What is the Best Projector With HDMI Ports? (2021)

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HDMI is by far the easiest and more efficient connection between media devices. Will a projector with HDMI do as expected, and support the video quality you desire, or will affordable products fall short? Our experts are here to address your concerns with top-rated projectors with HDMI connections to help you pick. 

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Reviews of the Top Projectors With HDMI Ports


Poyank Wi-Fi Projector

The Poyank Wi-Fi Projector is equipped with HDMI and USB so you can easily connect the portable projector to external media devices. You can control everything with the included remote, and enjoy Wi-Fi connection that sets up via your smartphone.

The small projector is like a home theater system in one, because it has 2 in-built speakers that can deliver Hi-Fi sound. Don’t worry about operating the unit for long hours because the fan cooling system will make sure it remains in optimal conditions and won’t overheat.

The fan also has a reduced noise design that keeps its operation quiet.

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BIGASUO HD Projector

The BIGASUO HD Projector is a pricier model, but well worth the money. Our media team liked it as a DVD player and projector in one single body. This way, you can play content without any sort of connection.

Of course, the quality is enhanced with better brightness in ambient lighting and the color contrast and vibrancy have also been improved.

There are also 2 powerful built-in speakers that really make this an all-in-one device for you to enjoy movies wherever you are. Simply plug in the device via HDMI or the other onboard connections to enjoy high-quality content.

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PVO Mini Projector

If portability is what you’re looking for, our media team says there is no better projector than the PVO Mini. It’s a small device like the BlissLights Sky Lite projector, but don’t let the size fool you because it can project images up to 150 inches. It’s so portable and small that it can be carried around in your pocket!

The upgraded version of the PVO mini projector can now support 1080p full HD. The small projector also has enough room to feature onboard connections such as HDMI, USB, AV, and micro SD card to name a few.

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Poner Saund Mini Projector

The Poner Saund mini projector has a native resolution of 720p HD and supports full HD 1080p. The upgraded LED lighting makes the images 60% brighter than many of its competitors and a longer lamp life up to 52,000 hours!

Our media team raved about the large 210-inch screen size the Poner Saund mini projector is capable of, which makes it an ideal choice for larger venues.

The small speaker also has a built-in speaker to bring the sound, but you also have the option of connecting it to external speakers to fill the room with audio. 

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Projectors With HDMI Ports Buyer’s Guide


Our media experts recommend 720p HD native resolution at the very least. It’s also important to make sure the best projectors with HDMI [1] also support full HD.


If you’re going to enjoy content in low lighting, make sure the brightness is around 6000 lumens at least. In a dark environment, a rating less than that will suffice. 


How do I connect my phone to my projector with HDMI?

You can connect your phone to your projector with HDMI by connecting the cable to a device that can mirror or project the screen such as Google Chromecast or directly to your phone. Once you have done that, you can wirelessly stream the content or mirror your screen.

Our Top Pick For a Projector With HDMI Ports:
POYANK Wi-Fi Projector

Our team’s pick for the best projector with HDMI is the POYANK Wi-Fi projector. The device is small and delivers very bright images all from a compact profile. There are also built-in stereo speakers to pair audio with the high-quality picture and the cooling system will make sure your unit is good to go for hours. 


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