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Soundbar Placement Options

The placement of your soundbar is an important consideration before you splurge. Depending on your space, we have several options to make it easier to fit your soundbar in seamlessly with your entertainment system.

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Should I Put My Soundbar Above or Below the TV?​

Above or below your TV are both feasible options. If and when you decide to mount your TV, you just need to make sure it’s unobstructed. The best placement for the soundbar would also depend on where your TV is and where you plan to sit.

The best place is the angle. It should be directly at you and preferably level to your line of sight for the best audio quality.

Take into consideration your setup and your preferred position to find whether it’s best to mount the soundbar above or below your TV. The exceptions to the rule are for surround sound systems where a soundbar may come with subwoofers, satellite speakers, and more.

Whether or not you mount it above or below your TV can also be affected by the remote receiver. If your soundbar comes with a remote, you want to be able to point it at the receiver and have an instant response.

Placing the soundbar below the TV also gives you more flexibility in terms of mounting or not. If you opt for placing it above the TV, it will most likely involve mounting whereas if you placed it below, you have the option of just placing it on a surface.

Soundbar Above the TV

If your soundbar is mounted above the TV, whether on the wall or on the TV itself, you would need it to be ear-level. Some people have higher couches and lower entertainment consoles, which results in a lower TV. In this case, mounting the soundbar above the TV closer to ear-level is optimal.

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Soundbar Below the TV

Contrary to the above setup, if you have a higher TV (mounted on the wall) and lower couches or prefer to watch TV from the floor, then mounting the soundbar below the TV is the best option. 

The acoustics will almost always be better if you mount it at ear level. Due to the fact that most people have their TVs set up slightly above eye level is why a lot of popular soundbars are often mounted below.

Soundbar Behind the TV

Why would anyone want to hide the soundbar behind the TV? A lot of people may think of doing this to hide the soundbar itself or the unsightly wires. We do not suggest this placement at all because not only will it be difficult for it to receive your commands via the remote, the TV itself will also block the sound and hinder your experience.

Soundbar Behind the Couch

Similarly to placing it behind the TV, the couch could also seriously obstruct the audio. You may think that having it close to you will give you the best experience, but not only will the back of the couch serve as a blockade, but it’s better to register the sound from ahead.

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Soundbar on the Floor

Again, we recommend soundbars at ear level for the best reception. If you are just going to place it on the floor, why not lift it up a few inches and place it on your entertainment console?

We are aware that sometimes the arrangement in an individual’s house doesn’t include an entertainment unit, but in that case, we recommend wall mounting it above all else. Not only will it provide better sound quality, but it won’t be a safety hazard either.

A soundbar sitting on the floor would sometimes involve wires dragging on the floor if you opt for a wired connection. Not only will they detract from the beauty of your interior aesthetics, but kids, pets and even you can easily trip over them.

Can You Put a Soundbar in the Cabinet?

Yes, you can put a soundbar in a cabinet if it doesn’t have doors and it is of the right height. However, if your soundbar is advanced enough to have upward-firing speakers [1], the top of the cabinet may also hinder and muffle the sound.

These upward-firing speakers were built on surround sound emanating devices to give you an all-inclusive experience. They were meant to use the ceiling as a sounding board to bounce sound off and provide you with a 3D experience. If you have an advanced sound system, we would advise against this placement.

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The placement of a soundbar isn’t as simple as aesthetics, it also affects the sound delays and general quality as well. Take a look at your setup and device to determine which soundbar placement best suits your needs. Remember to keep it at ear-level if possible for the best home theatrical experience.

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