What is the Best 150-Inch Projector Screen To Get This 2021?

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A large 150-inch screen usually comes in the same design, but are they all made the same? No, they are not. Some may be see-through and others may not mount well. The best way to avoid these undesirable qualities is by trusting our media experts. They have gone through more than a handful of products to find the best ones below.

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Reviews of the Top 150-Inch Projector Screens


Taotique Projector Screen

A projector screen of this sheer size will need to be foldable for storage. The Taotique projector screen is an excellent model that comes wrinkle-free and worry-free. The large screen can be used for a variety of applications ranging from camping to office presentations.

You get a wider viewing angle with these best 150-inch projector screens that support double-sided projection, 4K UHD-ready, and can even handle 3D projection! Taotique includes the hooks and ropes needed to mount the extra large screen, but be aware that it does not come with a stand. 

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KSAN Outdoor Projector Screen

For those who want a stand, the KSAN outdoor projector screen is right for you. Even with the extra frame, the large 150-inch projector screen doesn’t take much time to set up. It’s easy to maneuver the aluminum alloy parts, without the need for any professional tools.

Of course, the large screen is portable, and KSAN is thoughtful enough to include a carrying bag! Are you ready for 4K UHD visual appeal? The KSAN outdoor projection screen can give you that plus brighter and more vivid colors.

The screen is stable and wrinkle-free, thanks to the premium materials used to create it.

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Mdbebbron Projection Screen

The Mdbebbron projection screen isn’t our media experts’ budget choice due to price, but due to the cost plus time to maintain. As we all know, our time is priceless, so the machine-washable screen that comes at an affordable price is the easiest option.

It works anywhere and everywhere, folds easily for transport, and will not unravel with any creases. If you do happen to get mud or dirt on the surface, you can easily toss it into your machine or hand wash it.

The screen is easy to set up and comes with all the hooks and ropes needed to secure it. 

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NMEPLAD Projector Screen

Another large and foldable projector screen is the NMEPLAD that remains wrinkle-free even after washing. You get everything you need to set up the screen with your purchase, including a natural cork [1] carrying bag. 

The NMEPLAD projector screen supports front and rear projection, high-resolution pictures, a wide viewing angle, and can be cleaned with soap and water. The premium polyester spandex fabric will emerge after washing or folding completely wrinkle-free. Even if you do see some creases, you can straighten out the folds by laying the screen flat on a surface.

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150-Inch Projector Screens Buyer’s Guide

Screen Material and Quality

Our media team stresses the importance of high-quality materials. This will guarantee that it is wrinkle-free. Look for top-grade polyester.

Indoor and Outdoor Setup

Most 150-inch projector screens work indoors and out, just make sure you have the space and decide if you need a stand.


How far should a projector be from a 150-inch screen?

A projector will need to be at least a few feet away from a 150-inch screen. However, this depends on the type of throw your projector has. An ultra short throw projector may only need a few inches, while a standard throw could need around 10 feet.

Our Top Pick For a 150-Inch Projector Screen:
Taotique Projector Screen

The best 150-inch projector screen is the one from Taotique. It is the only one on our list our team recommends for 3D projection, and it is completely wrinkle-free, supports a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, and folds easily for portability. The Taotique 150-Inch Projector Screen also comes with hooks and ropes you need to mount it to a suitable surface. 


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