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are tcl tvs good

TCL is popularly known for making budget electronics and TVs. However, consumers are concerned about the quality and performance of their offers. For ardent gamers and TV users, a product with excellent picture quality and great audio is non-negotiable. Our electronics experts discuss the overall performance of TCL TVs and determine if they are worth spending on. 

About TCL TVs

Origins and Manufacturing

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TCL TVs have been in production since 1981 when the company TCL was founded. TCL (Telephone Communication Limited) is a Chinese company famous for manufacturing not just TVs, but they also manufacture other electronics like mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. The company is headquartered in Huizhou, Guandong Province, China.

Most TCL TVs shipped to other parts of the globe are manufactured in China, but several manufacturing plants cut across different countries. China retains the bulk of the manufacturing to cut production costs, explaining why their TCL TV prices are low.

Strengths of TCL TVs

A TV that arrives at such a good price will raise questions from potential consumers, and typically, this is no surprise. So, are TCL TVs good for only the price? Our team looks at the strength of TCL TVs.

TCL 65R635 6-Series

Quality and Technology

Only a few TCL TVs come with the latest technological offerings. This is probably the reason some consumers opt for other reputable brands like Samsung and LG. However, the Flagship TCL TV models like the 6 Series are built with the latest technology. 


If you are tight on a budget, TCL TVs are one of the nicest options out there for purchase. The TVs are reasonably priced, and you get decent features. Of course, quality and features determine pricing, so you shouldn’t expect a TCL TV to have that many eye-popping features at its price. 

Offers and Formats

The 6 Series and 5 Series offer 4K QLED formats and come with other high-end features like low-input lag and good contrast. 


Under normal usage, TCL TVs can last for more than seven years. If well maintained and taken care of, the TV can last up to ten years. However, when subjected to heavy usage, particularly gaming, expect it to last even less. 

TCL Alto 6+ below a tv

You could experience the backlight breaking or the panels heating up. It is a common occurrence in TVs that you have used for a long time. But, you can minimize the issue from happening too soon by reducing the brightness to a reasonable level to remove glare from the screen.

Customer Support and Warranty

TCL offers excellent customer support and warranty. If you buy a TCL TV through online stores like Amazon, the retailers provide a 12-month warranty to cover the product if used for non-commercial usage. For commercial usage, it’s 90-days.

TCL TVs for Gaming

TCL TVs aren’t the best for heavy super-intense gaming, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use them for playing video games. You will have to deal with the input lag, but it’s less common in the flagship models. 

Our technical professionals explain the reason you can’t play heavy or graphic-intensive games with TCL TVs is the refresh rate. Most models offer a 60 Hz rate, which isn’t enough for high-end games. The recommended refresh rate is 120 Hz [1].

TCL 32S327 screen

However, flagship models like the 6 Series have variable refresh rates and come with minimal input lag. However, they don’t come with HDMI 2.1, although they support a 120 Hz refresh rate. If you are still considering buying a TCL TV for gaming, you can try this one out.

Top-Performing TCL TVs

If you have decided to pick a TCL TV, here are some top-performing models you can consider.

The TCL 6 Series is the current flagship model from the brand. The series was manufactured in 2020 with a 4K QLED display, Roku operating system, low input lag (for gamers), HDR, etc. This is probably the best TV TCL has made to date. 

The 5 Series is another excellent alternative that comes with nearly everything present in the 6 Series. However, it lacks a variable refresh rate and HDR viewing. The 8 Series 2019 also has the same issue. 

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Do TCL TVs last long?

TCL TVs last long enough if you maintain them well. A TCL TV can last for seven to ten years under normal usage and lasts even less under heavy use. 

Is TCL better than Samsung?

TCL is better than Samsung in pricing. TCL offers several quality options for affordable prices, but the picture quality and audio are slightly behind their Samsung counterparts.


TCL TVs come with nice features that make them a top contender in the market, especially amongst budget buyers. For the most part, the TVs do a great job at producing good quality pictures, but if you are into casual gaming, go for the flagship models. We hope this post by our team has answered your question, “are TCL TVs good?”

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