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One of the most basic functions of a Bluetooth projector is to connect to external speakers to upgrade the audio. Without testing and picking the right one, a projector could have spotty wireless connection that completely defeats the purpose. To make sure you avoid this, our media experts have reviewed the top-performing Bluetooth projectors today.

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Reviews of the Top Bluetooth Projectors


WiMiUS Bluetooth Projector

Our first choice for a Bluetooth projector is the one from WiMiUS, which supports 1080p and is 20% brighter than its competitors. It’s more than bothersome to have to hook up speakers and a screen to set up for movie night, but the WiMiUS projector eliminates the need for external speakers by including in-built ones.

If you do want better and bigger sound, the Bluetooth 5.0 function allows you to connect to external speakers for a cinematic experience. The high-performing yet compact WiMiUS Bluetooth projector also has keystone correction so you are always getting a clear image.

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DBPOWER Q6 Bluetooth Projector

What does a small portable Bluetooth projector at a slightly higher price get you? For starters, the DBPOWER Bluetooth projector has a native full HD 1080p resolution and an amazing contrast ratio of 10,000:1.

There are also high-refraction lenses in the imaging system that ensures crisp pictures every time. The mirroring function will allow the projector to mirror your smartphone screen on the big screen without any cables.

If the stereo speakers do not do the job right, you can take advantage of the Bluetooth to connect to external ones.

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YABER V3 Mini Bluetooth Projector

The YABER V3 is a Bluetooth projector with just the basics. It doesn’t come with a carrying case or stand, but that’s why it comes at a more budget price. 

Rest assured that the cheaper price is no indication of the quality. The Yaber V3 is just as amazing as the premium option with Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, zoom, and is 50% brighter.

The small projector can be mounted to the ceiling and it has keystone correction to center the images. The projection can reach a maximum of 200 inches and the long lamp life makes sure the projector is in operation for years to come. 

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TOPTRO WiFi Projector

Mirror your screen with the TOPTRO Wi-Fi projector. With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the connection is faster, stabler to further give you more options when setting up the device.

The small projector has a native HD resolution, which is 720p, with a brighter 7000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 6000:1.

The latest LED technology makes sure the lamp life exceeds its competitors and noise suppression and cooling technologies make sure heat is dissipated much more efficiently. In fact, the fan makes about 30% less noise than previous models. 

(For fun and enjoyable projector experience, you can check the BlissLights Sky Lite projector here

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Bluetooth Projectors Buyer’s Guide

Resolution and Brightness

For the best Bluetooth projector, our team members recommend at least 6000 lumens [1] and a native resolution of 720p at the very least. Native 1080p is better, but it’s not as common in budget projectors. 

Size and Portability

Most of the options our experts included are small, but if portability is a concern, look for small units that come with a carrying case.

Throw Distance

There are long throw, short throw, and ultra short throw projectors. UST projectors only require a few inches of space between the screen and the projector. Short throws need around 5 feet and long throw projectors are the ones that can throw from over 8 feet making it an ideal projector for small lectures and events

Our Top Pick For a Bluetooth Projector:
WiMiUS Bluetooth Projector

Among the best Bluetooth projectors we tested, our media team is most impressed with the WiMiUS Bluetooth projector. It’s a small and compact device that integrates well with your setup. You can choose to connect it to external speakers via Bluetooth if the built-in ones aren’t up to standard, and you can enjoy upgraded picture quality with brighter images and keystone correction. 


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