iLive Soundbar Setup

Without the right connection, your iLive soundbar won’t perform up to standard. There are many connections and ways to set up an iLive soundbar, which can make it confusing. No worries — our experts broke down the different connections to determine which is the best to help you with your iLive soundbar setup.

How to Setup Your iLive Sound Bar

Choosing the Cables

Choosing the cables when you connect your iLive soundbar is a matter of choosing the right connection. Our experts always recommend going with HDMI connection as that is the cable that can relay the highest quality audio and video. HDMI is also the easiest to set up, only requiring one cable.

Without HDMI, digital optical cable is your next best choice. While it may not support the ultra-high-quality content that HDMI can, it can still process digital content and is compatible with 5.1.

Lastly, the red and white cables of old, the analog options before digital cables will be your final option. Since these cables are analog, they do not support the digital content most forms of entertainment come in.

Connecting Audio and Video Cables

For those who chose HDMI, the connection is easy with one single cable. Locate the HDMI “out” port on the back of your soundbar and the HDMI “in” port on the back of your TV. Plug in each side of the cable into the corresponding ports.

The process is similar with the digital optical cable. Locate the optical “in” port on your soundbar and the optical “out” on your TV. Plug in each end of the cable into the right ports.

Soundbar with piano

As for the analog RCA cables for your iLive soundbar setup, it’s a matter of connecting the same colored cables into the corresponding ports.They are red and white for audio, and yellow for video. 

Have a Fire TV you want to connect to your soundbar? We have a separate guide for that.

Pairing Wireless Satellite Speakers to Your iLive Sound Bar

To get the full effect of surround sound, you need to pair wireless satellite speakers to your iLive soundbar. Most expert-approved soundbars, including iLive devices, that come with wireless speakers or subwoofers should automatically connect.

If they do not or the satellite speakers lose connection, then you need to pair the devices again. Start by locating the “Connect” button on the speakers and hold it down until the LED indicator light starts to blink rapidly. When the connection has been established, the light will glow a solid green.

Connecting the External Subwoofer

As for the subwoofer [1], if it’s wireless it should connect on its own to the soundbar. If not, follow the steps above to connect the satellite speakers to connect your external wireless sub.

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For wired subwoofers, they should be connected via the RCA cable. Connect the right colors to the right ports or one end into the “out” port on the soundbar and one into the “in” port on the subwoofer.

The process of setting up is different for Sanyo soundbars.

Pairing via Bluetooth

To pair an external device to your iLive soundbar via Bluetooth, first turn on your soundbar. Then, locate the “BT” button or Bluetooth button on the remote. Select the Bluetooth source then press “Pair” on the side of the soundbar. 

Search mode will begin when the LED indicator light on the front of the soundbar starts to flash. Locate the soundbar on your list of devices on your tablet, laptop or phone and wait for the tone and for the indicator light to turn solid to show that pairing has been successful.


How do you set up an iLive sound bar?

You can set up an iLive sound bar by connecting it via cables or wirelessly. For a wired connection, insert the ends of the cables into the correct ports. As for Bluetooth, put both devices into pairing mode and wait for the connection to establish.

How do I connect my iLive soundbar to my Vizio TV?

You can connect your iLive soundbar to your Vizio TV by selecting HDMI, digital optical or analog connection. Then, locate the correct ports and insert the ends of the cables securely.

How do I connect my iLive soundbar to my Bluetooth?

You can connect your iLive soundbar to Bluetooth by putting both devices into pairing mode. Select your soundbar from the list on your external device and wait for the pairing to begin and the connection to be established.

iLive Soundbar Conclusion

An iLive soundbar can have exceptional sound with the right connection. Our experts always recommend opting for HDMI as it can support the highest quality audio relays. 

The next best option would be digital optical if your soundbar doesn’t have HDMI. Follow the steps our experts have compiled for each method for your iLive soundbar setup.

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