Samsung HW-Q900T review

These days, soundbars are must-have devices for TVs and home theaters, mostly as these modern machines have less room for speakers. Unfortunately, searching for the best soundbars amidst the thousands in the market isn’t an easy feat. For this reason, our team of experts has come up with the results of testing in this Samsung HW-Q900T review so you can make the right choice.



Samsung HW-Q900T Design

Our experts were impressed with the craftsmanship of the soundbar. It features premium Kvadrat fabrics and plastic design to maximize the product’s durability. About two-thirds of the body is plastic design, while the front of the soundbar is covered in fabric.

The premium-looking soundbar is sleek and bears the same resemblance as the HW-Q950T. The sides of the soundbar are angled, with small openings for surround speakers. 

However, our team of experts wasn’t entirely impressed with the location of the display screen at the top of the bar. This makes it slightly difficult to read the content in a sitting position from afar.

The 7.1 soundbar comes with multiple speakers and a subwoofer to offer a 3D, realistic, and detailed sound profile.

Features of the Samsung HW-Q900T

Samsung HW-Q900T Sound Quality

Samsung HW-Q900T soundbar is an impressive device designed to deliver a wide range of audio experiences. Manufactured in 2021, this Samsung soundbar is engineered with state of the art and latest acoustic technologies to provide a perfect and well-balanced audio output.

The sound quality of this soundbar is quite impressive, as our experts found in this Samsung HW-Q900T review. It delivers a neutral and well-balanced sound profile, and the bass quality is top-notch. There’s the EQ and presets for you to customize the sound to your preference.

Furthermore, the soundbar has an amazing soundstage and stereo functionality that focuses on the instruments being played and the voices for clearer and accurate sound. It also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X coding, which will provide the user with a great audiovisual experience.

Our experts were impressed with how loud the soundbar can get. However, there’s a slight compression and distortion when the volume is raised to the max, which is somewhat insignificant.


You can connect the Samsung soundbar to different devices, such as your TV, home theater, and gaming consoles. Thanks to the HDMI ports, these connections are seamless.

Samsung also added a USB port for firmware updates [1]. However, the lack of a 3.5mm AUX port makes connecting to older devices somewhat difficult.

The soundbar allows you to make connections via its Optical-In-Port, which can come in handy when you want to stream platforms like Netflix. This connection supports optical formats, such as Dolby Digital and DTS.


The subwoofer is made of wood, with the right side of the speaker having an opening. There are a port and button at the back, and its right side is covered with fabric entirely.

With the power cable, connecting the subwoofer to the soundbar is simple. Connecting wirelessly is the easiest method.

Samsung HW-Q900T Rear Speakers

The multiple rear speakers produce good audio output and an extensive soundstage that delivers an immersive listening experience, despite lacking a dedicated surround speaker. With the Q-Symphony technology, you can synchronize Samsung TV speakers with your soundbar speakers to deliver the best cinematic sound.


The Samsung soundbar is one of the easiest soundbars to set up. Since it includes a comprehensive user manual, any beginner can conveniently set it up without any professional assistance.

It includes 2AA batteries, an HDMI cable, power cord, bar brackets and screws, and remote control, all of which can help you start up your soundbar.


The price of the Samsung HW-Q900T is not as high as one would think. It’s a budget soundbar that comes with all the latest features to make your listening experience immersive.

Samsung HW-Q900T Review Conclusion

Samsung HW-Q900T is a versatile soundbar with outstanding features to deliver a great sound experience. The design is made of durable plastic material and has a good finish. The addition of a dedicated wooden subwoofer also creates a well-balanced sound profile.

As stated in this Samsung HW-Q900T review, the soundbar has many connectivity options and sound customization, giving you the freedom to listen to the sound you want. Our experts found its performance very satisfying.

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