How to Connect a Soundbar to an LG TV + LG Soundbar to a TV (All Setup Methods)

Every home theater system needs a TV and soundbar that can perfectly work in sync. And while LG electronics are known to offer the best products for this, newbie owners may not have enough knowledge and experience to manage each setup. If you don’t want the hassle of audio delays and poor sound, take a closer look and follow this brief guide curated by our team. 

Connecting a Soundbar to an LG TV

Option #1: HDMI Cable

If you’re familiar with home theater systems, you’d know that HDMI cables are one of the handiest connections for audio and visual configurations. Given its capacity to carry HD sound formats like Dolby TrueHD and Atmos, our technical team highly recommends using it to connect your soundbar to an LG TV. 

But before we proceed on teaching you the plugging and all its other functions, did you know that your LG TV must have HDMI-ARC support to accommodate the said connection? If you don’t have that, you’ll need to throw in some optical cable to achieve this type of connection.

connect HDMI cable


The ARC or Audio Return Channel feature allows the cable to perform audio transmission in all directions. After you locate the ports, the first thing you should do is ensure that both devices are turned on. And then, connect the cable to the HDMI IN port of your LG TV. Besides LG TVs, HDMI ARC can also carry PS4 and Blu-Ray Player component transmissions. 

Option #2: Optical Cable

Even if your television set is capable of supporting advanced sound formats, the transmission quality will be affected if your soundbar doesn’t support HDMI. In this case, the best advice our team can give is to connect it via a digital optical cable, which can accommodate up to 5.1 audio channel format. 

optical cable

To set this up, all you need to do is find the Optical OUT port in your LG television. Once located, insert the Digital Audio IN. And finally, set the audio source to D.IN. 

Option #3: Wireless Connection

Among the countless methods on how to connect a soundbar to an LG TV, wireless connections will always be on top of the list, especially for modern home theater systems. For this configuration, both TV and soundbar must have Bluetooth or WiFi features. 

First, adjust the settings on your TV to LG Sound Sync Wireless. Then, go to the device selection and select the name of your soundbar. Once done, wait for them to pair up successfully.

Option #4: 3.5mm Line Out or RCA

If all else isn’t available for your soundbar, the next best option you can choose is an RCA cable. However, unlike other connections, its transmission only carries analog signals [1]. From your LG TV’s Line Out, plug the RCA connectors. Each port has different colors, and all you need to do is match them. 


Why won't my soundbar work with my LG TV?

Your soundbar won’t work with your LG TV because its connection isn’t properly configured. If your audio equipment has an ARC feature, ensure that it’s set in AUTO or ON mode. Besides that, your soundbar should be configured to TV input and changed into PCM sound output settings.

How do I connect my Bluetooth soundbar to my LG TV?

You can connect your Bluetooth soundbar to your LG TV through the magic remote. Simply click on the Sound menu, and then select LG Sound Sync Wireless. This will change the sound configurations into a TV speaker. Once done, proceed to the device selection and find your wireless soundbar for a seamless audio transmission. 

Connecting an LG Soundbar to a TV

Option #1: HDMI Cable

Similar to the requirements of an LG TV, connecting an LG soundbar with HDMI cables need an Audio Return Channel (ARC) feature. If your television set has this configuration, our team assures you that accommodating LG soundbars will never be a problem. 

Your soundbar should have an HDMI OUT port where you can plug the end of the wire while the other one goes to the ARC port. 

Option #2: Digital Optical or Coaxial Cable

Digital optical or coaxial cables are mainly used for less interference. We’re not against using this type of setup to connect your LG soundbar to a television set because it offers higher audio and visual resolution. After hooking the cable, don’t forget to set your LG soundbar’s signal source into Digital Audio IN. 

optical cable in

Option #3: Headphone Jack

For the headphone jack option, our resident audiophiles only recommend it when you absolutely have no other choice. Some TVs and LG soundbars can accommodate the connection through this setup. However, you won’t be capable of adjusting sound effects, and the quality may vary differently. 

Option #4: RCA Cable

If you’re looking for a way to integrate your LG soundbar into your old television set, opting for RCA or a 3.5 mm aux cable is a wise decision to consider. They’re also inexpensive, so typical audiophiles find them incredibly handy. 

Join these cables to the digital output of the TV unit, and then follow the setup menu on the screen. Remember that newer models of soundbars and TVs mostly accommodate wireless or HDMI connections.

Option #5: Bluetooth (For LG TVs)

Last but not least, you should know that most LG TVs and soundbars have Bluetooth features. With this, you won’t be needing any cable to get the devices in sync. All you need to do is choose the audio device from the selection, and you’d have a seamless connection. But of course, you can’t expect this setup with older models. 

bluetooth settings on LG TV


What is the best way to connect my LG soundbar to my TV?

The best way to connect your LG soundbar to your TV is through an HDMI cable. With its ability to carry high-definition audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and TrueHD, users can expect seamless audio transmission and quality. Wireless or Bluetooth connection can also be a great option to consider for convenience and easy configuration. 

How do I connect my LG soundbar to my TV without cables?

You can connect your LG soundbar to your TV through Bluetooth. As you may already know, this configuration is only possible for soundbars and televisions models with the latest wireless technology. Building an audio and visual connection without cables isn’t possible if you’re integrating an outdated device. 


Learning how to connect a soundbar to an LG TV can be confusing at first, but as you go through all the steps, you’ll get the hang of every configuration there is. If you’re still in doubt of which cables to use for your home theater setup, our technical team and resident audiophiles advise you to carefully consult the user manual. You may find it more useful than you initially thought. 

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