Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off? Here are 10+ Surefire Ways to Fix It

vizio tv keeps turning off

Vizio TVs are affordable and high-quality, but it doesn’t mean that they will go for years without developing some issues, no matter how minor they are. While watching TV, you may notice that it frequently turns off after some time. This can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know the underlying cause. Our experts will share some surefire ways to fix the issue without repairs. 

Troubleshooting Different Vizio TV Issues

Your Vizio TV might be turning off frequently for some reason. It is pretty normal and nothing to panic about, at least until you have tried out all the solutions here. You might have enabled things that could trigger the issue, such as enabling CEC and Auto-Off function. 

It could also be the power surge, sages remote, or loose tv cable. It’s also possible that another device is interfering with the circuitry or the input device’s internal memory is overloaded. While you wonder what the cause could be, our engineers will explain how to troubleshoot the different Vizio TV issues. 

What to Do If Vizio TV Abruptly Shuts Down

If your TV abruptly shuts down, try the following troubleshooting tips.

Fix #1: Power Cycling

Switch off the TV and disconnect the power cord from the television’s back. Press down the power button on the device for five seconds, and plug the power cord back. 

vizio tv

Fix #2: Hard Reset

Unlike a factory reset, your personal preferences are kept with a hard reset. To do this, turn off the TV and all the connected devices, unplug it from the wall outlet, and hold the power button on the TV’s back for thirty seconds. 


Let the TV remain unplugged for an additional ten minutes before plugging it back on.

Fix #3: Check for Firmware Updates

An old firmware version can cause your TV to misbehave. So, it’s crucial that the firmware is updated unless there’s a bug. If the TV isn’t updated automatically, do the following:

Select ‘Menu’ on the remote, scroll to System, and select. Tap on Check for Updates and confirm you want to update your device. 

Fix #4: Plug Directly into the Wall Outlet

When several devices are connected simultaneously, your TV can turn off. Therefore, you should plug the TV into a different outlet. 

Fix #5: Let it Cool Down in Case of Overheating

You can cool the TV down by installing a fan at the back of the TV or by letting it rest for a couple of hours.

Man watching game in a tv with VIZIO SB46514-F6

Fix #6: Ensure Auto-Off Settings is Deactivated

The Auto-Off function turns off the TV after a specified time. To disable this feature, go to Menu and select Timers. Navigate to Auto Power Off and toggle it off. 

Fix #7: Factory Reset

A factory reset reverts the TV to its default state. This will erase all your saved preferences. Our engineers recommend that you do this when you are out of options. 

To factory reset; Select “Menu” on the remote, scroll to System, and click. 

Select Reset & Admin > Reset stab to Factory Defaults. Input your passcode or the default one, which is 0000.

Tap on Reset and confirm. Your TV will reboot after doing that. 

What to Do If Your Vizio TV Turns On and Off Randomly

If your Vizio TV keeps turning off and on randomly, our technical support team suggests the following solutions. 

Fix #1: Remove Batteries From Remote

Another remote can interfere with the TV’s sensor [1]. Our engineers suggest using your phone as a remote control by installing the SmartCast app. 

Fix #2: Check For Other Remote Controls

Another remote can interfere with the TV’s sensor [1]. Our engineers suggest using your phone as a remote control by installing the SmartCast app. 

Fix #3: Deactivate CEC Settings

CEC enables you to control the TV using another device’s remote. You can disable this feature by going to Menu > System > Power Mode and clicking on Eco Mode.

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Fix #4: Enable Eco Mode or QuickStart Mode

Eco Mode saves power by disabling certain features. Select Menu > System > Power Mode, and click on Eco Mode/QuickStart Mode to enable it. 

Fix #5: Tweak Video Settings

If you have the Advanced Video Settings activated, it can cause visuals to flicker. Go to Settings > Display > Advanced Video, and toggle it off. 

Fix #6: Check if Sleep Timer is Active

If this is active, you should deactivate it because it can cause the TV to blackout occasionally. Go to Menu, scroll to Timers > Sleep Timer. Then turn it off. 

Fix #7: Inspect HDMI Port for Damage

Damaged ports can cause poor video signal transmission. You can’t do much here, so contact a professional to fix it. 

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Why is my VIZIO TV shutting off by itself?

Your Vizio TV shuts off itself if there’s a power surge, CEC is activated, or the Auto Off function is enabled. Other reasons could be a loose cable, malfunctioning remote control, or overheating TV. 


It’s typical to see your TV malfunction once in a while. Luckily for you, these solutions by our technical team of experts will fix your TV issues. If your Vizio TV keeps turning off even after trying out these quick fixes, it’s recommended that you take it to a repair center. 

In case your Vizio TV displays tech issues, you can refer to the guides below: 


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