Blackweb Soundbar Review — Smart and Bluetooth Soundbar For Your Home (2022)

Blackweb Soundbar Review

You long for a speaker that will fill up your home with a cool musical ambiance, but you’re scared you might get the wrong one. 

The good news: Our experts, after thorough testing, have verified that Blackweb Soundbar is the answer you’re looking for. This Blackweb Soundbar review will tell you everything you need to know about the product.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Blackweb Soundbar Design

Blackweb soundbars are known for their beautiful and shiny plastic build and metallic grills. Most Blackweb speakers are portable, such as the Blackweb BWC18SB001 2.0 channel speaker, a 32-inch rectangular speaker that weighs 3.97 pounds. This makes it compact and user-friendly.


Blackweb is a trademark of the U.S. retail giant, Walmart. It sells peripherals and electronic accessories such as Bluetooth earbuds, power banks, speakers, and a few other smart accessories. Blackweb has a reputation for offering high quality and affordable products for sale.

The controls are located on top of the speaker, such as the power button, volume button, and the audio mode button. Blackweb BWC18SB0012 2.0 channel Google Assistant soundbar is one out of its numerous high-quality speakers.

Features of the Blackweb Soundbar

Sound Quality

When it is fully charged, the Blackweb Soundbar can serve you up to 7 hours of playtime, without any form of sound distortion[1]. Its sound output is superb and clear as crystal, even if you put it on the highest volume.

If you want to experience the feeling of being in an orchestra, Blackweb Soundbar is no doubt a nice pick.

Blackweb Soundbar Subwoofer

Blackweb soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer, which is dead simple to set up and saves you the stress of running wires to connect to your audio system. 

To connect your wireless subwoofer to your main unit, all you need to do is to connect the power cord of your main unit and the subwoofer to the outlet. Then, turn on the unit, and there you go — your subwoofer becomes connected automatically.

Audio Modes

The Audiomodes feature is worth mentioning in this Blackweb Soundbar review. With the controls on top of the speaker, some buttons allow you to switch audio modes from Bluetooth mode to TF card and even radio mode.

Wireless Connectivity

This is one big icing on the cake for Blackweb soundbars. With its wireless Bluetooth technology, you are free to pair any Bluetooth-enabled device to your Blackweb speaker. This is how easy Bluetooth enabled devices work nowadays.  And just like that, soft and refreshing music rolls in the air. 

There is more! You can even control the speaker by giving simple and apt commands to its google assistant feature from afar, and it responds in a blink of an eye.

(If you are having problems with connectivity, here’s how you can reset your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker seamlessly)

Blackweb Soundbar Setup

While assessing the Blackweb soundbar, our experts found that setting it up was quite simple. All you’ve got to do is reset the Bluetooth settings on your device, then hit the power button on the speaker and the audio mode button till it switches to Bluetooth mode.

After you have done this, the Bluetooth devices available around you will pop up, including the speaker. So, click the pairing option on your phone, and your device gets paired with your speaker in a few minutes.


Blackweb soundbars are a decent buy, as they are known to give great value at a moderate price just like the midrange Klipsch Cinema 600 sounbar. You can get the Blackweb BWC18SB001 2.0 channel at a very low price compared to other soundbars that offer similar features at high prices.

Blackweb Soundbar Review Conclusion

If you read this Blackweb Soundbar review to the end, you can’t make the wrong choice of Bluetooth speakers anymore. The Blackweb Soundbar is easy to set up. It has fantastic wireless connectivity and Audiomodes features. No distortion at 7 hours of playtime also makes this an enticing choice.

Luckily, the prices of Blackweb Soundbar won’t dig any holes in your wallet.

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Willie Greer
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