufactures it but another label handles warranties.  


If you are looking for quality but affordable television, then Onn brand is a good choice you might want to consider. Durabrand is the company who makes Onn TV and is only sold in Walmart outlets. With good audio and video quality, plus a good design, our engineers recommend this brand. 

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