How to Troubleshoot Vizio Soundbar and Subwoofer Issues?

Vizio soundbars complement a home theater system. They enhance your listening experience by offering better sound output without dealing with the complexity of using speakers’ wires. However, some Vizio soundbars are challenging to use, and they can be really  frustrating. Thus, our technical team came up with Vizio soundbar subwoofer troubleshooting guide to help you set up your soundbar and subwoofer successfully.

A Step-by-Step Guide

Vizio soundbars are great sound equipment that amplifies audio output. They are stylish and come with fantastic features that lighten up your home theater system to make listening fun. However, these soundbars develop problems, and resolving them is important.

The most common issue users experience with their soundbars is connecting to the subwoofer. Problems can be hitches with the settings, loose AC connection, or defective devices, pairing them is impossible.

Modern Vizio soundbars can be complicated, especially for someone who hasn’t used a soundbar before. However, this step-by-step troubleshooting guide will teach you how to resolve these issues with your Vizio soundbar and subwoofer without spending so much. 

Step 1: Do a Factory Reset of Both Devices

Doing a factory reset on both the subwoofer and the soundbar will get the connection working correctly. Although this step is more like a last resort, many users try it first after discovering that their subwoofer and soundbar pairing aren’t working. Factory resetting involves pushing some buttons sequentially.

Vizio SB36512-F6B

Press the Bluetooth button on your Vizio soundbar and hold the volume down button simultaneously for five seconds and ensure the LED lights are flashing. If they are, you have successfully factory reset your soundbar.

Step 2: Move the Two Devices Closer

Wireless pairing, especially Bluetooth pairing, works only within 32 feet. If it exceeds than that, connections between the sub and the soundbar won’t work. Therefore, you need to bring the two devices closer for instantaneous pairing.

Step 3: Secure Wires (for Wired Connections)

Plug the power cord of both devices correctly to the AC outlet and the HDMI cable to the correct ports on both devices.

Step 4: Disable Eco Mode

Eco-mode saves power by turning the soundbar off after an idle period. Unfortunately, Eco-mode is enabled by default on some soundbars, and this is known to interfere with the connection. Therefore, you need to turn it off at once. 

vizio soundbar buttons

To turn off Eco-mode, press and hold the power button on the Vizio soundbar while holding the volume down button for ten seconds; if there are no two vertical lights on your soundbar’s left, it means your Eco-mode is now disabled. 

Step 5: Pair Subwoofer and Soundbar

The pairing process may not be universal since there are different models of soundbars. Our audio team advises that you check the manual for a guide.

Plug the sub and turn the power switch on; hold the pair button on the rear for about five seconds until it starts to blink red; hold the power button down on the soundbar for ten seconds until lights begin to flash. Once this happens, it means you have paired both devices.

If the red light isn’t blinking on your sub, it means that it isn’t working. You need to replace the subwoofer. If you are not getting any bass audio from the subwoofer, unplug both devices and reconnect again. 

Step 6: Turn Off and On Devices Alternately

Press down the power button on the subwoofer for at least five seconds. Once it’s off, turn off the soundbar. Wait for a few seconds and turn them back on, starting with the soundbar.

Vizio M21D-H8R remote control

Step 7: Test Connection

Now, it’s time to test the connection. If the audio isn’t still coming out, recheck the connection. If it’s still not coming on, you should replace the subwoofer or the soundbar.

(To know how reliable the Vizio brand is, we have compared Vizio brand with TCL brand here

Tips and Reminders

To deal with persistent connection issues, always consult Vizio’s soundbar manual for more clarity. The manual can provide insights on how to handle the connection properly. Also, you can check if the power cords are rightfully plugged into the AC outlet [1]. If this has not been resolved, you have the option to return the device if defective.


Why won't my Vizio soundbar pair with a subwoofer?

Your Vizio soundbar won’t pair with your subwoofer because of several reasons. For example, it might be because you didn’t plug in the power cord correctly, didn’t update the firmware soundbar, didn’t turn off the Eco-mode, or have a defective subwoofer.

How do I sync my Vizio soundbar to my subwoofer?

To sync your Vizio soundbar to your subwoofer, press down and hold the pairing button on the subwoofer’s back until the LED blinks. Press down and hold the power button on the soundbar until the LED indicators flash thrice. 


Vizio soundbars make sound amplification incredible, maximizing your listening experience. However, they can develop pairing issues, and you can risk getting them damaged if you don’t resolve the problems quickly. This Vizio soundbar subwoofer troubleshooting guide by our sound team will help you resolve the major issues you might encounter with your soundbar and sub. 


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