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As you may already know, web browsing is already a typical feature in modern television units. However, with manufacturers releasing new models every year, the hunt for the best Smart TVs with web browsers only gets harder from here. If you don’t want to be involved in a lengthy return process, let our home entertainment experts test several top-rated TV models that are truly worth it.

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4K Smart OLED TV
Editor's Choice
QN50Q60AA (2021)
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Reviews of the Top Smart TVs with a Web Browser


Samsung QN50Q60AA Smart TV (2021)

Everything you’d expect with a modern-day television set is included in the features of the Samsung QN50Q60AA Smart TV (2021). Designed with a wide range of connectivity options from HDMI, USB, LAN port, up to WiFi and Bluetooth options — our television testers found absolute ease in setting up this unit. 

The picture quality of this 4K UHD Smart TV is also out of this world with its mesmerizing color clarity owed to its Quantum Dot technology integration. And because Samsung is known for its reliable service line, we assure you that there’d be no problem contacting their team in case you bumped into a hurdle while setting this unit up. 

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While it’s true that price isn’t always the deciding factor of high-quality products, we’re not joking when we say that LG CX 4K Smart OLED TV is the best Smart TV with a web browser to get if you have enough budget. 

Considering its ultra-thin design and well-engineered construction, it’s no wonder this model is popular among homeowners. 

Equipped with OLED technology, its infinite colors and rich contrast left our team in complete awe. And thanks to its advanced processors, browsing in search engines isn’t at all complicated when we tested this particular unit.

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If an affordable TV is what you seek, then you’d be as pleased as us when you buy SAMSUNG UN32M4500B Smart LED TV. As a product coming from a reputable brand, it’s not a surprise that this affordable television offers convenient and smart web browsing in its interface. 

With its HDTV display, our testers were able to view media content in vibrant and vivid picture quality. Compared to stand TV sets, we get to see impressive clarity and details owed to its 60Hz motion rate. It also has a WiFi connectivity option, perfect for smart home integration.

(To check how Samsung compares with other TV brands, we have pitted Samsung Q80T agains Sony X950H here

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Buyer’s Guide for Smart TVs with a Web Browser

Visual and Audio Quality

It’s a no-brainer that audio and visuals are among the major features of television units. When considering which to purchase, our team suggests always going for ones with high image and sound quality. With these features, your web browsing experience will be put at ease.

(If you want a great viewing experience, you can also check out some of the most excellent 80-inch Samsung TVs here

Input Lag

You may not be familiar with this feature, but input lag is the response rate of your TV when the user inputs command into its system. If your primary concern is the Smart TV web browsing, we recommend getting units with low input lag. 

Controls and Accessibility

Your Smart TV user interface has to be easy to navigate if you want your web browsing experience to be bliss. When you go out and purchase one, make sure to check if the controls can easily lead you to the search bar and how long it takes for you to access the information you need. 

Our Top Pick For a Samsung 80 Inch TV:
Samsung QN50Q60AA (2021)

While it’s not an easy task to find the best Smart TV with a web browser, our home entertainment experts united into voting Samsung QN50Q60AA Smart TV (2021) as our top pick in this roundup. 

Engineered with multiple connectivity options, browser support, and reasonable pricing—we do not doubt that this product will aid your multimedia content [1] needs for the longest time.

If you are in search of the ideal television for your home theater, you might find one from the list below: 


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