Sanyo Soundbar Setup

Setting up a soundbar can be difficult, and even with a manual, the instructions could be unclear or incomplete — making it nearly impossible to set up. Our experts have aimed to eliminate this headache by putting together this guide for your Sanyo soundbar setup.

How to Setup Your Sanyo Sound Bar

Connection Methods

Not many of Sanyo’s soundbars have HDMI, so the digital optical cable is the method recommended by our experts. It can support 5.1 and digital signals and is compatible with most high-quality content. The other option for a Sanyo soundbar setup would be the red and white analog cables, but be aware that they do not support digital content.

Turning on the Sanyo Sound Bar

You can turn on the soundbar with the remote or from the soundbar control panel. 

You should locate the power button on the remote or the soundbar. Once pressed, the LED indicator light on the soundbar should light up. If your Sanyo soundbar has an external subwoofer, you should also see the light on the rear light up.

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Then, depending on the method you chose to connect the soundbar to your TV, you should select the correct input source on the remote.

Pairing and Playing Audio Through Bluetooth

Depending on the model, your soundbar of choice may require a passcode to set up. If so, just enter “0000”. If you cannot locate your soundbar on the list of devices, press “pair” on the remote. 

You will know Bluetooth pairing has been successful when your device and soundbar show that they are connected.


To play audio files or playback through Bluetooth, put your soundbar into pairing mode by pressing the Bluetooth button on the remote and doing the same for your external device. Then, locate and select your device on the list and let the pairing begin.

To control the music, use the Play/Pause, Fast Forward and Rewind buttons on either the remote or soundbar control panel where applicable. To exit Bluetooth mode, simply press one of the other “input” buttons.

Setting Up the Remote

To set up the remote, point it towards the soundbar and press the “Menu” button, then “Settings”, and then “Program Remote” and lastly, select “Sound”. Watch for the indicator light on the soundbar to blink 4 times and input one of the remote control codes below.

Connecting the Sanyo Sound Bar to TV

To connect via the digital optical cable, first turn off your devices and locate the “optical out” port on the back of your soundbar and the “optical in” on the back of your TV. Plug in both ends of the digital optical cable into the right ports and turn your TV and soundbar on again.

The other option is the analog connection. Most modern digital TVs do not support the red and white coaxial outputs, but do support the inputs. To make sure that your soundbar and TV are compatible, double-check if your TV supports the analog “out” port. 

If these are compatible, you can connect the red and white inputs into the corresponding color ports to use analog connection. Make sure that you secure the cables and that they are plugged in tightly.

Connecting Audio from Another Device

To play audio from another device, you can choose any of the connection options we mentioned above — Bluetooth, digital optical and analog. You should follow the steps detailed above for connection and then go into settings on your TV and choose the right input mode. 

Depending on the model, the input mode can be selected on the remote control by pressing “input”.

Connecting to Subwoofer

For the subwoofer part of your Sanyo soundbar setup, you have to first make sure to plug it into an A/C outlet. Locate and hold down the “connect” button on the subwoofer until you see the red LED start to blink. 

Grab your remote and press the “Aux” button and then locate and press “Pair” on the remote until you see the AUX and Bluetooth LED indicator lights start to blink in sync. This indicates that the devices are in search mode and the LED light will glow a solid red when pairing is successful.


How do you manually turn on a Sanyo sound bar?

You turn on a Sanyo sound bar manually by locating and pressing the power button on either the remote control or the sound bar control panel.

How do I connect my Sanyo sound bar?

You can connect your Sanyo sound bar with wired digital optical and analog cables or with Bluetooth for a wireless connection.

How do I reset my Sanyo sound bar?

You can reset your Sanyo sound bar by turning the soundbar on, then pressing “line” on the remote, and then pressing the “Play/Pause” button quickly 5 times within 3 seconds. This should reset your Sanyo soundbar back to default mode.

Sanyo Soundbar Conclusion

Your Sanyo soundbar setup can be a breeze with this comprehensive guide put together by our experts. To make sure your connections are secure without any audio delay or connection issues, always check to see if the inputs are plugged in tightly.

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