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What is a Sound Bar?

The very existence of a soundbar is mainly thanks to flat-panel TVs. These skinny screens are capable of producing crystal clear pictures but they have small in-built speakers that are not able to reproduce clear dialogue or render high sound explosions and car crashes.

Soundbars are used for this purpose. They have become extremely popular in recent years and as a result, there are many models available. 

The TV speakers are not only under-powered and under-sized but they are aimed in the wrong direction most of the time. These speakers will fire the sound in the direction of the wall behind the TV or downwards. 

Due to this reason, all the sound that comes out from these TVs is out-of-focus and indistinct. The soundbars come to provide a great sonic experience that matches those explosions on your TV. 

The soundbar utilizes a range of methods for achieving this goal. Almost all the soundbars you select will sound better than the existing speakers of your TV.

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About Soundbars

The soundbars are fundamentally all-in-one speaker systems which provide high-quality sound without putting undue stress on space requirements and complexity. 

Having a soundbar also means that there is no need for home theater and surround sound speakers and their set up. The long and thin cabinet of the soundbar includes two or more speakers and is responsible for providing either the surround or stereo sound. 

There are some soundbars which are available with separate subwoofers for developing deeper bass and it adds impact to the soundtrack of movies and music numbers.

Almost all the soundbars you will find in the market are active or self-powered. It means that they have built-in amplifiers. However, you can find a disappearing breed of soundbars which are designed to be connected to a receiver

These passive or non-powered soundbars lack in another aspect when compared to the active models and that is simple installation and operation. 

As most of the people are looking for the self-powered soundbars we will take a closer look at them in this article.

While looking for a suitable soundbar you will come across several soundbars developed by nearly all audio companies. The soundbar that is developed by the same manufacturer that built your TV is more likely to be a perfect match aesthetically. It will also offer better compatibility advantages. 

However, apart from the sound quality, you might want to get a model from a company that is concentrating mainly on audio gear. Here’s a review of the best ones under $200: https://theproductanalyst.com/best-soundbar-under-200/

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How does a soundbar work?

When you are assembling a sound system for your TV, you will likely be left with a tangle of cables and speakers. However, easily workable surround sound doesn’t have to be hard to get all the time. 

Soundbars will simplify this problem by replicating the surround sound via a single amplified speaker technology.

Normally the soundbars contain seven speakers fitted into one. Every speaker is fitted in the soundbar and it is placed in such a manner that the whole system of speakers together will achieve surround sound. 

These speakers together provide a psycho-acoustic effect so the sound bounces off your walls. The sound we get this way creates an effect which is similar to an optical illusion and tricks you into believing that the sound is behind you on occasions.

What does a soundbar do?

Soundbars do not compromise the quality for convenience and the quality of sound is comparable to the conventional sound systems. Soundbars develop a great sound effect and there is almost no loss of sound. 

Multiple channels of sound are produced by using this technology via a single sleek bar. The soundbar uses some of the latest technology and you will not miss any of the sound you get from the home theater receiver.

In the conventional sound systems most of the sound comes in from the front and you cannot hear the sound interacting with you from the rear. The soundbars provide this effect and that’s why they are top quality sound systems. 

Actually, they send different beams of sound and you can find a unique beam for every channel with front, rear, center, right, and left all covered. The design created to have the sound bouncing off the wall gives you the desired sound effect. 

Instead of having a single sound effect, the soundbars provide five discrete sound channels.

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High-end Soundbars

Higher-end soundbars are available with a 3D model while others come with the surround sound. In these models, the soundbar will stimulate the audio in such a manner that makes you feel as if there are speakers all around you. 

Of course, the results offered by different soundbars vary but if you get a good soundbar you can rest assured about its results. The lower end soundbars do not offer these effects and there is little enhancement in the sound quality when you go to the surround mode. 

You can also get soundbars that are available with external subwoofers which cover the low-frequency sound for helping the audio quality of the soundbars. 

Almost all the sub-woofers are wireless and come just with an outlet source. This means a neat setup and they provide sufficient bass for your ears.

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The soundbars are easy to set up and they need minimal wiring. These soundbars are compact and are reasonably priced with better sound quality than the normal TV speakers. 

When you are looking to enhance your audio experience for day-to-day TV viewing, the soundbar is perfect for you.

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