Programming the Universal Remote Control to a Polk Soundbar

Every Polk Audio soundbar comes with its remote control that works perfectly in tune with the soundbar. But, if you’ve lost your soundbar remote control or have placed it somewhere and cannot find it, you can always opt for a universal remote control.  

Like the name suggests, a universal remote control can operate a range of devices, regardless of the brand. Here we’ll show you how to program your Polk soundbar with this remote.

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Setting up the Universal Remote Control with a Polk Soundbar

To begin setting up your Polk Audio soundbar, here are the steps you must follow:

  1. First, turn your Polk Soundbar on.
  2. In your universal remote control, locate and choose the “Setup” button. Press and then hold the button so that the light turns red. Stop holding the setup button after the light is lit up. This will enable the remote to go into “Setup mode.”
  3. Press and release the button, then register your Polk soundbar. Now, add the code from the list below on the universal remote control. The red light would go off, meaning the code entered was right.
  4. Now, direct the remote towards your Polk soundbar and press any command on the Universal Remote Control that you enable the soundbar to play. The soundbar would work if you followed the steps correctly. If not, you can always try with other codes given on the list.

Setting up Polk Soundbar to Receive Commands from the TV Remote

The following manual will help operate and control Polk soundbar models SB2000, SB3000, SB4000, SB5000, SB6000, SB6500, SB5500, SB9000, SB9500. These Polk soundbars models would take commands from the various remotes like TV, Cable, or satellite infrared remote controls. 

Polk Audio soundbar and subwoofer

For this TV remote setup, Polk Audio soundbars receive their commands through infrared transmissions [1]. Other remotes also work by receiving the signals in the form of radiofrequency transmissions. These soundbars can be operated by using an adapter to transmit the commands to the soundbar.

First of all, let’s talk about your TV remote controlling the volume and other commands of your Polk soundbar. While programming your TV with your Polk soundbar, ignore any other controls or options being displayed throughout the process.

  1. Turn on the Polk soundbar and make sure the power light is in green color.
  2. Next, press and hold the Learn button on the Polk soundbar. Press and hold for about 2 seconds, until the LED light turn orange and flickers. After that, release the pressed Learn button.
  3. Like the previous step, press and release the Volume button of your Polk soundbar. Similarly, the LED light will light orange.
  4. Direct your TV remote from about 6 to 12 inches from the Polk soundbar. Now, press the Volume Up button around four to eight times continuously so the LED on the POLK soundbar will flicker every time you press the Volume button. If the LED light on the Polk soundbar flickers for three seconds, it means that the command has been registered. Afterwards, the POLK soundbar’s LED would change its color to solid green.
  5. The LED green light on the Polk soundbar means that it is ready to receive command from the TV remote.
Polk Audio soundbar ports and cable connections

Every time you want to register a new command to be controlled by the TV remote control, you will have to put your Polk soundbar in the learning mode by pressing and holding the Learn button and repeating all the steps the same way one by one. 

3-Digit Codes

  • 556
  • 685
  • 270
  • 640
  • 732
  • 111
  • 725

4-Digit Codes

  • 3403
  • 0516
  • 1414
  • 5014
  • 0892
  • 3429
  • 2242
  • 0136
  • 3447
  • 7120
  • 1206
  • 0184
  • 0919
  • 1316
  • 5183
  • 0269
  • 7097
  • 0216

5-Digit Codes

  • 68310
  • 20892
  • 70209
  • 21414
  • 33429
  • 20892
  • 40157
  • 42270
  • 75809
  • 20189
  • 31289
  • 42228
  • 22115
  • 43429
  • 70800
  • 61435
  • 31951

If you are using a specific brand, you can check the following pages too! 


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