How to Connect Fire TV to a Soundbar

Your new Fire TV offers impressive imagery and vivid colors, so you need elevated audio from a soundbar to go with the picture. Setting it up can be time-consuming and confusing, but our experts have a detailed guide on how to connect Fire TV to a soundbar.

How to Connect Fire TV to Soundbar

Different Connection Options

In order to connect the Amazon Fire TV streaming device to your best soundbar of choice, you need to connect all three devices the soundbar, your Fire TV, and the TV monitor together.

One of the offered connections is HDMI which is recommended by our experts as the most reliable and stable connection that supports the highest quality audio frequency.

The other option on how to connect Fire TV to a soundbar you may come across is the digital optical connection, which also supports high definition audio but not as high quality as the HDMI.

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The Fire TV does not have analog connections as it is made to support digital 4K video.

To connect your Fire TV to a soundbar, locate the HDMI ports on all devices and plug in the ends of the cables into the correct inputs. You will need two HDMI cables. 

The connection should be Fire TV to soundbar to TV. If that doesn’t work, try Fire TV to TV to soundbar.

Connecting the Firestick to Soundbar

The Firestick’s source of connection is the HDMI input. To connect the Firestick [1] to the soundbar, locate the HDMI port on the back of the soundbar and plug the Amazon Firestick directly into the port. 

Select the right source on your soundbar by either going into the “Settings” or locating the ‘’Source” button on the remote. When the input source has been changed, the next step is to hook up the soundbar to your TV by using another HDMI cable. Plug the ends into the labeled ports and select the right audio source on your TV.

After that, if any additional setup steps need to be taken such as logging into your Amazon account there should be instructions that show up onscreen to prompt you.

Connecting the Fire TV Cube

Connecting the Fire TV Cube to your soundbar involves many of the same steps above. Since it operates on HDMI, it’s important to make sure your soundbar and TV both support this type of connection.

Locate the HDMI port on the back of both your soundbar and your TV. Plug the Fire TV Cube directly to your TV’s HDMI port and connect the soundbar to your TV with HDMI as well. Prompts should then appear onscreen to help you complete the setup.

Controlling Soundbar with Fire TV Remote

Our experts suggest 2 different ways of setting up the Fire TV remote to work with your soundbar. If one method doesn’t yield results, try the other option.

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The first applies to soundbars that support Bluetooth. If your soundbar has this wireless connection option, go to the “Settings” and select the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” option. Search for your Fire TV and sync them together.

If not, then the next option involves going into “Settings” again and locating “Manage Equipment”. Search for your Fire TV and sync them from there.


Can My Fire TV remote control my soundbar?

Yes, your Fire TV remote can control your soundbar. Go to “Settings” and select “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” if your soundbar supports Bluetooth to sync the devices. If not, go into “Settings” and “Manage equipment” and sync from there.

Why is my soundbar not working with my Firestick?

Your soundbar is not working with your Firestick due to the settings. Check the audio by going into “Settings”, “Display and Sounds” and then “Audio”. Also, double-check the cable connections to make sure they are secure and look to see if your TV is on mute.

How do I connect speakers to my Fire TV?

You can connect speakers to your Fire TV by going into the “Settings” then “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” and locating your speakers once they have been put into pairing mode. 


The Fire TV and other similar devices are created to support high-quality content. 

If you are wondering which is the best option on how to connect Fire TV to a soundbar, our experts suggest HDMI. It can support the highest quality content your Fire TV was designed to deliver. Besides producing little to no delays, it is also the easiest connection method.

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