Samsung HW-Q910B Review (2023)

Every year, Samsung has a new soundbar released in the market, which makes you doubt if they can sustain the highest standard. 

If you don’t want to get a substandard piece of equipment, our audio engineers have prepared this comprehensive Samsung HW-Q910B review to help you know if it’s worth the hype. 

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Design, Size, Material Quality


The Samsung HW-Q910B has a stunning design in entirely black. The soundbar is made of plastic with a metal grille covering the bar’s top, sides, and front. 

Unlike most soundbars that are covered in fabric, this model has a more sophisticated and expensive look. All the built-in control buttons are on top of the soundbar, while the Samsung logo is in the top left corner. 

The drivers are found under the metal mesh grille, which you can distinguish easily through the holes. It has a small but readable LCD display on the front. We find it practical because you can easily view the functionality of your soundbar. 

The power cord is attached at the back along with other connection ports in a single inset. Unlike most soundbars, its wall brackets are attached under the bar instead of at the back. 

If you are familiar with the Samsung HW-Q930B, this model looks almost identical to that, except for the satellite speakers. The soundbar is big and heavy, with a dimension of 43.7 inches x 2.38 inches x 4.7 inches and weighing 4.8 kg. 

But it will look perfectly fine under your 55 inches TV or bigger screen. We recommend that you ensure it will not obstruct the signal of your television’s IR because this soundbar does not have an IR repeaters feature. 


The subwoofer of Samsung HW-Q910B has a minimalistic yet elegant design. It has visible even curves and straight lines, which add character and texture. Its main material is mostly wood, with a huge round grille made of fabric covering the drivers. 

It can perfectly fit in any corner of your home with its size of 8.3 inches x 15.9 inches x 15.9 inches and 9.8kg weight. It is the same as a desktop computer, so it will not take up a lot of space.

However, Samsung used a side-firing feature in this model instead of a front-firing. This design will not allow you to place it in narrow spaces, which is impractical. 

The subwoofer connects wirelessly, but it must be plugged into the power source. The power cable input and the pairing button are located at the back with the LED connection indicator, which turns on when connected to the main unit.

Satellite Speakers

The rear speakers have a very simple cubic design complementing the main unit. It has a plastic frame with a metal mesh grille on the side and front covering the woofer. 

They are not huge, so you do not need much space for them. The satellite speakers measure 3.4 inches x 5.8 inches x 3.4 inches and only weigh 0.6kg, while the receiver module measures 2.0 inches x 7.9 inches x 5.2 inches. 

However, the satellite speakers must be wired to the receiver module. This setup limits the location where you can place them. 

Samsung HW-Q910B Features

In this Samsung HW-Q910B review, we focused on testing the different features to know if you’re they really add value to the unit. Below are the results:


Like any other Samsung soundbar, HW-Q910B is easy to set up. There are lots of flexibility in connecting the soundbar. 

If you prefer a wire connection, you may choose an HDMI connection via a passthrough configuration or use the ARC/eARC setup. Or you may connect through the optical port for your devices that do not have HDMI ports. 

You may also connect the soundbar to your TV wirelessly through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. However, a wireless connection is unstable, and you will most likely encounter connection issues, unlike a wired connection. 

For instance, the Bluetooth connection can only transmit stereo audio, limiting the unit’s functionality. Also, the Q-Symphony feature only works with optical, HDMI, and Wi-Fi connections. 

A wired connection is still the better option, and we only recommend the wireless connection when HDMI or optical setup is impossible.

Now, connect the unit to the power source and turn it on. The satellite speakers and the subwoofer will automatically connect to the soundbar. 

We have not encountered any connection issues, but if there is any difficulty connecting, we suggest you pair them manually using the pairing button at the back of the speakers.

This soundbar also comes with the SpaceFit sound feature, automatically calibrating the audio according to your room’s acoustic design. You can turn it on using the soundbar’s remote or your Samsung TV.  

You can also calibrate the bass and treble or adjust the EQ graphic if you want a more detailed and accurate frequency manipulation. You can adjust the volume of the individual channel to your liking. 

We also suggest initially setting the sound mode to “Adaptive” to let the soundbar adjust the sound quality according to the audio content playing. Although you can always change it to other sound modes available.

Bar and Satellite Speaker Mounting

The back of the soundbar is quite plain except for the power inputs that connect to the receiver. If you prefer to mount the soundbar on the wall, you will find the dedicated holes underneath. 

The satellite speakers are also just plain, where you can find the power inputs to attach to the receiver module. There are also universal holes designed for wall mounting. 


The Samsung HW-Q910B has a 9.1.2 channel setup. It has 15 drivers used on 12 channels. The soundbar has side-firing built-in drivers, which produce a larger and more expansive soundstage. 

Sound Quality

Samsung is known for producing soundbars with the highest sound quality. But let us discuss its sound quality in more detailed categories below.

Stereo Frequency Response

The Samsung HW-Q910B has a remarkable stereo frequency response. It has a clear and balanced sound profile. 

The seamless blending is particularly noticeable in the mids, where most lead instruments and vocals are reproduced. You will also notice the powerful bass present in the blending. 

It is important that the bass is not too overpowering because it can be distracting for certain audio, like vocal-centric music. But you can adjust the sound to your preference using the sound customization tools available. 

Generally, we recommend listening to “Standard” mode because it suits various types of audio. But you can also set it to “Adaptive” mode to let the soundbar adjust the sound suitable for your space. 

However, its performance was not as good as the “Standard” mode when we tested it with stereo content. The sound produced was contained, and the vocals were unclear and difficult to understand at some point. 

Stereo Soundstage

The Samsung HW-Q910B has an excellent stereo soundstage. It has remarkable focus, especially for sound content with intense sound effects. Also, it is easier to pinpoint the specific locations in the soundstage where the sound is coming from. 

For instance, when watching a talk show, you can easily identify if the voice is coming from the audience or the stage. In general, the soundbar has a wider soundstage. 

But it does not have a feature that can enhance the soundstage, unlike what we have seen from other models.

Stereo Dynamics

This soundbar has good stereo dynamics. It can get loud and is suitable for a huge room or an open space. There is compression present at maximum volume, making the sound effects clear and pure.


The stereo total harmonic distortion performance of Samsung HW-Q910B is quite admirable. The sound is reproduced clearly, especially at mid-volume, and has good distortion limits. 

Although, like most soundbars, there is some distortion at some point when set to max volume. Overall, you will not notice any sound distortion at the listening volume level, so it is not really an issue. 

Center Speaker Performance

The Samsung HW-Q910B has outstanding center channel performance, thanks to its 9.1.2 setup. The frequency response of the center channel is balanced and the vocals produced are clear and accurate. 

Ultimately, the voices and sound effects reproduced are detailed, so you will not have difficulty following the visuals on your TV screen.

Surround Sound

Samsung is also known for producing soundbar models with outstanding surround performance, and the HW-Q910B is no exception. 

The soundbar is equipped with two excellent discrete surround speakers that do their job well of reproducing clearer and more realistic sound effects. This is a great advantage over those soundbars that do not have surround speakers. 

For instance, when you watch an intense car chase clip, you will clearly hear the cars racing past each other as if they are around you. Or an earthquake scene will rattle your chair, and you will feel like you are part of the scene. 

The accuracy of the sound effects reproduced is truly remarkable, thanks to its balanced channels and detailed frequency response. 

Dolby Atmos

The Samsung HW-Q910B also supports Dolby Atmos audio content, the common offering of various streaming platforms and Blu-rays. 

Unlike the 5.1 surround, the Dolby Atmos audio content needs extra channels to produce more immersive audio and create a heightened impression of the sound. 

This job is delivered by the two channels in the soundbar firing up to create a remarkable height impression. We suggest setting it to “Adaptive” mode so you can clearly hear the sound effects rather than the “Standard” mode.

The soundbar produces an impressive immersive sound creating a more realistic scene. The subwoofer helps by producing powerful rumble, especially on intense scenes, while the satellite speakers extend the action to the space behind you.

However, unlike the latest released models, such as the Samsung HW-Q930B, this soundbar does not fill the spaces around you entirely. With this, you may miss some details and specific effects. 


Typically, soundbars are mostly used to watch movies at home. So, to know if it can deliver the job well, in this in-depth Samsung HW-Q910B review, we also put this soundbar to the test for movies. 

We watched several action-packed movies to see how this soundbar can elevate the scenes. Overall, we are very impressed with its surround performance. It gives a theater experience at home.

Its side-firing drivers produced expansive sound stretching to the entire space. The sound produced by the two side-firing drivers creates a more immersive viewing experience as the sound effects are more realistic.


Now, listening to music through the soundbar is just as important as watching movies. However, this soundbar is clearly designed for movies, and music is not its focus. 

Although the instruments and vocals are also clear and blend well, it’s not suitable for heavy bass music like EDM. 

Sound Adjustment and Modes

Another good feature of Samsung HW-Q910B is you can easily customize its soundbar as it is equipped with a wide range of audio enhancement tools you can use. 

If you want a different sound experience, you can use the treble and bass adjustment tools available along with the 7-band equalizer, which allows you to level up its performance. 

It also comes with EQ presets such as “Surround Sound,” “Adaptive Sound,” “Standard,” and “Game,” which you can access and control through the remote and the companion app. 

As it is a premium soundbar, you can expect that it has many features that most soundbars do not have, like the room correction capability. This soundbar’s SpaceFit Sound does an excellent job adjusting the sound suitable to your space. 

You can also use the Q-Symphony feature to sync the soundbar to your Samsung TV to give you more control of its audio performance. It increases the volume by using the TV and bar’s speakers. 

Although you will not notice much difference because the bar has a solid performance on its own. 

Connectivity Options

The Samsung HW-Q910B can connect to your TV through HDMI or Optical cable. However, it only comes with an HDMI cable, so you will need to purchase the Optical cable separately, which is quite impractical. 

The subwoofer can connect to the bar wirelessly, but like what we see in most Samsung models, it needs to be connected to the power source.

Although the satellite speakers can connect to the bar wirelessly, you must wire them to the receiver module. Meanwhile, the receiver module must be plugged into the power source. 

Our testing process didn’t go smoothly at first, as we encountered some connectivity problems. Initially, there was no audio coming out of the satellite speaker, but it worked just fine after adjusting the wires at the back. 

Although we do not recommend adjusting the cables while listening to music because it can mess up the audio. So better do this during the initial setup and ensure the cables are not loose. 


This soundbar can transmit the highest bandwidth signals like the Dolby Vision Passthrough. When you connect it between your TV and PC or other devices, the visual on your screen is detailed and clear. 

It can passthrough 4k 60Hz, 4k 60Hz @ 10 bit, 4k 60Hz @ 4:4:4, and HDR10. But it cannot passthrough 4k 120Hz. 

Wireless Connectivity

Another feature that we like is its versatile connectivity. This bar allows you to play audio content through various wireless connections such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Apple AirPlay. 

The Tap Sound is also an interesting feature that allows your compatible phone to mirror the audio by simply tapping it against the soundbar. If your phone is incompatible with the bar, you can send the audio through wireless connections. 

Sound Formats

It has exceptional audio support through ARC. It allows you to playback different audio formats, especially the common format on most streaming platforms, such as Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital.

Also, it supports various audio formats through HDMI. Here, you can experience 5.1 surround sound like DTS and Dolby Digital. It can also support Dolby Atmos, an object-based and lossless audio format.

While via Optical, you can also enjoy Dolby Digital and DTS content. We suggest playing DTS content, usually on Blu-ray discs, through optical.


We experienced very minimal latency throughout our testing process. The audio playing and the visuals on the screen are synchronized. We did not encounter any lip-synch issues.

You will not encounter any delay even when you connect your soundbar to your TV via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

But if you have any latency issues caused by your connections or other factors, we recommend using the soundbar’s AV Sync feature to adjust the delay instantly. 


You will find the basic control buttons on the top of the soundbar. You may use these buttons to adjust the volume, change the input, or turn on the microphone. If you need to access other features, you must use the remote or its companion app.


The Samsung HW-Q910B comes with a simple universal remote. It allows access and control over the basic features. It comes in handy as you can turn on and off the soundbar or adjust the volume while on your couch.

Voice Assistance

This soundbar also comes with built-in voice assistant support, Amazon Alexa, which allows you to control the bar through your voice. 

But if you do not like this feature and are uncomfortable using this tool, you may opt to mute the microphone to turn this feature off.


The Samsung HW-Q910B also comes with Samsung’s SmartThings companion app, which allows you to access and control the soundbar’s features. 

We find it convenient because you can use the app on your mobile device, and you do not need to use the remote. It is helpful, especially if you misplaced the remote, this app can be a backup.

Bonus Features and Support

It has remarkable power-saving features that will automatically turn it off after 18 minutes of inactivity. Also, it has an HDMI CEC feature, which lets you use your TV remote to access the soundbar’s basic controls and features.

Box Items Included

In the box, you will find the user manual, a remote with two AA batteries, three power cords, two speaker wires for the satellite, an HDMI cable, four pieces of rubber feet, and the bar brackets with screws.

Price and Warranty

The Samsung HW-Q910B is a great alternative for Samsung expensive premium models like the Samsung HW-Q930B. It is relatively cheaper, but the sound quality is close to HW-Q930B. 

Therefore, we recommend this model if you want a soundbar with impressive surround sound without the steep price tag. It also comes with a one-year warranty[1]. But make sure you purchase from the authorized distributors only to avail the warranty coverage.

Alternatives Compared

Samsung HW-Q990B

This soundbar is one of the most premium models of Samsung released in 2023. It has excellent sound quality. Its Atmos performance is outstanding as it has up-firing built-in speakers. 

Also, unlike the HW-Q910B, its satellites are not wired to the receiver module, so you can have more flexibility in where to place them. It has many features like Auto EQ subwoofer correction, which you will not find in HW-Q910B. 

Samsung HW-Q990B

However, the Samsung HW-Q990B is very expensive, making you think twice before buying it. 

Samsung HW-Q900A

This model is a 7.1.2 channel setup released in 2021. It can get louder and is suitable for large living areas. Although Samsung HW-Q910B has a better surround performance because of its 9.1.2 channel setup, HW-Q900A is cheaper, so it is a good alternative.

Samsung HW-Q900A

Samsung HW-Q930B

This model has almost the same audio performance as the Samsung HW-Q910B except for their satellite speakers. The Samsung HW-Q930B has better up-firing drivers and produces better surround sound than the HW-Q910B. 

Samsung HW-Q930B

Also, its satellite speakers do not have to be connected to the receiver module, so you can easily place them anywhere. However, it is much more expensive than HW-Q910B.

Samsung HW-Q800B

This model is also released in 2023, like the HW-Q910B. It is also a Dolby Atmos soundbar but only has a 3.1.2 setup. It is suitable for small spaces, so it is a good option if you have a small living room. Also, it has a lower price than HW-Q910B.

Review Conclusion: Samsung HW-Q910B

Overall, our Samsung HW-Q910B reviews and tests have proven that the soundbar can deliver the high-caliber sound quality we expected. It has outstanding surround sound performance and many excellent features you will not find with other brands for the same price. 

It may not be the most premium model, but it offers an immersive theater experience for a reasonable price.


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