Polk Soundbar Setup: How to Connect Polk S2, S3, and
Other Models to Your TV

Polk Audio soundbars are the most sought-after audio systems today, but integrating them into your home theater can take a while. Without knowing the proper setup, you might plug the wrong cables and end up permanently damaging your soundbar. To give you all the precise steps and tips, here is our technical team’s Polk soundbars setup guide.

Setting Up Your Polk Soundbar

Connecting via HDMI Input

To connect the soundbar via HDMI, you need to check if your TV has an HDMI input as well. If both your soundbar and TV have the relevant connection ports, one cable is all you will need for setup.

Connect one end of the HDMI cable to your TV’s “HDMI Out” port and the other end into the soundbar’s “HDMI In” port. Then, go to the “Settings” on your TV and enable the HDMI connection.

connecting polk soundbar to TV

Our technical team recommends HDMI input as the primary connection for your Polk soundbar setup as it can support the highest quality content including 4K, 8K, and Blu-Ray resolution content, as well as the most advanced audio technologies such as Dolby and DTS.

Connecting via Optical Input

If your TV or soundbar lacks the HDMI connection port, then the next best option suggested by our team is the optical input. This type of connection can also support high-quality digital content of up to 5.1.

Check to see where the digital optical connection ports are located on both your TV and soundbar. Then, plug one end of the digital optical cable to the “Digital Optical In” port on the soundbar and the other end into the “Digital Optical Out” port on your TV.

optical cable

When both ends are securely inserted, some popular soundbars will require you to go to the settings and change the source of the sound to the soundbar by selecting “Source” on your TV.

Pairing with a Subwoofer

If your Polk soundbar comes with its own wireless subwoofer, the two devices will be automatically compatible. The subwoofer will be programmed to receive the wireless signal from the soundbar and connect on its own. All you need to do is to make sure the power cord for the subwoofer is plugged in and the power is turned on.

If your soundbar and subwoofer are having trouble pairing, turn off the subwoofer and hold down the “Sync” button on the back of the soundbar until the LED light [1] on the soundbar starts to blink. This means that the soundbar is ready to pair with the sub and indicates when you should turn your subwoofer back on.

setting up soundbar and subwoofer

When you turn the subwoofer back on, you should see the LED indicator light turn green, which signals that both devices are paired and ready to use.

How to Connect a Polk Soundbar to WiFi

Another easy Polk soundbar setup is via Wi-Fi. To ensure the strongest and most stable connection, you should place the soundbar close to your wireless router or vice versa.

Once your soundbar is connected to a power outlet, there should be an indicator light that will start blinking rapidly then slow to a pulsing, which means that it is ready for connection. If your soundbar light does not slow, press the Wi-Fi setup button until you hear a second tone.

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When your soundbar is ready, you need to download the Polk Omni App on your phone via an app store and follow the instructions to set up the Wi-Fi connection.

Bluetooth Pairing

Enabling your Polk soundbar for Bluetooth pairing is another easy Polk soundbar setup option. To do this, locate the Bluetooth button on the soundbar unit or the remote control to turn on the function. Then, go into your mobile device and find your Polk soundbar in the list of devices. 

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How do I pair my Polk soundbar?

You can pair your Polk soundbar by enabling Bluetooth on the soundbar and your computer, phone, or tablet. Connect by locating the soundbar on the list of devices.

Why is my Polk soundbar not working?

Your Polk soundbar is not working either due to connection issues or your settings. Check the cables to make sure they are securely inserted and restart your soundbar if necessary.

How do I connect my Polk soundbar to my Samsung TV?

You can connect your Polk soundbar to your Samsung TV with HDMI, digital optical, or analog connections. Plug the cables into the corresponding ports to set up a connection.

How do I reset my Polk sound bar?

You can reset your Polk sound bar by pressing the “Power”, “Source” and “Volume +” buttons on the bar for 10 seconds. When all LED indicator lights are flashing, this means that the soundbar has been reset. Doing a reset erases all previous settings.

Polk Soundbar Setup Conclusion

Your Polk soundbar setup should be easy once you’re familiar with the procedure and equipment involved. You should go from unboxing to enjoying elevated sound in a matter of minutes. In terms of connection, HDMI is strongly recommended by our technical team for its simple setup and capability of relaying the highest quality sound.

We have guides for other brands as well! Check how to set up iLive soundbars here.


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