What is the Best Projector with a DVD Player Built In? (2021)

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A projector with a DVD player built in makes it easier to play movies without any external connection. Do these machines with this extra feature perform just as well as ones without, or will you end up with a subpar machine? Our experts are here to answer that question with some of the top-performing projector models with DVD player.

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Dxyiitoo ‎
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Bluetooth Projector
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Bluetooth Projector

Reviews of the Top Projectors with a DVD Player


Dxyiitoo Bluetooth Projector

This amazingly small and portable projector from Dxyiitoo has a versatile hardware interface that features VGA, USB, HDMI, AUX, and Bluetooth connections. 

The advanced player has increased brightness and an upgraded contrast ratio of 8000:1. The Dxyiitoo Bluetooth Projector has an extended lamp life of 60,000 hours, ready to give you years and years of entertainment. 

You can now enjoy DVD videos without owning a DVD player with this tiny device. The built-in dual stereo speakers with SRS will bring amazing sound to your viewing experience, making the Bluetooth projector an excellent all-in-one device.

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Dxyiitoo 201Star

Our media team’s premium choice is another Dxyiitoo projector. The 201Star is an upgraded and more advanced version, but of course, it also costs more. Aside from Bluetooth, the projector also supports screen mirroring, Wi-Fi, and Apple Airplay.

The image quality is super bright at 7,500 lumens and the ultra-high contrast ratio of 8000:1 will bring you clearer images than before. The built-in DVD player is an added bonus which can be controlled via the included remote.

There is also Bluetooth for wireless content streaming and dual stereo speakers built in on the Dxyiitoo 201Star.

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BIGASUO Bluetooth Projector

Every product will have budget models, and our media testers have chosen the BIGASUO Bluetooth Projector as the best affordable choice. Although it’s inexpensive, the small player comes packed with features.

Of course, there is a built-in DVD player so you can watch your favorite movies even without any connection to an external device. The contrast ratio is high, at 6000:1 and the coated lenses will add an additional quality factor to the color display.

There are 2 powerful speakers built in that will give you the chance to enjoy the 200-inch max screen size with immersive sound. 

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FANGOR Mini Bluetooth Projector

Our team of professionals round out the list of the best projectors with a DVD player built in with the Fangor model. The small projector has the coveted MStar Color Engine to produce accurate colors with a high contrast ratio of 8000:1. 

You also have speakers built right into the device and Bluetooth streaming is available to provide you with a wireless setup, but only for speakers and headphones. You can also choose to mirror the screen on your Apple or Android device using HDMI.

The cooling system installed on the Fangor Mini Bluetooth Projector will make sure the device does not overheat and reduce motor and fan noise.

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Projectors with DVD Players Buyer’s Guide

Resolution and Contrast Ratio

For the best projectors with a DVD player, our visual team suggests going for the highest resolution you can find, which is 4K or 8K in a projector. Make sure to at least get one that’s 1080p native.

Connectivity Options

In terms of connections, the more the better. Our expert team suggests looking for HDMI, Bluetooth [1], Wi-Fi if possible, AUX, and USB.

Our Top Pick For a Projector with a DVD Player:
Dxyiitoo Bluetooth Projector

The ideal projector with a DVD player is the Dxyiitoo Bluetooth projector. Not only is it a projector and a DVD player, but it also has dual built-in speakers to become a miniature home theater system all on its own. You can expand the screen size to an astounding 250 inches and it comes with upgraded brightness and contrast ratio.

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