Programming the Universal Remote Control to an Energy Soundbar

Energy soundbars come with a separate remote control when you purchase them. But if you happen to lose it and cannot find an immediate replacement, you can always try a universal remote control for the Energy Power Soundbar.

In addition, you can also program your ordinary TV remote control to work on the Energy Power Bar Soundbar. To show you how, follow our team’s guide for an easy connection.

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Setting Up an Energy Power Soundbar With a Universal Remote Control With Codes

The Energy Power Soundbar is the brand’s first soundbar that is breaking ground on sound and music quality. It also has an advantage among other soundbars of connecting to TVs without any additional cables. A digital line is given along with the soundbar that can connect the TV with the soundbar.

Energy soundbar

If you want to control the soundbar with a remote, here is how you can program it with given codes.

  1. Switch on your Energy Power Bar.
  2. Face your Universal Remote Control directly towards the soundbar.
  3. Look for the Menu option on the Universal Remote Control. After that, press the Settings button on the remote control and choose the Program Remote option. Then, press the Sound button to program the Energy Power Bar.
  4. You should know if you did the following correctly, if the LED light flickers four times. Afterwards, add any code you like from the given list. If it works, the light on the universal remote control will go off, and if the light does not turn off, try another code from the list.
  5. To check if you have done the procedure correctly, choose and press any button and see if the remote control operates on the Energy Power Bar Soundbar.

The Energy Power Soundbar has four buttons indicating different controls like Mute, Volume Up, Volume Down, and Source. You can easily control these keys by using the button on the TV remote. Here are some tips for the soundbar to work with your TV remote control:

Energy soundbar buttons
  • If your soundbar is operating on a Stand-by mode, it would show a red light. Push the Source labeled button on the soundbar until the red light turns into a green light.
  • When the light is green, press and hold the Source and Mute labeled buttons in the front of the Energy Power Bar Soundbar. The thing to be noted here is that you need to press both buttons at once for around 3 seconds. It will turn the green light into an orange flicker.
  • Now, pressing the Mute button one time on the Energy Soundbar will make the light orange.
  • Face the TV remote control pointing towards the soundbar at a minimum of one-foot distance and press the Mute button slowly on the TV remote control four times. When pressed the first three times, the indicator light will show orange blinking in each pressing. For the fourth time, when the Mute button is pressed, the light would flash green. It will finally turn solid green after blinking.

Connecting the Energy Power Bar With a TV

Keep your soundbar up or below the TV, connect one end of the given 3.5mm/headphone jack [1] to the dual/RCA cable and another end of the jack into RL/RCA jacks on the backside of the soundbar.

The next part is to plug in the alternate current power cord into the power supply of the soundbar. Plug in the direct current input into the backside of the Soundbar. The AC supply will then be plugged in an active electric outlet.

programming Energy soundbar

While doing this procedure, make sure that the light visible on the soundbar is green or orange, and if the light is red, press any button one time to fix that.

Energy Soundbar Codes

  • 30531
  • 1609
  • 048
  • 31609
  • 5144
  • 1050
  • 2652

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