How to Connect Echo Dot to Soundbar — Pairing Your Amazon Alexa Device

connect echo dot to soundbar

Although the Amazon Echo Dot is a compact smart speaker with impressive AI features, its sound quality can be a bit lacking compared to more powerful speakers.

Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to connect this Amazon Alexa device to an external audio system such as a soundbar. You can now combine the AI functionality of this speaker with another source in this guide on how to connect Echo Dot to soundbar.

Connecting the Amazon Echo Dot to a Soundbar

Before linking your Amazon Echo Dot to your soundbar, check to see if the latter is already equipped with Alexa.

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Some newer and more modern models in the market have this feature, so you might not need to connect your Amazon Echo Dot to access hands-free listening and streaming.

Otherwise, you can choose between a wired connection through an AUX cable or a wireless connection via Bluetooth.

Wired Connection

If you opt for a wired connection, you’ll need an AUX (3.5mm) cable. Amazon Echo Dots have AUX output ports, but make sure that your soundbar has AUX input too.

LG SNC4R soundbar controls

Now, if your soundbar requires a digital optical cable, there are AUX converters available for sale. However, because this may significantly reduce sound quality, we recommend getting an AUX-compatible soundbar or trying out the wireless option instead.

 Here’s how to connect your Amazon Echo Dot to a soundbar using an AUX cord:

  • First, measure the distance between your Amazon Echo Dot and your soundbar, and get an AUX cable with an appropriate length.
  • On your smartphone or tablet, open the Amazon Alexa app to begin the pairing process. From the main menu settings, select ‘Devices’, then click on your Amazon Echo Dot, then select ‘AUX Audio’, followed by ‘Line In or Line Out’.
  • Connect one end of your AUX cable to the Amazon Echo Dot and the other end to your soundbar. Afterwards, turn both your devices on.
  • In some soundbars, you may have to select the output source (Amazon Echo Dot) so that they recognize the device.
  • Now it’s time to test out your audio.
Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - white

You can leave your Amazon Echo Dot plugged into the soundbar, or you can disconnect the AUX cable once you’re done listening through the external speaker.

Wireless Connection

A wireless connection is much easier because everything is hands-free. For this to work, your external speaker must have Bluetooth capabilities. Luckily, most—if not all—soundbars on the market today are equipped with this feature.

  • To stream with Bluetooth, just follow these simple steps:
  • First, turn on your soundbar and make sure it’s on pairing mode (if applicable).
  • Make sure your Amazon Echo Dot is already set up and connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet, click on ‘Main Menu’ and then ‘Settings’. Select your Amazon Echo Dot.
  • Go to ‘Bluetooth Settings’, then click on ‘Pair a New Device’. You should see the name of your soundbar appear on this screen, then select it and wait for it to pair successfully.
  • Finally, test out your audio!

Disconnecting From Soundbar

If want to disconnect your soundbar, go back to the app, tap on the name of the speaker, and select Disconnect.

Blackweb soundbar below a tv

Alternatively, you can use a voice command such as “Alexa, please disconnect” to disable Bluetooth connectivity.

The next time you want to link your Amazon Echo Dot to the same soundbar, you can simply ask Alexa to connect to it for you.

If you want your Amazon Echo Dot to stop automatically connecting to your soundbar, you can select ‘Forget Device’ in the Amazon Alexa app settings. This will erase your soundbar from the list of paired devices, so you’ll have to repeat this process to reconnect it.

Features of the Amazon Echo Dot

With an Amazon Echo Dot, you can use voice commands to play music, set alarms, search information on the internet, play games, make hands-free calls, control other smart devices or appliances in your home and many more. 

But if you’re primarily interested in music streaming, the Amazon Echo Dot can play songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and Sirius XM, among others, so you’ll never run out of great hits to listen to [1].

(Got an Amazon Alexa? Then, enjoy your device even more by knowing how to use Alexa as a speaker with AUX. With just a few tweaks and tricks on settings, your Alexa can be so much more)

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)


As exemplified on this how to connect Echo Dot to soundbar guide, you don’t have to sacrifice audio quality if you’re using this speaker. All you have to do is connect it to a soundbar that can supplement all of its great features.

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